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AGNI 13 Table of Contents (1980)

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Author Title
Kessler, Jascha Afrodite
Bosworth, David Anti-War Story
Shelnutt, Eve The Formal Voice
Oates, Joyce Carol Presque Isle
Reed, Neil H. G. The Written Word


Author Title
Cramer, Steven Alfred
Collier, Michael The Angel of Memory
Shumaker, Peggy The Apple
Cramer, Steven The Breakfast Table
Graham, Jorie Coaltrains Crossing the Wyoming Prairie
Broumas, Olga Composition
Mariani, Paul Crossing Cocytus
Horsting, Eric Crushes
Miller, Arthur Degas Invented Her
Skovoroda, Gregory Dogs (adapted from the Ukranian by Askold Melnyczuk)
Cramer, Steven The Dolphins
Skovoroda, Gregory Eagle & Magpie (adapted from the Ukranian by Askold Melnyczuk)
Skoyles, John Excuse for a Love Poem
Benedikt, Michael For Susan Golden, So She Might Walk the Streets in Safety Yet Radiant
Harmon, William He-Who-May-Say
Miller, Jane The I Will If You Will
Cramer, Steven In the World Today . . .
Weiss, David Kenchana Wunggu
Cramer, Steven Late Spring Examinations
Gustavson, Jeffrey Letter to Martha
Graham, Jorie Love Letter
Rosen, Michael Making Scenes
Sylvester, Janet Managing the Composition
Harmon, William Messages Left on Engineers’ Desks
Cramer, Steven My Accomplished Friend
Cramer, Steven On the Lackawanna Railroad . . .
Collins, Martha The Orange Room
Skovoroda, Gregory Owl & Thrush (adapted from the Ukranian by Askold Melnyczuk)
Pevear, Richard Picture and Book Remain
Cramer, Steven Poem from a Balcony
Cramer, Steven Poem to Laura
Corn, Alfred Prophet Bird
Cramer, Steven Self-Portrait with a City Background
Oles, Carole Shore-Walking
Pevear, Richard Untitled (1)
Pevear, Richard Untitled (2)

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