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AGNI 10/11 Table of Contents (1979)

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Author Title
Bahr, Thomas Delhi Escape
Morris, Mary Idaho As It Seemed
Modiano, Patrick La Place de L’Etoile (translated from the French by Pepe Karmel)
Bosworth, David “Soap”
Shelnutt, Eve Timing
Oates, Joyce Carol The Way We Live


Author Title
Engels, John Adam Signing
Milliken, Patrick Althouse Ridge
McPherson, Sandra Answers: To Myself in Another Year
Smith, Dave Backyard, Under the Wasatch Ridge, the Crackle of Dusk Downflaming
Broumas, Olga Body and Soul
Hirsch, Edward A Chinese Vase
Hirsch, Edward Christopher Smart
Dwyer, David Cold Comfort
Benedikt, Michael from Dear Alice: Alice’s Wants, Alice’s Ashes
Klappert, Peter Dr. O and the New U
Broumas, Olga Elegy
Vieira, John Entry
Swiss, Thomas Festival Profile
Hadas, Rachel Fog
Galvin, James Fool’s Errand
Hafiz-I Shirazi Ghazal 10 (translated from the Perisan by Elizabeth Grey)
Hafiz-I Shirazi Ghazal 36 (translated from the Perisan by Elizabeth Grey)
Hafiz-I Shirazi Ghazal 37 (translated from the Perisan by Elizabeth Grey)
Mariani, Paul The Historian as Intruder
Mariani, Paul History as Procession
Collins, Martha In Argentina
Lietz, Robert In Preparation for the Child’s Birth
Lietz, Robert The Inheritor Looking Back
Smith, Dave Juniper, Wyoming
Morris, Herbert Knowing What the House Is Made of
Parini, Jay The Lackawanna at Dusk
Stoloff, Carolyn The Lifeline
McBride, Mekeel Light, Desire and the Law
McPherson, Sandra Loneliness
Mariani, Paul The Lost Father
Ramke, Bin The Magician
November, Sharyn Night Driving
Graham, Jorie Now the Sturdy Wind
Harmon, William from Occidental Domestication Comedies: The Lilies of the Field Know Which Side Their Bread Is Buttered On, The Chariot, The Elementary Inventions of the Species, Low Comic Requiem Mass for Loners and Exiles
Hinrichsen, Dennis On the Attraction of Heavenly Bodies
Kumin, Maxine Poem, Found in the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture Weekly Market Bulletin
Hirsch, Edward Poets, Children, Soldiers
Lietz, Robert The Predicament of Being German
Goedicke, Patricia Recreo #108
Hirsch, Edward Reminiscence of Carrousels and Civil War
Galvin, James Rendezvous
Mariani, Paul The Scavengers
Vieira, John Sonnet
Mariani, Paul Sunday Morning
Hirsch, Edward The Sweatshop Poem
Graham, Jorie Taking Possession
Smith, Dave To My God in Sickness: Spring Diabetes
Mariani, Paul Torcello: Last Judgment
Hirsch, Edward Transfigured Night, Come Down to Me, Slowly
Edson, Russell The Two Isidores
Holland, John Two Sound-Poems
Piero, W. S. Di Two Things
Dwyer, David Vanessa
Swiss, Thomas A Virtue of Shape
Swann, Brian What the Grandfathers Told Me
Miller, Jane A Winter of Love Letters and a Morning Prayer
Hirsch, Edward With Isaac Babel in Odessa
Lietz, Robert The Woodworker


Author Title
Goldensohn, Lorrie Love’s Progress

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