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AGNI 56 Table of Contents (2002)


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Our mammoth, 480-page Thirtieth Anniversary Poetry Anthology, containing superb original work by over 240 contributors to AGNI since 1972. From the most famous poets—Derek Walcott, Seamus Heaney, Wislawa Szymborska, Joseph Brodsky, Adrienne Rich, Odysseas Elytis, Rita Dove, Eugenio Montale, and Ai—to those you’ve never heard of but will soon wish you had, the work in this issue, the last to be edited by Founding Editor Askold Melnyczuk, comprises a milestone compendium of the energy and scope of American poets and translators over the past three decades.


Author Title
Bilotserkivets, Natalka 100 Years of Youth (translated from the Ukrainian by Michael M. Naydan)
Akhmatova, Anna 212 (translated from the Russian by Judith Hemschemeyer)
Moldaw, Carol 64 Panoramic Way
Brodsky, Joseph [ for your enemy]
Holmes, Olivia The Accident at Staplehurst
Mathis, Cleopatra After the Operation
Dwyer, David After the War
Achebe, Chinua Agostinho Neto
Collier, Michael The Angel of Memory
Ben-Tov Muir, Sharona The Angel of Memory
Sacks, Peter Anthem
Flook, Maria Apology for John
O’Grady, Thomas Artery
Cavafy, Constantine P. As Long as You Can (translated from the Greek by Theoharis C. Theoharis)
Field, Miranda As the Crow Flies, So Will It Fall
Frost, Carol As You Might Claim Love
Gladding, Jody Aunt Peter
Huntington, Cynthia Australia
Rudman, Mark Bad News
Šalamun, Tomaz Bambi (translated from the Slovenian by the author and Matthew Rohrer)
Miller, Jane Bandits and White Sand, a Lament
Howe, Fanny Banking
Goldensohn, Barry Bathsheba
Barks, Coleman Bedclothes
Broumas, Olga Body and Soul
Agosín, Marjorie Burial and Blaze of Pablo Neruda (translated from the Spanish by Cola Franzen)
Ochester, Ed Butterfly Effect
Kearney, Meg Call Me Dr. Frankenstein
Kumin, Maxine Capital Punishment
Levertov, Denise Carpace
Doty, Mark A Catalogue for Cooks
Edson, Russell Catastrophe at Sea
Birkerts, Sven Chekhov’s Fancy
Millman, Lawrence A Child’s Guide to Latin American Politics
Stafford, William Children Still Play
Standing, Sue Coeur d’Alene
Shinder, Jason Crime
Ignatow, David Dear Homer
Edmunds, Martin December 27, 1988
Zabuzhko, Oksana A Definition of Poetry (translated from the Ukrainian by Michael M. Naydan)
Cramer, Steven Dialogue for the Left and Right Hand
Hitchcock, George Directions
Olds, Sharon Directly
Oates, Joyce Carol Don’t Bare Your Soul!
Polito, Robert Doubles
Grossman, Allen Dust
Scott, Peter Dale Earthway
Rhodes, Martha Elegy
Becker, Robin The Elimination of First Thoughts
Dischell, Stuart Ellipsis, Third or Fourth Dot, Depending
Bosch, Daniel Erato in Hollywood
Anonymous “Evening darkens until” (translated from the Japanese by Kenneth Rexroth)
Young, Kevin Everywhere Is Out of Town
Skoyles, John Excuse for a Love Poem
Youssef, Saadi The Fence (translated from the Arabic by Khaled Mattawa)
Svoboda, Terese A Few Drops of Blood or Grenadine
Szymborska, Wislawa A Few Words on the Soul (translated from the Polish by Stanislaw Baranczak and Clare Cavanagh)
Hoagland, Tony Fiddler’s Convention
Wagner, Mark A Fine Cold
Rivard, David Firestone
Tate, James The Florist
Komachi, Ono no “Following the roads” (translated from the Japanese by Kenneth Rexroth)
Belieu, Erin For Catherine: Juana, Infanta of Navarre
Plumly, Stanley For Jan Palach, a Name Drawn by Lot, on the Anniversary of His Death the Third Day after Attempted Self-Immolation in Protest of Communist Occupation of Czechoslovakia, January 19, 1969
Kanik, Orhan Veli For the Homeland (translated from the Turkish by Richard Schwarzenberger and Grace Smith)
Bowen, Kevin Gelatin Factory
Hirsch, Edward Gerard de Nerval: Fairy Tale for a Whore
Iverson, Teresa Giant Sequoia
Phillips, Carl The Glade
Mahon, Derek Glengormley
Howe, Marie Gretel, a Sudden Clearing
Faiz, Faiz Ahmed Heart’s Companion (translated from the Urdu by Andrew MdCord)
Borges, Jorge Luis Heraclitus (translated from the Spanish by Thomas Frick)
Hillman, Brenda His Shadow
Brouwer, Joel History
Deane, Seamus History Lessons
Goldbarth, Albert A History of Civilization
Ferry, David Horses
Williams, C. K. The Hovel
Sawyer-Lauçanno, Christopher How It Is
Epstein, Daniel Mark How Shall We Dress for Heaven?
Strange, Sharan Hunger
Cassells, Cyrus The Hurricane
Tarnawsky, Yuriy I Forgot Her Blue Ice
Machado, Antonio I Have Walked Down Many Roads (translated from the Spanish by Don Share)
Ruescher, Scott I Look into the Pothole
Dalton, Roque I Wanted (translated from the Spanish by Alan West)
Brock-Broido, Lucie I Wish You Love
Jin, Ha I Woke Up—Smiling
Mazur, Gail I’m a Stranger Here Myself
Ghitelman, David In Early Spring
Komunyakaa, Yusef In Love with the Nightstalker
Laughlin, James In My Imagination
Dubie, Norman In the Beginning There Was the End of Solitude, Beginning Again:
Koestenbaum, Wayne In the Classroom
Maxwell, Glyn In the Gap
Hyett, Barbara Helfgott In the Ring of Twenty Signs
Dennis, Carl Infidel
Warren, Rosanna Invitation au Voyage: Baltimore
Szporluk, Larissa Isolato
Campbell, Mary Baine Justice
Rudenko, Mykola The King of Tasmania (translated from the Ukrainian by Askold Melynyczuk)
McBride, Mekeel The Knife-Thrower’s Wife
Dugan, Alan Know Thyself
Espada, Martin La Tumba de Buenaventura Roig
Vieira, John The Lake Swan, the Tom
Campo, Rafael Last Rites
Hass, Robert Layover
Motion, Andrew Leaving Belfast
Lehman, David Les Enfants Terribles
Trethewey, Natasha Letter
Hadas, Rachel Letter to a Niece
McKernan, John A Letter to My Mother Who Tells Me Everyone Asks About You, What Should I Tell Them?
Csoóri, Sándor Letter to the American Poet, Gregory Corso (translated from the Hungarian by Len Roberts and László Verté)
Sommer, Piotr Lighter, Darker (translated from the Polish by the author and M. Kasper)
Ramke, Bin Like Ulysses
Rilke, Rainer Maria Likeness of My Father in His Youth (translated from the German by William Harmon)
Sleigh, Tom The Line
Fenton, James Lines for Translation into Any Language
McHenry, Eric Living Room
Harrison, Jeffrey Lord, Deliver Us This Affliction
Pease, Deborah Loss of Soul
Schwartz, Lloyd Lost Causes
Mariani, Paul The Lost Father
Barka, Wasyl The Mad Woman (translated from the Ukrainian by Stash)
Zagajewski, Adam The Majesty of Sleep
Shepherd, Reginald Manifest
Raine, Craig A Martian Sends a Postcard Home
Gunn, Thom Memory Unsettled
Peck, John A Metal Denser Than, and Liquid
Hirshfield, Jane Metempsychosis
Cooper, Wyn Monkey, Mirror, Troll, Brush
Rose, Jennifer Mostar Postcard
Mlinko, Ange My Children Don’t Grow They Multiply
Wojahn, David My Father’s Pornography
Daniel, David My Mother’s Mornings
Harrison, Tony National Trust
Peseroff, Joyce Near the Animals
Wilde-Menozzi, Wallis Nearing Anne Frank
Gustavson, Jefffrey Nervous Forces
Cader, Teresa The New Creation
Halliday, Mark New Wife
Strand, Mark The Next Time
Hall, Donald The Ninth Inning
Benn, Gottfried No Mourning (translated from the German by Teresa Iverson)
Osterhaus, Joe Nocture
Bidart, Frank Now in Your Hand
Weiner, Joshua Nursery Rhyme
Pessoa, Fernando Oblique Rain (translated from the Portuguese by Isabel Pinto Franco)
Barrett, Ed Odeon
Duff, Valerie Odysseus with a Siren in the Corner of His Eye
Benedikt, Michael Of Living Alone but Not Brooding Too Much About It
Wright, Charles Omaggio A Pavese
Walcott, Derek from Omeros (Book III: Achille in Africa)
Harmon, William One Bagatelle for a Dead Friend
Baumel, Judith Our Differences
Storace, Patricia Pamina’s Marriage Speech
Vallejo, CÚsar Paris, October 1936 (translated from the Spanish by Daniel Bosch)
Marchant, Fred Part of It
McHugh, Heather Pay Per View
Balakian, Peter Physicians
Hoffman, Eric Poem
Hogan, Michael Poem for my Eighth Year in Prison
Orlowsky, Dzvinia Pontoosuc Lake, Tanglewood
Milburn, Michael Portrait
Boychuk, Bohdan from Prayers (1) (translated from the Ukrainian by the author and Askold Melnyczuk)
Ai The Priest’s Confession
Supervielle, Jules Prophecy (translated from the French by William Louis-Dreyfus and Molly Peacock)
Corn, Alfred Prophet Bird
Torra, Joseph Reading Spicer’s After Lorca Thinking About Jonas and Wieners
Greger, Debora Recent Events: The Fossil Record
Dunn, Sharon Refugees in the Garden
Lindsay, Frannie Relic
Winch, Terence REVERSE Number Search for Chilly Evenings in Hell
Thieu, Nguyen Quang The River (translated from the Vietnamese by the author and Martha Collins)
Rector, Liam Ronald Beaver’s Life in England
Wright, Franz Rorschach Test
Padgett, Ron The Rule of Three
Traxler, Patricia The Rules of Joy
Der-Hovanessian, Diana Salt
Klappert, Peter Satan Who Is Most Noisy When He Whispers
Stewart, Frank Searching for Ice
Ali, Agha Shahid The Season of the Plains
Updike, John Seattle Uplift
Revell, Donald The Secessions on Loan
Logan, William Seductions of the Swimming Club
Borda, Juan Gustavo Cobo Self-Criticism (translated from the Spanish by Gary Emmons)
Aridjis, Homero Sepharad, 1492 (translated from the Spanish by the author and George McWhirter)
Smith, Jordan A Side of Beef
Smith, Patricia Skinhead
Davis, Olena Kalytiak A Small Number
Galvin, James So Long
Smith, Bruce Something of Consolation
Zagajewski, Adam The Soul (translated from the Polish by Clare Cavanagh)
Green, Melissa The Squanicook Eclogues
Heaney, Seamus from Squarings
Bialosky, Jill Subterranean
Bonnefoy, Yves Summer Again (translated from the French by Hoyt Rogers)
Ling, Bei The Sun Singers (translated from the Chinese by Tony Barnstone, Willis Barnstone, and Xi Chuan)
Shapiro, Alan Sunday at the Dump
Lysheha, Oleh Swan (translated from the Ukrainian by James Brasfield and the author)
Rich, Adrienne Take
Levine, Philip Take My Neighbor
Swann, Brian Taking the Sun in a Carpark Beside the East River
Ellis, Thomas Sayers T.A.P.O.A.F.O.M. (The Awesome Power of a Fully Operational Memory)
Glück, Louise Telemachus’ Fantasy
Mutis, Alvaro Tequila (translated from the Spanish by Forrest Gander)
Beatty, Paul That’s Not In My Job Description
Bernard, April That’s What I Said
Collins, Martha Them
Norris, Kathleen Thinking About Louise Bogan
Berrigan, Daniel Those I Love Are Subjected Once More to a Farcical Trial
Sadoff, Ira The Threat of Another New England Winter and a Faltering Economy Drives Me Deep into the Woods
Vazirani, Reetika To Angelina from Nikos in His Old Age
Irwin, Mark Tock
Baraka, Amiri Tom Ass Clarence
Simic, Charles The Tower
Starbuck, George Tuolomne
Franco, Michael Turning Toward an Old Form
Morris, Herbert Two in Fields
Dukes, Norman Two Pictures of a Rose in the Dark
Viereck, Peter Unthings
Rymaruk, Ihor Untitled (translated from the Ukrainian by Larissa M. L. Zaleska Onyshkevych)
McMichael, James Untitled
Celan, Paul Untitled (translated from the German by Franz Wright)
Barber, Jennifer Vendaval
Chiasson, Dan Vermont
Corbett, William Vermont Water
Kleinschmidt, Edward Veronica
Rogers, Pattiann The Vicarious Experience
Hull, Lynda Visiting Hour
Black, Sophie Cabot The Wait
Lux, Thomas Walt Whitman’s Brain Dropped on Laboratory Floor
Kinzie, Mary Waltzing Matilda
Dove, Rita Weathering Out
Muldoon, Paul Why Brownlee Left
Pinsky, Robert Window
Bly, Robert With a Friend at Bennington
Elytis, Odysseas from With Light and Death (18) (translated from the Greek by Olga Broumas)
Vélez, Clemente Soto from The Wooden Horse (3) (translated from the Spanish by Martín Espada and Camilo Perez-Bustillo)
Lease, Joseph Words Like Rain
Longley, Michael Wounds
Aisenberg, Nadya Wreaths to the Temple
Montale, Eugenio Xenia I (translated from the Italian by William Arrowsmith)
Dietz, Maggie The Yellow House, 1978


Author Title
Scialabba, George Letter to the Editor about Michael Scharf’s “Statesman or War Criminal?”
Melnyczuk, Askold Putting Down the Gloves, Leaving the Whispering Gallery
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: Putting Down the Gloves, Leaving the Whispering Gallery

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