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AGNI 59 Table of Contents (2004)

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The hand-breadth of the unknown. Fiction by Vivek Narayanan, Paul West, Martha Cooley, Keith Gessen, Jacob Appel (his “The Frying Finn” coincidentally convergent with the photographs of Finnish-American artist Arno Minkkinen), Chris Abouzeid and Joan Wickersham. A boyhood memoir by Donald Hall. Poetry by Wesley McNair, James Arthur, Edip Cansever, Brian Swann, Judith Vollmer, Jeffrey Harrison, David Hernandez, and others. Louise Glück’s “Prism” essayed by Dan Chiasson, and Tomas Salamun celebrated by Ales Debeljak. Musings on the real and the fabulous by William Pierce. Much more.

Also in this issue is Paula Bohince’s poem “The Fly,” which was chosen for The Best New Poets 2005.


Author Title
Appel, Jacob M. The Frying Finn
Narayanan, Vivek My Father, the Perfect Man
Gessen, Keith The Right of Return
Abouzeid, Chris The Silence of the Iambs
West, Paul from The Tardigrade (8. Permafrost; 9. Pirogi; 15. The Formal Personal Pronoun)
Wickersham, Joan What About the Gun?


Author Title
Cansever, Edip The Aluminum Shop (translated from the Turkish by Richard Tillinghast)
McNair, Wesley As Long as We Remember Him . . .
Salamun, Tomaz At Night Rabbits (translated from the Slovenian by Ana Jelnikar and Peter Richards)
Kunert, Günter Autumn Days (translated from the German by Gerald Chapple)
Cramer, Steven A Basket of Eggs
Berry, Simeon Besides Sappho
Hernandez, David Damage
Swann, Brian Dis Pater
Arthur, James The Dissection
Bohince, Paula The Fly
Arthur, James Geography on a Grapefruit
Kunert, Günter Herr Greedyguts (translated from the German by Gerald Chapple)
Kunert, Günter In July (translated from the German by Gerald Chapple)
Salamun, Tomaz in winter (translated from the Slovenian by Elliott Anderson and the author)
Kaddour, Hédi Knothead (translated from the French by Marilyn Hacker)
McKean, James Middlestand Ferry
Kinsella, John Mowing
Vörös, Györgyi On Recalling Joel Peter Witkin’s “The Kiss” on a Woodland Walk in Autumn
Davis, William Virgil The Other
Glück, Louise Prism
Bensko, John The Prisoner’s Visitation
Prufer, Kevin Roman Economics
Salamun, Tomaz Stair (translated from the Slovenian by Christopher Merrill and the author)
Cansever, Edip Sweet Reality (translated from the Turkish by Richard Tillinghast)
Harrison, Jeffrey To Kenneth Koch
Cansever, Edip Water (translated from the Turkish by Richard Tillinghast)
Arthur, James Window on a Projectionist Rewinding
Vollmer, Judith from Yucca Mountain Sequence (i. The Reactor; iii. U1A Tunnel: Persephone’s Story)


Author Title
Cooley, Martha Dogs: A Moscow Triptych
Hall, Donald Domains
Pierce, William Fabulously Real
Chiasson, Dan How to Read the World: Louise Glück’s “Prism”
Man, George E. N. de Language in Myth, Religion, Saga, and Tale
Minkkinen, Arno Rafael Photography and the Fine Art of Swimming
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: Gentlemen’s Disagreements
Birkerts, Sven Submission Guidelines
Debeljak, Ales Tomaz Salamun and His “Tribe”

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