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AGNI 22 Table of Contents (1985)


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Author Title
Davies, Carol Cambridge Girls / LA Women
Vivante, Arturo Dancer
Demas, Corinne Separate Lives
Morris, Mary Shining Path
Pollack, Eileen The Value of Diamonds


Author Title
Sholl, Betsy 6 A.M.
Aisenberg, Nadya At Akumal
Pau-Llosa, Ricardo Brooms
Doty, Mark A Catalogue for Cooks
Pastan, Linda Clinic
Dove, Rita Daystar
Dukes, Norman Delphi on a Winter Evening
Milburn, Michael Depot
Benedikt, Michael The Displaced Energy Blues
Poole, Thomas Easter
Sholl, Betsy Edges
Edmunds, Martin Fever
Marchant, Fred Grief
Sholl, Betsy Hanging Out the Wash
Der-Hovanessian, Diana In a Landscape Without Humans
Pastan, Linda Japanese Lantern
Vieira, John The Lake Swan, the Tom
Aisenberg, Nadya Listening to Schubert
Haskins, Lola Loving a Son
Gregerson, Linda Malbecco
Dukes, Norman Marx’s Tomb in Highgate Cemetery
Dukes, Norman Moving Day
Milburn, Michael A Photograph of Yeats’s Lapis Lazuli
Dukes, Norman Portrait of Father in a Dust Storm
Milburn, Michael Rachmaninoff Plays Chopin
Marchant, Fred Rescue
Howe, Marie Retribution
Daniels, Jim Riding Double Home from the Dairy
Mariani, Paul Sarcophagus
Dukes, Norman Science Center
Piero, W. S. di Summer Returns
Daniels, Jim Taking the Bus to Veracruz
Norris, Kathleen Thinking About Louise Bogan
Dukes, Norman To the Reader, to the Writer
Warner, Gale Turner
Dove, Rita Weathering Out
Dukes, Norman Wedge
Dukes, Norman The Year


Author Title
Middleton, Christopher [Untitled]
Harmon, William E. E. & I
Birkerts, Sven Introduction to a Special Feature: On the Experience of Reading
Frick, Thomas Nietzsche’s Typewriter: Notes on Meaning and the Material World
Birkerts, Sven Notes from a Confession
Galassi, Jonathan Notes on Reading
Corbett, William On Reading: Notes & a Poem
Cavell, Stanley Philosophy’s Two Myths of Reading
Heaney, Seamus Place and Displacement: Reflections on Some Recent Poetry from Northern Ireland

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