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AGNI 14 Table of Contents (1981)

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Author Title
Young, William The Extremities
Provost, Allan Facts
Taylor, Robert, Jr. Passing Away
Lombreglia, Ralph Remembering the Ugly Duckling
Hanley, James When the Light Came


Author Title
Rudenko, Mykola At Least, You (translated from the Ukrainian by Askold Melynczuk)
Darr, Ann But You Can’t Say That
Flook, Maria The Childlike Lives of the Sweep Second Hand and the Single Mother
Smith, Jordan Constable Hall
Sinisgalli, Leonardo Easter 1952 (translated from the Italian by W. S. Di Piero)
Althaus, Keith The Feather
Huddle, David The Field
Spivack, Kathleen Fifteen
Mariani, Paul Fire in the Choir Loft
Rudenko, Mykola The Flower (translated from the Ukrainian by Askold Melynczuk)
Joyce, William For the Toes, For the Last Braille
Kooser, Ted Friday Noon
Smith, Jordan The Hawk
Goldbarth, Albert A History of Civilization
Sinisgalli, Leonardo Holy Saturday in Manfredonia (translated from the Italian by W. S. Di Piero)
Smith, Jordan Hymns: For the Orthodox
Rudenko, Mykola The King of Tasmania (translated from the Ukrainian by Askold Melynczuk)
Hadas, Rachel Marriage Rhapsody
Benedikt, Michael Mighty Talky Letter to Grace Schulman
Kooser, Ted A Monday in May
Strickland, Stephanie Mother: Dressed Up
Mitchell, Susan The Mouse and the Clock
Petrosky, Tony My Father Is
Althaus, Keith Poem
Smith, Jordan A Side of Beef
Rudenko, Mykola Spring (translated from the Ukrainian by Askold Melynczuk)
Kooser, Ted Stealing Grapes
Starbuck, George Sunday Brunch in the Boston Restoration


Author Title
Allen, Bruce Afterword on James Hanley’s “When the Light Came”

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