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AGNI 39 Table of Contents (1994)


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Author Title
Traxler, Patricia The Eternity Bird
Spark, Debra Second World
Shange, Ntozake 'That’s Why I Love Her So & Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I Want the World to Know” or Why Jackie Wilson Died in Silence


Author Title
Bilotserkivets, Natalka 100 Years of Youth (translated from the Ukrainian by Michael M. Naydan)
Revell, Donald After the News
Supervielle, Jules The Alley (translated from the French by William Louis-Dreyfus and Molly Peacock)
Ray, David Alzheimer’s
Harmon, William Anaphora
Laughlin, James Apokatastasis
Rothman, David J. Apollo to the Athletes
Laughlin, James At a Certain Point
Daniel, David Blue Ridge Blue
Gurnis, Peter Boat-Builder
Marchant, Fred Boraxo
Holahan, Susan Dear Editor Kirby, Even in This Facility
Eshleman, Clayton Debris
Brock-Broido, Lucie Everybody Has a Heart, Except Some People
Edmunds, Martin The Fire
Der-Hovanessian, Diana From a Letter I Did Not Receive
Phipps, Wanda from Rose Windows
Agosín, Marjorie Gabriela’s Elqui
Handler, Joan Cusack Glory
Eshleman, Clayton Guyton Place
Orlowsky, Dzvinia A Handful of Bees
Komunyakaa, Yusef The Hanoi Market
Halliday, Mark Hectic
Brock-Broido, Lucie His Apprentice
Smith, Charlie I Don’t Want a Son
Alighieri, Dante Inferno, Canto XXXIV (translated from the Italian by Robert Pinsky)
Laughlin, James It’s Difficult
Gade, Lisa It’s Top Forty in My Head
Gurnis, Peter The Lover
Alexander, Pamela Manners
Laughlin, James Melissa, from Byways
Vazirani, Reetika Mrs. Biswas Breaks Her Connection With Another Relative
Kercheval, Jesse Lee My Father Receives the First Visitation
Daniel, David My Mother’s Mornings
Aizenberg, Susan Nights Mutable as Water Revise Themselves into the Shape of Our Extravagant Past
Wilson, Joyce Norwegian Spruce
Eady, Cornelius Paradiso
Baumel, Willa Philips Street, Andover
Malroux, Claire Precepts (translated from the French by Marilyn Hacker)
Supervielle, Jules Prophecy (translated from the French by William Louis-Dreyfus and Molly Peacock)
Keelan, Claudia Rushing the Gaves of Empirical Gardens
Logan, William Seductions of the Swimming Club
Galvin, Brendan Sentence
Szymborska, Wislawa Sky (translated from the Polish by Stanislaw Baranczak and Clare Cavanagh)
Cader, Teresa Spirit Papers
Ellis, Thomas Sayers Sticks
Simic, Charles The Story of Crucifixion
Irwin, Mark Tock
Baraka, Amiri Tom Ass Clarence
Komunyakaa, Yusef Trueblood’s Blues
Kim, Ann The Upsidedown Waterfall
Teillier, Jorge Week in Valdivia (translated from the Spanish by Carolyne Wright)
Supervielle, Jules Whisper of Agony (translated from the French by William Louis-Dreyfus and Molly Peacock)
Brock-Broido, Lucie You Can’t Always Get What You Want


Author Title
Pistalo, Vladimir The Building with a Crown (translated from the Serbian by Charles Simic)
Pavlychko, Solomea A Catfish for Your Thoughts: Ukrainian Literature at the Turning Point
Malcomson, Scott from Borderlands: 27-39
Corbett, William from Philip Guston
deNiord, Chard The High Place of American Poetry: The Problem with Witness
Agosín, Marjorie How to Speak with the Dead? A Poet’s Notebook (translated from the Spanish by Monica Bruno)
Scialabba, George The Sealed Envelope
Phillips, Caryl Water


Author Title
Brownlow, Mark A Conversation with Leslie Epstein


Author Title
Davis, Christopher Articulate Survival as Generosity in Four Books of Poems
Pelikan, Matthew L. The Degenerate Frontier
Miron, Susan Mr. Cogito’s Tragic Grandeur
Borowsky, Bruce The Thinnest Whitest Blonde of All
Osterhaus, Joe Utopian Turtletop: Lynn McMahon’s Devolution of the Nude

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