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The Singers Change, the Music Goes On

by Linda Gregg

No one really dies in the myths.
No world is lost in the stories.
Everything is lost in the retelling,
in being wondered at. We grow up
and grow old in our land of grass
and blood moons, birth and goneness.
A place of absolutes. Of returning.
We live our myth in the recurrence,
pretending we will return another day.
Like the morning coming every morning.
The truth is we come back as a choir.
Otherwise Eurydice would be forever
in the dark. Our singing brings her
back. Our dying keeps her alive.


Linda Gregg’s most recent book is Things and Flesh (Graywolf Press, 1999). She has just finished a residency at Marfa, Texas, through the generosity of the Lannan Foundation. (2000)


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