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AGNI 41 Table of Contents (1995)


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Author Title
Lish, Gordon The Abbess
Nelson, Victoria The Main Train Station
Hohn, Donovan Near-Death Experiences
Packer, George The Road to Point Reyes
Berman, Mitch A Story of Many Titles


Author Title
Robertson, Robin Advent in Co. Fermanagh
Williamson, Alan Altamont
Orlen, Steve Authority
Finch, Annie Being a Constellation
Dobyns, Stephen Best in the Business
Rich, Adrienne Calle Visión
Sleigh, Tom Crossing the Border
Sleigh, Tom The Denial
Sleigh, Tom The Distance Between
Dischell, Stuart Ellipsis, Third or Fourth Dot, Depending
Belieu, Erin For Catherine: Juana, Infanta of Navarre
Bosquet, Alain Forward to Tomorrow without Me (translated from the French by James Laughlin)
Clements, Brian from Dead Electron Catalogue: 'What moves the unseen, untouched body,” 'This much I know—that dusk brings arguments over what is,” 'You don’t have to go to Venice or the swamp”
Szporluk, Larissa Ghost Continent
Swiss, Thomas Hey Now
Wunderlich, Mark Hunt
Fogdall, Kristin Intersection
Cooper, Wyn The Life of the Mind
Williamson, Alan Listening to Leonard Cohen
Orlen, Steve Mr. & Mrs. Death
Bosquet, Alain Nothing At All (translated from the French by James Laughlin)
McMahon, Lynne One of the Mineral Elements
Bosquet, Alain An Ordinary Day (translated from the French by James Laughlin)
Pernice, Joe Paper Country
Orlen, Steve The Poets
McMahon, Lynne Rimbaud
Padgett, Ron The Rule of Three
Finch, Annie Running in Church
Fogdall, Kristin The Salmon House
Osterhaus, Joe The Scale of Light
Pernice, Joe Screws
Bonnefoy, Yves The Snow (translated from the French by Hoyt Rogers)
Corn, Alfred Stepson Elegy
Bonnefoy, Yves Summer Again (translated from the French by Hoyt Rogers)
Osterhaus, Joe Sweet Decision
Pankey, Eric Sworn Deposition
Rich, Adrienne Take
Kopelke, Kendra To an Old Sucker Fish
Peck, John Trio Threaded on Lines from the Parthian Hymns
Fahrland, Bridget Untitled
Hall, Donald The Worker


Author Title
Karahasan, Dzevad A Belated Reply to N.
Karahasan, Dzevad Letter from N.
Karahasan, Dzevad Literature and War
Karahasan, Dzevad A Love Letter
AGNI Michael Franco’s Word of Mouth
deNiord, Chard Peter Balakian and the Poetry of Witness: A Reply
Drakulic, Slavenka Reading Karahasan
Focht, Lynn The Risks of Being Suleiman
Scialabba, George Wistful Thinking about the Political Weeklies


Author Title
Mancelos, João de Speaking Franco: An Interview with Michael Franco


Author Title
Osterhaus, Joe Alan Shapiro’s In Praise of the Impure
Belieu, Erin Carl Phillips’s In the Blood and Liam Rector’s American Prodigal
Roberts, Katrina David St. John’s Study for the World’s Body
Carter, Catherine Debra Spark’s Coconuts for the Saint
Bahr, Thomas Howard Frank Mosher’s Northern Borders
Howe, Marie Jane Kenyon’s Constance
Corn, Alfred Robert Pinsky’s Inferno
Cooper, Wyn Sophie Cabot Black’s The Misunderstanding of Nature
Corbett, William Ted Berrigan’s Selected Poems

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