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AGNI 47 Table of Contents (1998)

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One of the first publications of Jhumpa Lahiri: the title story to Interpreter of Maladies. The story was selected for Best American; the collection won the Pulitzer Prize (2000). Fiction also by Nick Papandreou, Pamela Painter, and Charles Bock. Poetry by Charles Simic, Larissa Szporluk, Gail Mazur, Jennifer Barber, Reginald Shepherd, Fred Marchant, Martha Collins, and more. Essays by Julia Lieblich, Wulf Rehder, and Emily Hiestand. Memorium to Ed Hogan.


Author Title
Lahiri, Jhumpa Interpreter of Maladies
Bock, Charles The Next Big Thing
Papandreou, Nick Parthena Earns Her Name
Cliff, Michelle Stan’s Speed Shop
Painter, Pamela Sympathy


Author Title
Zawacki, Andrew Astrelegy
Simic, Charles Barber College Haircut
Simic, Charles Beauty Parlor
Jenkins, Paul Bleeding Heart
Duehr, Gary Code of Silence
Collins, Martha Conveyance
deNiord, Chard Descent
Marchant, Fred Diana’s Lamp
Dischell, Stuart The Door
Davis, Olena Kalytiak Drafts of 'In Defense of Marriage”
Campo, Rafael Drafts of 'Last Rites”
Smith, Thomas R. Dream of the Glass of Wine
Tillinghast, Richard The Emigrant
Tyler, Meg The Encounter
Tyler, Meg The Fault in the Rock
Tyler, Meg Friendly Fire
Pruitt, Patricia from Variations from the Red Room: 1-4
Duehr, Gary Harbinger
Szporluk, Larissa Harness
Shepherd, Reginald The History of His Body
Simic, Charles House of Horrors
Smith, Thomas R. House-Warming
Rhodes, Martha How Fast
Sawyer-Laucanno, Christopher How It Is
Davis, Olena Kalytiak In Defense of Marriage
Mazur, Gail Last Night
Campo, Rafael Last Rites
Dischell, Stuart A Mass Hallucination of Motels
Watson, Ellen Doré More Than Anything I Like to Sing but It’s Rare
Schmidt, Geoff The New World: Edward Taylor
Dudley, Ellen Night Fishing
Weiner, Joshua Nursery Rhyme
Marchant, Fred Oracular Moment
Szporluk, Larissa Pathogen
Rivard, David Question for the Magic Hour
Orlowsky, Dzvinia Requiem
Weiner, Joshua Riddle Book to the City
Marchant, Fred Rows of Buddhas, Receding
Bernard, April She Runs With Her Skirts Up
Tillinghast, Richard Sight
Viereck, Peter Small Fry
Simic, Charles The Soul Has May Brides
Bernard, April That’s What I Said
Barber, Jennifer Vendaval
Rivard, David Versace
Mlinko, Ange Wet Book
Mitchell, Nancy What About


Author Title
Hiestand, Emily Angela the Upside-Down Girl
Walsh, Chris “Building the House of Dying”: Donald Hall’s Claim for Poetry
Callan, Annie Catherine in Glass, from Swimming at the Joyce Museum
Kates, J. Ed Hogan
Melnyczuk, Askold Ed Hogan: In Memoriam
Naydan, Michael M. In Eternal Memory
Zeitlin, Leora Memoir
Hemschemeyer, Judith Paying Attention
Lieblich, Julia Pieces of Bones
Rehder, Wulf The Thingun
Benevich, Grigory Which Earth?


Author Title
De Man, George E. N. Plumbing the Underworld
Bock, Charles Real Right Things?
Foster, Brett Tome for the 'Bett’ring of the Time”
Smith, Jonathan Twisting into Grace

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