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AGNI 34 Table of Contents (1991)

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The “war” issue, AGNI 34 explores many different kinds of conflict beyond war. Transporting readers back to 1991 and the years that precede it, our poets, still daring to create beauty, spin uncertainty into lyricism. As Joseph Lease writes in his review of Tom Sleigh’s Waking, “When you build lyricism yourself instead of buying it at the store you aren’t embarrassed, so you don’t need to undermine lyricism.” This collection paints a picture of a literary world interrogating its own bones; while nations wage war against each other, the body wages war against itself. Explore lyric tension in a hundred iterations from the quiet violence of David Rivard to the surrealist violence of Susanna Kaysen. AGNI 34 also features the work of Leslie Epstein, George Scialabba, Joshua Cohen, David Shields, Josip Novakovich, Albert Goldbarth, Kim Addonizio, Joyce Peseroff, Robert Polito, Martha Collins, Rick Lyon, and Fred Marchant.


Author Title
Novakovich, Josip A Free Fall
Snell, Merrie Harry, Tango, Fred Astaire
Shields, David The Heroic Mode
Clayton, John J. In Those Days
Kaysen, Susanna Toward a Topography of the Parallel Universe


Author Title
Rivard, David And Continuing
Orbán, Ottó And Sometimes It’s the Cities . . . (translated from the Hungarian by Bruce Berlind with Mária Kőrösy)
Polito, Robert Animal Mimicry
Broughton, T. Alan Aroma of Thyme
Mazur, Gail At Boston Garden, The First Night of War, 1991
Bialosky, Jill Ave
Goldensohn, Barry Bathsheba
Ruescher, Scott Big Black Hearses
Ping, Tang Ya A Black Tunnel (translated from the Chinese by Ginny MacKenzie and Wei Guo)
Lyon, Rick Buttercups
Goldbarth, Albert The Candies
Revell, Donald Collateral
Ruescher, Scott Concord Truce
Strange, Sharan The Crazy Girl
Ruescher, Scott Dear George
Rivard, David The Debt
deNiord, Chard The Din of Ringers
Goldensohn, Barry Divorce
McNamara, Robert Divorce Court
Traxler, Patricia The Edge
Shcherbina, Tatyana Eros Poesis (translated from the Russian by J. Kates)
Orbán, Ottó Europe (translated from the Hungarian by Bruce Berlind with Mária Kőrösy)
Borun-Jagodzinska, Katarzyna Exorcist (translated from the Polish by the author and Lia Purpura)
Addonizio, Kim Explication
Traxler, Patricia Faith
Goldensohn, Barry Fixing It
Hyett, Barbara Helfgott The Frigate Bird
Scott, Peter Dale from Listening to the Candle: A Poem on Impulse: IV.ii, IV.iii
Young, Brian the full night still in the street water
Peseroff, Joyce Gingerland
Collins, Martha A History of Small Life on a Windy Planet
Csoori, Sándor I Have to Look Long (translated from the Hungarian by Len Roberts and Gabor Toro)
Fein, Richard J. In the Subway Car
Belev, Georgi Lake (translated from the Bulgarian by Lisa Sapinkopf in collaboration with the author)
Berlind, Bruce Last Year in Jerusalem
Albert, Sam Layers
Bawer, Bruce Lenox Hill
Althaus, Keith Letter to M
Belev, Georgi Love (translated from the Bulgarian by Lisa Sapinkopf in collaboration with the author)
Cramer, Steven The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Bilotserkivets, Natalka May (translated from the Ukrainian by Virlana Tkacz and Wanda Phipps)
Bond, Bruce Medals: A Processional of Rooms
Cramer, Steven Nineteen Sixty-Three
Parr, Christopher No Time But the Present
Moore, Richard Old Fools, Part III
Lu, Lu An Old Song (translated from the Chinese by Ginny MacKenzie and Wei Guo)
Borun-Jagodzinska, Katarzyna On Manet’s 'Olympia” (translated from the Polish by the author and Lia Purpura)
Bennett, Paul On Newfoundland Rocks
Debeljak, Ales The Past in My Mind (translated from the Solvene by Michael Biggins)
Lyon, Rick The Point
Agosín, Marjorie Ports (translated from the Spanish by Cola Franzen)
Goldbarth, Albert Protection’s
Keen, Suzanne from A Psalter: psalms 1-3
Hyett, Barbara Helfgott Rain
Halperin, Mark Returning Home
Goldbarth, Albert The Saga of Stupidity and Wonder
Ting, Shu Saying Good-bye to a Friend Going Abroad (translated from the Chinese by Ginny MacKenzie and Wei Guo)
Breiner, Laurence Scholar
Gustavson, Jeffrey Sequence for Detroit Red
Williams, David Singer and Song
Savageau, Cheryl The Sound of My Mother Singing
Collins, Martha Them
MacKenzie, Ginny There, Where the Grass Breaks
Wohlfeld, Valerie Trinkets
Lewis, Lisa Ture Confessions
Lang, Meng The Two of Us (translated from the Chinese by Ginny MacKenzie and Wei Guo)
Revell, Donald A Type of Agnes
Juarroz, Roberto Vertical Poetry: Eleventh.II.25 (translated from the Spanish by Mary Crow)
Agustini, Delmira Vision (translated from the Spanish by Pamela Uschuk with Yla Guzman Gallegos)
Bond, Bruce Visitation
Marchant, Fred Wartime
Tall, Deborah We’ll Never Change Our Tune
Cramer, Steven What We Didn’t Risk
Strange, Sharan Words During War
Montale, Eugenio Xenia I (translated from the Italian by William Arrowsmith)
Strange, Sharan Zodiac: For Julie


Author Title
Cohen, Joshua The Gulf War and American Politics
Epstein, Leslie The Movie on the Warehouse Wall
Elman, Richard Post Time
Corbett, William Trevor Winkfield’s Altarpieces
Rose, Jennifer V-Mail
II, Pat C. Hoy Wars Just and Unjust


Author Title
Scialabba, George 'No, in thunder!”: Christopher Lasch and the Spirit of the Age
Nelson, Victoria The Redemption Center, Inc.
Lease, Joseph What It Feels Like to Live in the World

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