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by Kathleen Spivack

she skulked
round her parents' house for hours;
her father
was suddenly hateful, the smell
of him in the bathroom,
there, when she entered:
she gagged.

her mother: nervous,
quarrelsome, all
their familiar habits,
evening, oppression, and
she stretched, she tried
to breathe, she talked
to her friends on the telephone

release me from family.
eat, her mother said.
she dug at her cuticles: how
her breasts ached, pushing outward
like little wings. 


Kathleen Spivack is the author of the following collections of poems: Flying Inland, Doubleday, 1973, The Jane Poems, Doubleday, 1974, and Swimmer in the Spreading Dawn, Apple-wood Press, 1981. She directs the Advanced Writing Workshop, Cambridge, Mass. (4/1981)

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