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Restaurant Interlude

by F. Keith Wahle

A menu of profuse activity: eating,
dressing for dinner, picking up a fork.
The distant dinner bell grooms him for a movie.
He digs into caves of meat.
The highway slopes
into his random village of grocery stores.
Along the highway, meat.
This is the first time he has stopped eating.

But in the movie
he will be eating everything in sight.
In the restaurant he will be gesturing.
The waitress feels her bread.
She smacks her lips at the camera.
Stooping toward the soup,
she peels the tablecloth back along her seam.
In the restaurant he will be gesturing famously.


F. Keith Wahle is enrolled in the M.F.A. program at U. of Iowa. He has studied with Donald Justice, Mark Strand, Marvin Bell, and Helen Chasin. (Fall 1974)

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