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AGNI 51 Table of Contents (2000)

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Previously unpublished conversation with Joseph Brodsky; first published excerpts from Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott's Tiepelo's Hound (illustrated with his own watercolor painting); poetry by Ha Jin, Robert Bly, Robert Pinsky, Heather McHugh, F. D. Reeve, Amy Thomas, John Peck, and Larissa Szporluk; fiction by Julia Thacker and James Whitfield Thomson; nonfiction by Sarah Silbert and George DeMan. László Földényi on Triumph of the Will

In this issue is Peck’s “A Metal Denser Than, and Liquid,” chosen for The Best American Poetry 2000.


Author Title
Thomson, James Whitfield Expecting Miracles
Thacker, Julia The Funeral of the Man Who Wasn’t Dead Yet
Shrayer, Maxim D. Last August in Biarritz
Stavans, Ilan Xerox Man


Author Title
Malanga, Gerard The 3rd Avenue El
Martinez, Valerie The Angels of Reason
Viereck, Peter Backtalk to Sky
Brown, Kurt Banana Knife
Reeve, F. D. Barnyard
Carpenter, Magdalena Bread
Jin, Ha Burying Them
Guillen, Jorgé Continuous World (translated from the Spanish by Amy Thomas)
Lehman, David from The Daily Mirror (February 8, April 23, August 12, September 10, December 23)
Viereck, Peter Descendant
Montale, Eugenio Dora Markus (translated from the Italian by Millicent Bell)
Montale, Eugenio The Eel (translated from the Italian by Millicent Bell)
Szporluk, Larissa Eohippus
Thomas, Amy The Forces
Gorham, Sarah Half Empty/Half Full
Viereck, Peter History of Revolutions
Carlson, Barbara Siegel Holy Things
Shotts, Jeffrey Interlude: The Lees
Szporluk, Larissa Isolato
Pinsky, Robert The Knight’s Prayer
Martinez, Valerie Late in the Century
Bolt, Thomas Leaving Earth
Montale, Eugenio The Lemons (translated from the Italian by Millicent Bell)
Zhambalov, Sayan Light of the Heavens (translated from the Buryat Mongolian by Virlana Tkacz, Wanda Phipps, and the author)
Schwartz, Lloyd Lost Causes
Montale, Eugenio Meriggiare pallido e assorto (translated from the Italian by Millicent Bell)
Peck, John A Metal Denser Than, and Liquid
Andrukhovych, Yuri Midnight Flight Down High Castle Hill (translated from the Ukrainian by Michael M. Naydan)
Cramer, Steven Morning Walk in the Orchard
Black, Sophie Cabot The Mountain
Brown, Kurt A New Age
Reeve, F. D. The Old World
McHugh, Heather Pay Per View
Spivack, Kathleen Penelope
Jin, Ha The Script
Szporluk, Larissa Seige Piece
Tkacz, Virlana Siberian Signs
Davis, Olena Kalytiak A Small Number
Chiasson, Dan Stealing from Your Mother
Walcott, Derek from Tiepolo’s Hound (Book Four, Section XIX)
Minczeski, John Trains That Run on Time
Bly, Robert The Trap-Door
Zhambalov, Sayan Two Traditional Texts (translated from the Buryat Mongolian by Virlana Tkacz, Wanda Phipps, and the author)
Viereck, Peter Unthings
Reeve, F. D. Venus, Half Dressed
Gorham, Sarah Watch Your Language
Bly, Robert When We Became Lovers
McHugh, Heather With Due Respect to Thor
Collier, Michael The Word


Author Title
Silbert, Sarah The Great Heron Feeds
Melnyczuk, Askold In Memoriam: Solomea Pavlychko
Shrayer, Maxim D. Master of Palindromes: Remembering and Rereading Michael B. Kreps
Lennon, Ivan A Minimum Rage
Viereck, Peter Preface to Lynette Labinger’s Conversation with Joseph Brodsky
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: The Future of Fiction: Toward a New Internationalism
Man, George de Silent Reading: Southern Gnostic and the State of the Union
Daynard, Jodi Time Has a Color
Földényi, László Under the Reichsbeauty’s Spell (translated from the Hungarian by Michael Blumenthal)


Author Title
Labinger, Lynette A Conversation with Joseph Brodsky


Author Title
Brownlow, Mark Better with Age
Duff, Valerie The Language of Suicide
Szporluk, Larissa The Mind’s Way of Hanging On
Nonken, Marilyn Significant Others
Behrle, Jim Where I Am Is So Large

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