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AGNI 20 Table of Contents (1984)

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Author Title
Chute, Carolyn Crowe Bovey’s Burning Cold
Oates, Joyce Carol Silver Storm
Jones, Richard The Summer of Writing Movies


Author Title
Kleinschmidt, Edward Begonia
Hartman, Charles O. The Burden of the Desert Sea
Harmon, William from A Cloud No Bigger than a Woman’s Hand: III.iv, III.v, IV. Holy Writ
Ruescher, Scott Dog Gone Ode
Strickland, Stephanie First Couple
Kleinschmidt, Edward Fly By Night
Ruescher, Scott For Starts
Viereck, Peter from Archer in the Marrow: The Applewood Cycles: MOTIFS: Archer in the Marrow, Duel on Land’s End, EPILOGUE: Prologue to New Spiral
Lynch, Thomas from Learning Gravity
Propp, Karen In Brooklyn
Wojahn, David Les Enfants de Paradis
Dischell, Stuart The Liquid Face
Propp, Karen The Men in Paris
Ruescher, Scott Mouse Chase
Tapscott, Stephen Nocturne
Dwyer, David Old Lovers Drinking Together
Hartman, Charles O. On My Mother’s Birthday
Wakoski, Diane The Orange
Dischell, Stuart The Original Face
Propp, Karen Poem
Gustavson, Jeffrey The Scarecrow
Stewart, Frank Searching for Ice
Logan, William The Shootist
Ruescher, Scott Taking the Cue
Der-Hovanessian, Diana Translating
Dischell, Stuart The Vagrant Face
Tapscott, Stephen You


Author Title
Harmon, William On Jackson’s Acts of Mind and Berg’s In Praise of What Persists

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