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Cover of AGNI 5/6

AGNI 5/6 Table of Contents (1976)


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Author Title
Schwartz, Howard Absence
Burke, France Alter Ego
Stokes, Terry Claudia D’Amato Loves Warm Movies, Very Warm Movies
Christenson, Stephen Left Foot in a Lonely Guitar
Schwartz, Howard A Small Carnival
Dixon, Stephen The Tellers


Author Title
Bona, Mercy & Other Acts of Love
Pastan, Linda 21st Anniversary
Cohrs, Timothy AD: Mayakovsky A Poet in the Revolution (a)
Cohrs, Timothy AD: Mayakovsky A Poet in the Revolution (b)
McKernan, John After the Evening Temperatures the Jovial Radio Weather Man in Huntington West Virginia Says That a Freezing Rain Warped a Hundred Tinker Toy Sets in the Suburbs of Dubuque
McKernan, John At Home
Huntington, Cynthia Australia
McKernan, John Avon Calling
Stoloff, Carolyn A Bad Day
Malone, Kirby Breaking Down the Day
Johnson, Thomas Bushel Basket
Swann, Brian Car
Witt, Harold The Clever Studio
Supervielle, Jules Crews (translated from the French by Geoffrey Gardener )
Greenberg, Harry Day of the 1000 Weeping Birds
Sugden, Phil Dog-Days
Lange, Gerald The Dream of a Wedding
Antonych, Bohdan Father’s Land (translated from the Ukranian by Christine Zawadiwsky )
Lange, Gerald The First Few Years
Zawadiwsky, Christine The Glove
Lietz, Robert The Guardians 2
Morris, Herbert The Gulf of Riga
Dischell, Stuart The Haberdasher Instructs His Sons
Ditsky, John Halting Speech
Blazek, Douglas How Writing Has Changed
Grossbardt, Andrew Insomnia
Swann, Brian Invasion
McKernan, John Ironing Board
Veeder, Rex L. Jabez’s Farm
Witt, Harold Lady Chatterley’s Lover
Johnson, Thomas Landscape with Turkey on the Hill
Swann, Brian The Last Subway System
Ignatow, David Letter
McKernan, John A Letter to My Mother Who Tells Me “Everyone Asks About You What Should I Tell Them?”
Desnos, Robert Like a Hand at the Moment of Death (translated from the French by Staurt Dischell)
Eve, Barbara Madonna
Greenberg, Harry A Man's Gone Too Far
al-Sayyab, Badr Shakir The Messiah After the Crucifixion (translated from the Arabic by B.M. Bennani)
Lietz, Robert Mid-Flight
Reiss, James Millie
Supervielle, Jules The Morning of the World (translated from the French by Geoffrey Gardener )
Reiss, James Morning Song
Eve, Barbara Mother Jones
Edson, Russell The Neighborhood Dog
Edson, Russell The Old Mother Goddess
McKernan, John The Only Known Road Map of the Alaskan Islands
Hogan, Michael Poem for My Eighth Year in Prison
Blazek, Douglas A Political Documentary
Dybek, Stuart The Prophet
Cieszynsky, Wladyslaw Prophet
Chatfield, Hale Prose IX
Dunn, Stephen The Protean Man
Johnson, Thomas The Real Sinew That Binds
Carter, Ellen the red and orange of your dress
Follain, Jean Red Ice (translated from the French by Phil Sugden)
Swann, Brian Rice for Dinner
Jr., Albert W. Haley, Riddle No. 2: Storm at Sea
Dunn, Stephen A Romance
Chatfield, Hale Scherzo
McKernan, John Shucks
Huntington, Cynthia Singing in the Underground
McKernan, John Tea Bag
Bona, Mercy There’s a Step-Ladder Near Your Bible
They Say You’re Far-Sighted When Alone
Supervielle, Jules Untitled (translated from the French by Geoffrey Gardener)
Suarez, Nico The Washerwomen (translated from the Spanish by Alan Britt )
Edson, Russell The Weeping and Chirping
McKernan, John Where is My Lariat?


Author Title
Melnyczuk, Askold Where Is My Lariat?: The Poetry of John McKernan

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