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AGNI 44 Table of Contents (1996)

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Poetry by Chinua Achebe, Joyce Carol Oates, Teresa Cader, Jane Hirshfield, Oksana Zabuzhko, Marilyn Hacker, Dzvinia Orlowsky, Claire Malroux, and Tony Hoagland; fiction by Jill McCorkle, Peter Ho Davies; Susanna Kaysen on rereading The Magic Mountain, Martha Collins on translating Viet Nam, and Seamus Heaney on Charles Simic.


Author Title
Franco, Michael Fifth Circumference, from A Book of Measure
McCorkle, Jill from Carolina Moon
Davies, Peter Ho Safe


Author Title
Alsadir, Nuar Absinthe
Katsumi, Sugawara An Acacia Sapling (translated from the Japanese by Arthur Binard)
Ford, Terri Agnes
Achebe, Chinua Agostinho Neto
Simon, Maurya All Souls’ Day
Weiner, Joshua Art Pepper
Catherwood, Michael Balloons Drinks at the Frontier Tavern
Hoagland, Tony Beauty
Bell, Marvin The Book of the Dead Man
Alsadir, Nuar Breakfast
Oates, Joyce Carol The Bullfrogs
Shapiro, Alan Calypso, Penelope
Young, Dean Colophon
Merrin, Jeredith Dear Edward Lear I Love Your Birds
LaBonte, Andrew Description of Emily Dickinson
Phillips, Carl From the Devotions
Cramer, Steven Dialogue for the Left and Right Hand
Bamber, Linda Donne’s the One
Warren, Rosanna Drafts of 'Noon”
Dischell, Stuart Drafts of 'The Two”
Cushman, Stephen Field Analyzer
Achebe, Chinua Flying
Cader, Teresa from At the Edge of Being: 6, 9-10
Bedient, Calvin Grief
Zabuzhko, Oksana Hitchhiking: A Prayer for the End of Time (translated from the Ukrainian by Anderson Wing)
Carruth, Hayden I, I, I
Laughlin, James III. The Wrong Bed—Moira, from Byways
Der-Hovanessian, Diana Improving the Golden Rule
O’Sullivan, M. C. Jeffrey on a Leash
Hoagland, Tony Just Spring
deNiord, Chard Last Date
Thomas, Robert Lily
Alsadir, Nuar Man on an Island
Hirshfield, Jane Matter and Spirit
Hart, Henry The Midnight Hydroplane Race
Katsumi, Sugawara Milk and a Hamburger (translated from the Japanese by Arthur Binard)
Martin, Jack Nyctalopia
Oates, Joyce Carol O Crayola!
Blair, David On the Rooftop Students
Halliday, Mark Pages
Standing, Sue Palimpsest
Bond, Bruce The Phoenix
Williamson, Greg A Photograph I Saw of a Father and Son
Achebe, Chinua Pine Tree in Spring
Katsumi, Sugawara Rape Blossoms (translated from the Japanese by Arthur Binard)
Thieu, Nguyen Quang The River (translated from the Vietnamese by Martha Collins)
Hacker, Marilyn Street Scenes: Sunday Evening
Mutis, Álvaro Tequila (translated from the Spanish by Forrest Gander)
Oates, Joyce Carol The Thin Rain
Malroux, Claire Trees of Flame (translated from the French by Marilyn Hacker)
Stephens, Philip True Story
Hacker, Marilyn Twelfth Floor West
Cushman, Stephen Two Freeze to Death Despite Experience
DeCarteret, Mark The Week in Advance
Bly, Robert A Week of Poems at Bennington
Kronen, Steve The Wide World
Orlowsky, Dzvinia Wieliczka Salt Mine, Southern Poland


Author Title
Rehder, Wulf A Descriptive Analysis of Bank Notes
Mattawa, Khaled Epic Temptations
Hershman, Marcie Living on Top
Neville, Tam Lin Mandelstam’s Web
Kaysen, Susanna On Rereading The Magic Mountain
Jarniewicz, Jerzy Poetry, History and the Love of Oranges
Heaney, Seamus Shorts for Simic
Bruchac, Joseph Strong Stories
Collins, Martha Translating Viet Nam


Author Title
Fagan, Kathy Carl Phillips’s Cortège and Alan Shapiro’s Mixed Company
Glazier, Loss Pequeño The Century as Experiment: Reading Poems for the Millenium
Davis, Ellen Diana Der-Hovanessian’s Selected Poems
Packer, George “Here I Am, Lord”
Chisholm, Alex In Lucrezia Borgia’s Chair
Gunn, Thom Inclusions
Russell, Alston Two Reviews

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