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AGNI 58 Table of Contents (2003)

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The beauty of the book. Fiction by Alden Jones, Liza Ward, Debra Spark, Patrick Tobin, and Yevgeny Schklovsky. Poetry by Robert Pinsky, Robert Bly, Kirun Kapur, Robert Polito, Jason Labbe, April Bernard, Li Po, Ewa Lipska, Peter Campion, Raffaello Baldini (translated by Adria Bernardi), and more. Essays by Mark Slouka, Ilan Stavans, and memoir by Lynne Sharon Schwartz and Alice Mattison. And paradoxically stunning images of old books by photographer Rosamond Purcell in a full-color, glossy 8-page insert.


Author Title
Winckel, Nance Van Black Fields, Black Horses
Shklovsky, Yevgeny A Cup of Coffee in the Café on Ostozhenko (translated from the Russian by John Mason and Byron Lindsey)
Jones, Alden Heathens
Spark, Debra The Revived Art of the Toy Theatre
Tobin, Patrick That Kind of Nonsense
Ward, Liza Witness


Author Title
Pinsky, Robert Akhmatova’s “The Summer Garden”
Bowen, Kevin Belleek
Edgerly, Len Covenant
Kapur, Kirun East
Po, Li Fighting South of the Wall (translated from the Chinese by Taylor Stoehr)
Lipska, Ewa God Asks (translated from the Polish by Robin Davidson and Margret Grebowicz)
Polito, Robert Hollywood Hills
Rudman, Mark How Bad Can It Get
Weiner, Joshua In the Country
Wormser, Baron Missile
Lipska, Ewa The Music Lesson (translated from the Polish by Robin Davidson and Margret Grebowicz)
Campion, Peter Nephew
Baldini, Raffaello Night (translated from the romagnole dialect of Italian by Adria Bernardi)
Lipska, Ewa Private Property (translated from the Polish by Robin Davidson and Margret Grebowicz)
Polito, Robert Shooting Star
Hafez, Sit Down by the River (translated from the Persian by Robert Bly and Leonard Lewisohn)
Bernard, April Sonnenwendenlieder
Campion, Peter This Blue Vase
Polito, Robert Three Horse Operas
Labbe, Jason Traveling Light
Weiner, Joshua Twister
Dischell, Stuart You


Author Title
Stavans, Ilan ¡Lotería! or, The Ritual of Chance
Purcell, Rosamond Breaking Ground
Mattison, Alice Fever
Slouka, Mark Historical Vertigo: Observations from the Nick of Time
Schwartz, Lynne Sharon I Wish I Could Say the Same
LaSalle, Peter Metaphysical Messages: With J. L. B. in Buenos Aires
Birkerts, Sven Noble Rot
Stephenson, Wen Re: No Subject
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: Ball’s Bearings and Monster from the Midlands

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