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AGNI Reviews by Year

The links below take you to an index of all reviews published in each given year:

2018 Reviews

Author Title Published
Wessels, Christian On Monuments and Monoliths

2017 Reviews

Author Title Published
Amico, Brandon Light of the Interpersonal: Sophie Klahr’s Meet Me Here At Dawn

2016 Reviews

Author Title Published
Darling, Kristina “This Nameless, Miraculous Crime”: On Form, Philosophy, and Disobedience in Kara Candito’s Poetry
Kazarian, Ani Lyric Language and Trauma
Lewis, Woody Zero K: Ars Longa, Ex Machina
Rivard, David “I’ve Been Awhile Away”: The Poetry of Melissa Green

2015 Reviews

Author Title Published
Yamaguchi, Ryo Against Remembering: On Privacy Policy: The Anthology of Surveillance Poetics

2014 Reviews

Author Title Published
Minor, Abby Voices from Outside, Lit from Inside
Vanderhyden, Max Writing Memory, Writing the Self: Autofiction in Aubry’s No One

2013 Reviews

Author Title Published
Holub, David Saving Our Dogs to Save Ourselves
Shivani, Anis The Pakistani Novel of Class Comes of Age
Tandon, Jason “The Remains of Holiness”: On Borowicz’s The Bees Are Waiting
Weinstein, Eric Hark, Dumbass: Humor in Contemporary American Poetry

2012 Reviews

Author Title Published
Higgins, Sean There Is No Return to What Is Lost
Landry, Benjamin Possible Selves: Dennigan, Lantz, and the Case for Multiplicity

2011 Reviews

Author Title Published
Candito, Kara Impulse Patrol: On Albert Mobilio’s Touch Wood
Gilbert, Erin Look at the Hazelnuts!
Moats, Michael One Hand Clapping: An Incomplete Biography of J. D. Salinger
Northrop, Kate Out in Rain—and Back in Rain : On Lucy Ives’s Anamnesis
Potts, Lynne Swaddled in Moths
Qualey, M. Lynx Beer in the Snooker Club: Egypt Then and Now
Rogers, Hoyt After the Earthquake: Poets for Haiti
Stazinski, John On Tom Williams’s The Mimic’s Own Voice and Phong Nguyen’s Memory Sickness

2010 Reviews

Author Title Published
Cheshire, Scott Killer Landscape
Delbos, Stephan From Dark to Light: The Poems of Pavel Šrut
Gault, Miciah Bay Locked Doors and Dungeons
Larson, Thomas Driving Cars in Clown Suits: David Shields Terrifies Novelists
Levin, Dana “I am Happiest, Here, Now!”: Arthur Sze’s Poetry of Witness: The Ginkgo Light
Mennies, Rachel Frank and the Sinyaya Bluza
Northrop, Kate Books Barely There
Vanasco, Jeannie Poet of Resistance: Mahmoud Darwish, 1941–2008
Vander Zee, Anton “Shard. Shard. Shard.”: Mary Ann Samyn and the Fractured Meditative Lyric

2009 Reviews

Author Title Published
Johnson, Drew A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Lindisfarne
Oppenheimer, Mark What Is George Scialabba Good For?

2006 Reviews

Author Title Published
Benfey, Christopher Lowell’s Curse
Pinsky, Robert Peter Campion’s Other People

2005 Reviews

Author Title Published
Green, Daniel Legislating: Christopher Hitchens as Literary Critic
Roderick, David Seven-Star Bird

2004 Reviews

Author Title Published
Blume, Harvey Smiles & Slogans
Lucenko, Kristina Love and Its Derivatives
McHenry, Eric Peripheral Light
Wehle, Ellen The Siege of the Body . . .

2003 Reviews

Author Title Published
McFadden, Kevin The Optical is Topical

2002 Reviews

Author Title Published
Grunwald, Eric I Am Where the Middle Is
Szporluk, Larissa The Linguistic Blizzard Beating Still
Tapscott, Stephen Collective Lives

2001 Reviews

Author Title Published
Agosín, Marjorie An Unforeseen Destiny: Pinochet, History, and Memory
Bedau, Hugo Adam Who Owns Death?
Campion, Peter “As the Songwriter Wrote . . .”
Campion, Peter Rose Alley
Chiasson, Dan Montale’s Candor
Clark, Ann Marie From New Grapes to a Complex Wine
Kissi, Edward The West and Genocide in Africa
Mehta, Diane Trading Letters and Riffs
Patrick, Stewart A World Reformed
Scharf, Michael P. Statesman or War Criminal?
Scialabba, George Reflections on a Ravaged History

2000 Reviews

Author Title Published
Behrle, Jim Where I Am Is So Large
Birkerts, Sven Found in the Dreamhouse
Brownlow, Mark Better with Age
Campion, Peter The Biography of Displacement
Campo, Rafael The Language of Sorrow
Duff, Valerie The Language of Suicide
Harmon, Joshua “There Are Other Stories”: Pamela Painter’s The Long and Short of It
Hong, Zhu A Real Modest Proposal
Lehn, David Democracy’s Disconnect
Lowe, J. S. A. Seeing Dickinson Plain: Editorial Strategies and the Poet’s Intentions
Mehta, Diane Walcott, Pisarro, and the Search for Tiepolo’s Hound
Moss, Rose Swords and Scalpels
Nonken, Marilyn Significant Others
Roderick, David Visiting This Life
Szporluk, Larissa The Mind’s Way of Hanging On
Zagajewski, Adam The Poetry of Freedom (translated from the Polish by Clare Cavanagh)

1999 Reviews

Author Title Published
Beram, Nell American Joe
Charbonneau, Jean Patrick Modiano: Remembrance of Shadowy Things Past
Chasalow, Eric Mario Davidowsky: An Introduction
Corbett, William The Shadow Figure
Duff, Valerie Cover My Body with Mud, Give Me Back My Eyes
Duff, Valerie A Terrible Beauty is Born
Kelso, Colette Majestic Juice
Lappin, Linda A Wider Vision
McHenry, Eric The Authentic is a Line
Mehta, Diane Opportunity Knocks
O’Neal, Miriam Domestic Shadows: Poems from Home
Sullivan, Mary In Memoriam

1998 Reviews

Author Title Published
Behrle, Jim I Happen to Like New York (on William Corbett)
Bock, Charles Real Right Things?
Charbonneau, Jean Reawakening a Literary Giant: Michel Tournier
Davis, Christopher Stretch Your Weary Legs Out Under This Tree (on Virgil)
De Man, George E. N. Plumbing the Underworld
Foster, Brett Tome for the “Bett’ring of the Time”
Smith, Jonathan Twisting into Grace
Swinger, Drew Brodsky Interviewed
Vazirani, Reetika Keep Hunger in Mind (on Miguel Hernández)
Zawacki, Andrew Keelhauledheart (on Olena Kalytiak Davis)

1997 Reviews

Author Title Published
Finch, Annie Hypnogogic Poetry
Galbraith, Jeff From Baghdad to Bohemia
Lane, John Gary Snyder’s Mountains and Rivers Without End
Maxwell, Mary Jeredith Merrin’s Shift
Swinger, Drew The Humanist’s Muse
Weld, George Two Seconds

1996 Reviews

Author Title Published
Bates, Mark Jim Crace’s Signals of Distress
Bedient, Calvin Dissonant Raptures
Carter, Catherine Lynne Sharon Schwartz’s The Fatigue Artist
Chisholm, Alex In Lucrezia Borgia’s Chair
Collins, Martha Sue Standing’s Gravida
Corn, Alfred Son et Lumière
Davis, Ellen Diana Der-Hovanessian’s Selected Poems
Fagan, Kathy Carl Phillips’s Cortège and Alan Shapiro’s Mixed Company
Glazier, Loss Pequeño The Century as Experiment: Reading Poems for the Millenium
Gunn, Thom Inclusions
Mitchell, Susan Tom Sleigh’s The Chain
O’Leary, Janice David Treuer’s Little
Packer, George “Here I Am, Lord”
Palmer, Michael William Corbett’s New & Selected Poems
Randolf, Sarah Sam Hamill’s Destination Zero
Reyes, August de los A Jack Keroac ROMnibus CD-ROM
Russell, Alston Two Reviews
Szporluk, Larissa Lucie Brock-Broido’s The Master Letters

1995 Reviews

Author Title Published
Ali, Agha Shahid Luck: A Grammar No One’s Parsed
Bahr, Thomas Howard Frank Mosher’s Northern Borders
Belieu, Erin Carl Phillips’s In the Blood and Liam Rector’s American Prodigal
Carter, Catherine Cathleen Schine’s The Love Letter
Carter, Catherine Debra Spark’s Coconuts for the Saint
Clarvoe, Jennifer Fred Marchant’s Tipping Point and Gail Mazur’s The Common
Cooper, Wyn Sophie Cabot Black’s The Misunderstanding of Nature
Corbett, William Joe Brainard’s Art
Corbett, William Ted Berrigan’s Selected Poems
Corn, Alfred Robert Pinsky’s Inferno
Gander, Forrest Joseph Lease’s The Room
Howe, Marie Jane Kenyon’s Constance
Lee, Don Chang Rea-Lee’s Native Speaker
Maxwell, Mary Dzivinia Orlowsky’s A Handful of Bees
Osterhaus, Joe Alan Shapiro’s In Praise of the Impure
Roberts, Katrina David St. John’s Study for the World’s Body
Rosenwald, Lawrence Paul Goodman
Share, Don Bruce Smith’s Mercy Seat and Martin Edmunds’s The High Road to Taos
Torra, Joseph John Wieners: Through This Suspended Vacuum
Walsh, Chris Austin Wright’s After Gregory: The Suspect Self

1994 Reviews

Author Title Published
Balakian, Peter Carolyn Forché and the Poetry of Witness: Another View
Borowsky, Bruce The Thinnest Whitest Blonde of All
Davis, Christopher Articulate Survival as Generosity in Four Books of Poems
Lease, Joseph The Clarity of Pain Without Despair; Stuart Dischell’s Good Hope Road
Miron, Susan Mr. Cogito’s Tragic Grandeur
Osterhaus, Joe Utopian Turtletop: Lynn McMahon’s Devolution of the Nude
Pelikan, Matthew L. The Degenerate Frontier
Wagner, Mark Trilce

1993 Reviews

Author Title Published
Anderson, Scott Glyn Maxwell’s Out of the Rain
Bedient, Calvin Letter Read Inside Out
Rector, Liam Two Sane Books Out of the Three
Scialabba, George Critical Imperialism
Torra, Joseph The Alternative Continuum

1992 Reviews

Author Title Published
Orr, Linda Form and the Father: On Mark Rudman’s Poetry
Sacks, Peter Also This, Also That: Robert Pinsky’s Poetics of Inclusion

1991 Reviews

Author Title Published
Lease, Joseph What It Feels Like to Live in the World
Nelson, Victoria The Redemption Center, Inc.
Scialabba, George “No, in thunder!”: Christopher Lasch and the Spirit of the Age

1990 Reviews

Author Title Published
Bahr, Thomas Exley
Grennan, Eamon Montague & Heaney
Jordan, Barbara Eshleman
Lux, Thomas Dennis
West, Alan Virgilio Piñera

1988 Reviews

Author Title Published
Corbett, William Lowell Only
Wolff, Judith Bausch and Taylor

1984 Reviews

Author Title Published
Harmon, William On Jackson’s Acts of Mind and Berg’s In Praise of What Persists

1976 Reviews

Author Title Published
Melnyczuk, Askold Where Is My Lariat?: The Poetry of John McKernan

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