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The Rule of Three

by Ron Padgett


In 1492 Columbus discovered America.
In 1942 I was born.
In 1492 Sandro Botticelli drew in silverpoint and ink his
“Ascent to the Primum Mobile.”
Christopher came over,
I came forth,
and they went up.
Like a comic strip character that comes to real life,
you enter from the left,
step into a new scene—
here’s one that has you in a hammock
for your little siesta—
and in the final box a punch line.
Then the newspaper is folded
and dropped beside the armchair,
as dad rises into the evening air
with the evening newspaper and the evening chair,
all suddenly sort of Chinese.


David R. Godine will publish Ron Padgett’s New and Selected Poems this fall. (1995)

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