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AGNI 21 Table of Contents (1984)

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Author Title
Abbott, Lee K. Love is the Crooked Thing
Stark, Sharon Sheehe Rough-and-Tumble Mercies


Author Title
Holmes, Olivia The Accident at Staplehurst
Logan, William The Air of Cathedrals
Logan, William Anglian Music
Wormser, Baron An Art of Remoteness
Storace, Patricia August: Blues
Logan, William Babies
O’Grady, Desmond Berlin Metro
Allman, John The Birth of Time
Towner, Daniel Books by Nobody
Rose, Jennifer Britons Leaving France
Stanford, Janet Holmes Charleston
Allen, Dick The Clergyman’s Wife Composes a Spring Letter
Storace, Patricia Death: A Betrothal
Baumel, Judith Details
Ruescher, Scott The Driver Kept on Going
Bensen, Robert Driving the County Blacktop
Storace, Patricia Exile’s Matins
McKernan, Llewellyn Faith
Rosen, Kenneth The Fall
Gustavson, Jeffrey from Pond Subjects: 3. Fjord, 4. High School, 5. Edmunds!—, 6. Ishmael, 8. Narcissus, 13. Letter to My Brother, 16. Before Lauds
Greger, Debora Garden of Acclimatization
Collins, Martha The Green House
Shangi In Exile (translated from the Arabic by Desmond O’Grady)
Koestenbaum, Wayne In Labor
Koestenbaum, Wayne In the Classroom
Storace, Patricia Intaglio
Campbell, Mary Baine Justice
Ratushinskaya, Irina Leningrad Triptych (translated from the Russian by Ilya Nykin and Pamela White Hadas)
Ratushinskaya, Irina My Lord (translated from the Russian by Ilya Nykin and Pamela White Hadas)
Wormser, Baron My Old Man
Warren, Rosanna Orchard
Baumel, Judith Our Differences
Storace, Patricia Pamina’s Marriage Speech
Cader, Teresa Parts Do Not Make a Whole
Storace, Patricia Perdita
Allman, John Physics
McFall, Gardner The Pilot’s Daughter
Eaton, Charles Edward The Plane
Staw, Jane Poem After Several Images in Calvino
Opengart, Bea Poem with Afternoon Light
Ligi, Problem Solving
Logan, William The Rivers of England
Ali, Agha Shahid The Seasons of the Plains
Edmunds, Martin Sentence
Ghitelman, David Silver Lake
Storace, Patricia Simple Sums
Storace, Patricia Spring Afternoon
Rosen, Kenneth The String Quartet of the Birds
Goldbarth, Albert The Threshold for the Definition of 'Numinous” is a Variable
Barnes, Jim Toy Soldiers
Ruescher, Scott Unintentional Lullaby
Storace, Patricia Varieties of Religious Experience
Storace, Patricia Vocation
Bensen, Robert The Waves at Matsushima
Storace, Patricia A Weekend at the Last Resort
Cader, Teresa What the Right Hand Gives, the Left Takes Away
Allen, Dick William Rimmer: 'Flight and Pursuit”


Author Title
Melnyczuk, Askold Introduction to This Issue’s Poetry
Birkerts, Sven James Wright’s 'Hammock”: A Sounding

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