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AGNI 27 Table of Contents (1988)

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New muses join forces with old muses to inspire an electric, eclectic collection. AGNI 27 presents a special feature, “Lairs of God: Spirituality After Silicon Valley,” which brings together essays by Marilynne Robinson, Eliot Weinberger, David Lehman, and others to explore how technology—especially that of the word processor—shapes spiritual and literary life. Askold Melnyczuk asks us to consider, “[A]re we to assume technology has been humanized? Or has humanity been technologized?” Meanwhile, the issue’s feature poet, Glyn Maxwell, writes of “silence’s still geology” and “the crowd where voices die and resurrect as shouts” along with other haunting images. Don’t miss Tony Harrison’s play The Common Chorus, a whimsically profane re-imagining of Aristophanes’ Lysistrata, as well as the fiction and poetry of Elizabeth Strout, M.T. Sharif, Stephen Minot, Lucie Brock-Broido, Lynda Hull, David Rivard, Kathleen Norris, Yvan Goll, Sophie Cabot Black, and Odysseas Elytis.


Author Title
Minot, Stephen Apparitions
Strout, Elizabeth Different Lives
Sharif, M. T. The Letter Writer
Papa, Marco Mirko Polkan (translated from the Italian by John Satriano)
Gardinier, Suzanne Seeds
Ellis, Normandi Spiritualism


Author Title
Moritz, A. F. The All-Night Café
Brock-Broido, Lucie And So Long, I’ve Had You Flame
McLeod, Stephen Angelus
Rivard, David Ariadne
Marcus, Mordecai Bindings
Schreiber, Ron The Birds of Sorrow
Hull, Lynda Black Mare
Black, Sophie Cabot The Body Still Wanting
Black, Sophie Cabot The Converted
Maxwell, Glyn Death in a Mist
Standing, Sue The Elegy of Doubt
Kondos, Yannis The End of a Day (translated from the modern Greek by James Stone)
Rivard, David Firestone
McLeod, Stephen The Goose
Maxwell, Glyn The High Achievers
Machado, Antonio I Have Walked Down Many Roads (translated from the Spanish by Don Share)
Brock-Broido, Lucie I Wish You Love
Breslin, Paul In a Rowboat, Once, By Night
Maxwell, Glyn In the Gap
Salamun, Tomaz Judas Iscariot (translated from the Slovenian by Michael Biggins)
Brock-Broido, Lucie Kid Flash
Hull, Lynda Magical Thinking
Eldridge, Kevin Joe The Meaning of Hillbilly Music
Hull, Lynda Midnight Reports
Goll, Yvan The Mill of Death (translated from the German by Joel Spector)
Leet, Judith Mission
Hahn, Robert Monk’s ‘Round Midnight Deconstructed
Corbett, William My Father-in-Law’s Coat
Fu, Tu Ni-Kung Mountain (translated from the Chinese by Lee Gerlach)
Harmon, William One Bagatelle for a Dead Friend
Hinrichsen, Dennis One Wing
Salamun, Tomaz Oops! (translated from the Slovenian by Michael Biggins)
Reffe, Candice Paradise
Norris, Kathleen Physics Defeats Me Once Again, But Wisdom Saves the Day
Maxwell, Glyn Poisonfield
Tapscott, Stephen Prehistoric Horses
Maxwell, Glyn Push On, Amigo
Dwyer, David Quantum Mechanics: Another Love Poem
Goll, Yvan The Sacred Body (translated from the German by Joel Spector)
Martin, Charles Casey Satellites
Maxwell, Glyn School Holiday, South Wales
Standing, Sue Six Values of Neutral Gray
Levin, Phillis The Stairwell
Lux, Thomas The Sudd as Metaphor
Goodman, Michael The Trespasser’s Tale
Gerlach, Lee V
Gerlach, Lee VII
Hull, Lynda Visiting Hour
Black, Sophie Cabot The Wait
Lux, Thomas Walt Whitman’s Brain Dropped on Laboratory Floor
Hinrichsen, Dennis Water Touching Water
Heard, Georgia What We Hoped For
Maxwell, Glyn Whatever Else
Shoaf, Diann Blakely Witch
Elytis, Odysseas With Light and Death


Author Title
Robinson, Marilynne Culture and Spirit
Scialabba, George Demos and Sophia: Not a Love Story
Melnyczuk, Askold Editor’s Note
Frick, Thomas Introduction to the Art Feature: Concerning the Spiritual in Art
Weinberger, Eliot Is God Down?
Milburn, Michael Lowell’s Atmosphere
Vevers, Tabitha Note to the Art Feature
Lourie, Jod Note to the Art Feature
Laffoley, Paul Note to the Art Feature
Holmer, Martie Note to the Art Feature
Ferguson, Jesseca Note to the Art Feature
Davis, Meredith Note to the Art Feature
Burgess, Lowery Note to the Art Feature
Bowen, Paul Note to the Art Feature
Bertoni, Christina Note to the Art Feature
Anonymous Objections Noted
Lehman, David Three Notes on the Computer
Wormser, Baron William Blake: Some Pieces from the Puzzle


Author Title
Wolff, Judith Bausch and Taylor
Corbett, William Lowell Only

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