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AGNI 19 Table of Contents (1983)

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Author Title
Morris, Mary Copies
Rosenberg, L. M. Coyote’s Courtship


Author Title
McGuckian, Medbh Admiring the Furs
Ormsby, Frank After Mass
McGuckian, Medbh The Aphrodisiac
Goldbarth, Albert Apr 15
Mahon, Derek April on Toronto Island
Muldoon, Paul At Martha’s Deli
Young, William Becoming Another Person and Hearing Different Melodies
Deane, Seamus The Brethren
Longley, Michael Casualty
Longley, Michael Circle
Collier, Michael The Clasp
Mahon, Derek Courtyards in Delft
Ormsby, Frank A Day in August
Harmon, William Environmental Issues
Deane, Seamus Fording the River
Mahon, Derek Glengormley
Ruescher, Scott Gold Mining
Deane, Seamus History Lessons
Muldoon, Paul How to Play Championship Tennis
Ruescher, Scott I Look into the Pothole
Huntington, Cynthia In Our Former Life
Longley, Michael Last Requests
Muldoon, Paul Lives of the Saints
Paulin, Tom Manichean Geography I
Paulin, Tom Manichean Geography II
Ormsby, Frank The Massage Parlour
Longley, Michael Master of Ceremonies
McGuckian, Medbh The Moon Pond
Muldoon, Paul Mules
Mahon, Derek My Wicked Uncle
McGuckian, Medbh Not Pleasing Mama
Ruescher, Scott Objects of Love
Hinrichsen, Dennis On Trees
Muldoon, Paul Paris
Ormsby, Frank Passing the Crematorium
McGuckian, Medbh The Perfect Mother
Mahon, Derek Poem Beginning with a Line by Cavafy
Mariani, Paul Prime Mover
Deane, Seamus Return
Deane, Seamus A Schooling
Paulin, Tom Second-rate Republics
Paulin, Tom Settlers
Galvin, James Shadow-Casting
Longley, Michael The Swim
Mahon, Derek The Terminal Bar
Baumel, Judith That First Angelico
Nelson, Jeremy Tristitia
Paulin, Tom Trotsky in Finland
Ormsby, Frank The War Photographers
Paulin, Tom What Is Fixed to Happen
Muldoon, Paul Why Brownlee Left
Ormsby, Frank Winter Offerings
McGuckian, Medbh The Witchmark
Deane, Seamus A World without a Name
Longley, Michael Wounds


Author Title
Logan, William Introduction to a portfolio of younger Irish poets
Birkerts, Sven Last Things First: Czeslaw Milosz’s Witness of Poetry
Pevear, Richard Negatives

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