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AGNI 43 Table of Contents (1996)


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Author Title
Oates, Joyce Carol Boy Looking into Infinity
Marshall, Alexandra Chapter One, from Wedding Pictures
Clayton, John J. History Lessons
Minot, Stephen Staying Clear
Adams, Alice The Wrong Virginia


Author Title
Hillman, Brenda The Arroyo
Hall, Donald Beau Ideal
Schwartz, Lloyd Cairo Traffic
Ali, Abdi M. The Call
Anonymous The Cave Dances (translated from the Chol Mayan by Christopher Sawyer-Laucanno)
Berrigan, Daniel Chariot
Williams, C. K. The Coma
Gewanter, David The Competition
Collins, Martha Concrete Mixer
Ali, Abdi M. Cookie Monster
Brock-Broido, Lucie Drafts of “Did Not Come Back”
Sleigh, Tom Drafts of “Marriage”
Dischell, Stuart Evening
Sandy, Stephen Far Be It from Me
Maxwell, Mary Felix Feneon
Mazur, Gail Five poems entitled “Questions”
Anonymous The Gopher’s Skull (translated from the Chol Mayan by Christopher Sawyer-Laucanno)
Williams, C. K. Hawk
Lehman, David Hopper
Williams, C. K. The Hovel
Peseroff, Joyce Ice Storm/Cambridge/1972
Hightower, Scott Idyll of the Seronegative
Collins, Martha In the Days of
Estes, Angie Leaving Phoenix
Kaiser, Rebecca The Loomfixer
Maxwell, Mary Mademoiselle Dieudonné
Hall, Donald The Mini-Mart
Ali, Abdi M. My Great-Grandfather Prefigured the Sixties
Ali, Abdi M. Nuruddin Farah
Rosen, Kenneth The Odyssey
Brodsky, Joseph Pacific Rim
Dischell, Stuart People Who Talk to Themselves
Cader, Teresa A Poetics of Birth
Berrigan, Daniel The Prisoners, the Cave
Peseroff, Joyce A Summer Party
Glück, Louise Telemachus’ Fantasy
Cader, Teresa Three Parables
Bosquet, Alain Tomorrow Without Me (translated from the French by James Laughlin)
Berrigan, Daniel The Verdict


Author Title
Morris, Mary Essay on Eavesdropping
Brodsky, Joseph from “Uncommon Visage,” in On Grief and Reason
Birkerts, Sven Joseph Brodsky
Powers, Katherine A. On Conversation with Joseph Brodsky
Wright, Carolyne Open Secrets: An Insider’s Introduction to Allende’s Chile
Goodheart, Eugene Sticks and Stones
Melnyczuk, Askold To Tease a Shadow: In Memoriam, JB


Author Title
Wagner, Mark A Conversation with Daniel Berrigan


Author Title
O’Leary, Janice David Treuer’s Little
Bedient, Calvin Dissonant Raptures
Reyes, August de los A Jack Keroac ROMnibus CD-ROM
Bates, Mark Jim Crace’s Signals of Distress
Szporluk, Larissa Lucie Brock-Broido’s The Master Letters
Carter, Catherine Lynne Sharon Schwartz’s The Fatigue Artist
Randolf, Sarah Sam Hamill’s Destination Zero
Corn, Alfred Son et Lumière
Collins, Martha Sue Standing’s Gravida
Mitchell, Susan Tom Sleigh’s The Chain
Palmer, Michael William Corbett’s New & Selected Poems

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