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AGNI 49 Table of Contents (1999)

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Poetry by Adrienne Rich, Sándor Csoóri, Philip Levine, Jason Shinder, Judy Page Heitzman, and others; fiction by Pushcart Prize-winner Tony Ardizzone, National Book Award runner-up Rose Moss, Frederick Busch, and Perrin Ireland. Nonfiction by Tom Sleigh; Jason Shinder interview with Philip Levine; Eric Chasalow on “AGNI in the Music Business”; reviews by Eric McHenry, and others. Document section features drafts of Robert Pinsky’s “The Ice-Storm.”


Author Title
Ardizzone, Tony Cavaduzzo’s of Cicero
Moss, Rose A Gem Squash
Ireland, Perrin Night Shift
Busch, Frederick Vespers


Author Title
Mehta, Diane Arranged Marriage
Csoóri, Sándor Biographical Fragment (translated from the Hungarian by Len Roberts and Maria Szende)
Sasanov, Catherine Caste Painting No. 13
Sandy, Stephen Cleaning the Clock
Pinsky, Robert Drafts of “The Ice Storm”
Levine, Philip Dreaming in Spanish
Scott, Peter Dale Earthway
Day, Cort Elect Bastard Toadflax
Shinder, Jason The Furniture of My Own Neglect
Nelson, Victoria If the Earth Quakes
Rosen, Kenneth The Ignominy of Desire
Shinder, Jason Invisible Bride
Der-Hovanessian, Diana It’s Hard to Be the Child
Levine, Philip Keats in California
Day, Cort A Little Song About Negative Capability
Day, Cort A Little Song About Plastic
Shinder, Jason Love Without End
III, Ralph C. Hamm, A Morning Letter
Weiner, Josh Oakland 1991
Levine, Philip On the Job
Mehta, Diane Paperbacks
Rich, Adrienne Plaza Street and Flatbush
Corbett, William Raw November Afternoon
Der-Hovanessian, Diana Safe House
Jones, Patricia Spears Sapphire
Lappin, Linda Tibetan Apocalypse
Heitzman, Judy Page To Reinvent the World
Corbett, William Vermont Water
Shinder, Jason A Version of the Future
Lappin, Linda The Vertical Woman
Share, Don Wine


Author Title
Chasalow, Eric AGNI in the Music Business
Goldensohn, Barry David Mamet and Poetic Language in Drama
Voskeritchian, Taline The Eyes of Yerevan
Henry, Dewitt First Love: A Memoir
Bergstein, Gerry Introduction to the Art Feature: Elaine Spatz-Rabinowitz
Sleigh, Tom One Person in Three Substances, or Three Substances in One Person?
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: Saved by Shame: Milosz’s Concupiscent Curds
Whedon, Tony The Transfiguration of Pinsky
Cherry, Kelly What is Music? What is Poetry?


Author Title
Shinder, Jason Interview with Philip Levine


Author Title
Beram, Nell American Joe
McHenry, Eric The Authentic is a Line
Duff, Valerie Cover My Body with Mud, Give Me Back My Eyes
Sullivan, Mary In Memoriam

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