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AGNI 17 Table of Contents (1982)

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Author Title
Oates, Joyce Carol Growing Seasons and Killing Frosts
Taylor, Robert, Jr. Old Tennessee
Chute, Carolyn Omar Wicks and the Hippie Massacre
Gibbons, Reginald Wolf-Money Daughter-Dream


Author Title
Milburn, Michael Amiens 1977
Ben-Tov Muir, Sharona The Angel of Memory
Barks, Coleman Bedclothes
Dischell, Stuart Boston, Winter
Dove, Rita Cameos
Birkerts, Sven Chekhov’s Fancy
Pastan, Linda Coronary Bypass: for Rod
Milburn, Michael Days of 1974
Ignatow, David Dear Homer
Goebel, Ulf Drift of Speech
Collins, Martha Eclipse
Graham, Jorie Erosion
Logan, William Florida
Benedikt, Michael For Zeike as We Come and Go Among the 20th Century . . .
Dukes, Norman Freud
Frost, Carol Frost
Milburn, Michael Girl Asleep in Library
Milburn, Michael The Hunter
Bell, Marvin If By Poetry You Mean
Ghitelman, David In Early Spring
Berger, Suzanne E. In the Evening of Creatures
Sheridan, Michael June 5, 1981
Milburn, Michael The Letters
Olds, Sharon Looking at My Father
Ignatow, David The Machine
Allman, John Marcus Garvey Arrested at 125th Street Station
Milburn, Michael Mussels
Cramer, Steven The Narcissus
Gustavson, Jeffrey Nervous Forces
Melnyczuk, Askold Never the Kind
Ben-Tov Muir, Sharona Nocturne for Parvaneh
Opengart, Bea Nocturne: Narcissus
Smith, Jordan Notes toward a Translation
Hinrichsen, Dennis November Streets
Wright, Charles Omaggio a Pavese
Bell, Marvin On the Illusion of Time in a Difficult Period
Harmon, William One Woman, Four Lights
Opengart, Bea Opposition to the Angels
Anderson, Bruce B. Poem for the Governess at the Appleyard School
Collins, Martha Poem in the Fourth Dimension
Milburn, Michael Portrait
Ai, The Priest’s Confession
Piero, W. S. Di Second Horn
Rosenberg, L. M. Snowbound
Milburn, Michael Such Silence
Ghitelman, David Survivors
Hadas, Rachel Three Angers
Opengart, Bea To Take Us Further
Dukes, Norman To the Shore, and the Shore Thereof
Standing, Sue The Very Rich Hours
Aisenberg, Nadya Wreaths to the Temple


Author Title
Ben-Tov Muir, Sharona Interview with George Starbuck

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