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AGNI 1 Table of Contents (1972)


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Author Title
Hayes, William Crows
Bahr, Tom Untitled
Gold, Steve Untitled


Author Title
Gioja, Geoffrey “and visions of carnal bodies”
Joachim, Nancy A Sweater in Warm Time
Kuzma, George But There Is Also
Connell, Kim The Coach Man
Holmes, Philip The Han Shan Poems
Hiramoto, Judy “It is the same music”
Tree, M. D’haulagiri “Life is ours. If we are collected by”
Connell, Kim My words spill out like pebbles from a driveway
Hoffman, Eric of times past here and coming
Kuzma, George The Old Man’s Song
Bly, Robert

“The train whistles the way I thought in the womb.”

Moffet, Vic Two Lovers
Hoffman, Eric “Up here we walk on—our eyes wrinkled in smile”
Tardelli, George Walk On
Kuzma, George Wind Song

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