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AGNI Poetry by Year

1997 Poetry

Author Title Published
Adcock, Ginger What the Dead Fear More
Angelis, Jacqueline De Siamese
Angelis, Jacqueline De Things no one knows
Black, Sophie Cabot Drafts of “The Tooth”
Black, Sophie Cabot The Tooth
Campo, Rafael A Poet’s Education
Cavafy, Constantine Before the House (translated from the Greek by Theoharis C. Theoharis)
Cavafy, Constantine Chandelier (translated from the Greek by Theoharis C. Theoharis)
Cavafy, Constantine In the Street (translated from the Greek by Theoharis C. Theoharis)
Celli, Aldo Albania 1941 (translated from the Italian by Carlo Celli and Larissa Szporluk)
Countryman, Jeremy Faith
Davis, Olena Kalytiak Perhaps By Then You Will No Longer Be In Love
Davis, Olena Kalytiak The Unhoused Heart
Deese, R. Sam Eclipse
Downing, Ben Bicoastal
Duff, Valerie After Dinner
Duff, Valerie Odysseus with a Siren in the Corner of His Eye
Duffy, Kevin The bathhouse at the beach
Ellis, Thomas Sayers Drafts of “Sir Nose D’VoidofFunk”
Ellis, Thomas Sayers Sir Nose D’VoidofFunk
Gladding, Jody Aunt Peter
Gladding, Jody Beam
Gladding, Jody Shells
Helfrich, Karen How To Kiss with Confidence
Helfrich, Karen Influencing Factors
Holzer, Remy Convalescence
Holzer, Remy Same Time Next Year
Holzer, Remy When We Spoke Last
Lamoureux, Mark beside still waters
Lamoureux, Mark poem to be accompanied by galaxie 500
Laughlin, James An Honest Heart—A Knowing Head
Nilsson, HeidiLynn A Record of Loving Water
Partridge, Elise Plague
Peterson, Allan How Folklore Starts
Porter, Browning *@#&!
Rivard, David Drafts of “Question for the Director of Recycling”
Rivard, David Question for the Director of Recycling
Rowell, Charles H. Grandpa Paul
Rowell, Charles H. Window
Rutsala, Vern What the World Does
Scully, John David Chinese Tortoise in Harvard Yard
Shapiro, Harvey Family
Sharma, Prageeta Action-Packed Sonnet
Sharma, Prageeta Boon
Sharma, Prageeta In This Shifting Apartment
Sharma, Prageeta Odalisque
Sharma, Prageeta Tradership
Sommer, Jason The Property of the World
Stewart, Stephanie Pilgrimage
Strand, Mark The Next Time
Strange, Sharan Drafts of “Hunger”
Strange, Sharan Hunger
Svenvold, Mark Desperate Message
Svenvold, Mark Trees and November
Svoboda, Terese Sister Love
Swinger, Drew The Opening
Twichell, Chase The Black Triangle
Twichell, Chase Solo
Twichell, Chase Visitors
Tyler, Meg The Clearing
Webster, Derek Odalisque

1996 Poetry

Author Title Published
Achebe, Chinua Agostinho Neto
Achebe, Chinua Flying
Achebe, Chinua Pine Tree in Spring
Ali, Abdi M. The Call
Ali, Abdi M. Cookie Monster
Ali, Abdi M. My Great-Grandfather Prefigured the Sixties
Ali, Abdi M. Nuruddin Farah
Alsadir, Nuar Absinthe
Alsadir, Nuar Breakfast
Alsadir, Nuar Man on an Island
Anonymous The Cave Dances (translated from the Chol Mayan by Christopher Sawyer-Laucanno)
Anonymous The Gopher’s Skull (translated from the Chol Mayan by Christopher Sawyer-Laucanno)
Bamber, Linda Donne’s the One
Bedient, Calvin Grief
Bell, Marvin The Book of the Dead Man
Berrigan, Daniel Chariot
Berrigan, Daniel The Prisoners, the Cave
Berrigan, Daniel The Verdict
Blair, David On the Rooftop Students
Bly, Robert A Week of Poems at Bennington
Bond, Bruce The Phoenix
Bosquet, Alain Tomorrow Without Me (translated from the French by James Laughlin)
Brock-Broido, Lucie Drafts of “Did Not Come Back”
Brodsky, Joseph Pacific Rim
Cader, Teresa from At the Edge of Being: 6, 9-10
Cader, Teresa A Poetics of Birth
Cader, Teresa Three Parables
Carruth, Hayden I, I, I
Catherwood, Michael Balloons Drinks at the Frontier Tavern
Collins, Martha Concrete Mixer
Collins, Martha In the Days of
Cramer, Steven Dialogue for the Left and Right Hand
Cushman, Stephen Field Analyzer
Cushman, Stephen Two Freeze to Death Despite Experience
DeCarteret, Mark The Week in Advance
deNiord, Chard Last Date
Der-Hovanessian, Diana Improving the Golden Rule
Dischell, Stuart Drafts of “The Two”
Dischell, Stuart Evening
Dischell, Stuart People Who Talk to Themselves
Estes, Angie Leaving Phoenix
Ford, Terri Agnes
Gewanter, David The Competition
Glück, Louise Telemachus’ Fantasy
Hacker, Marilyn Street Scenes: Sunday Evening
Hacker, Marilyn Twelfth Floor West
Hall, Donald Beau Ideal
Hall, Donald The Mini-Mart
Halliday, Mark Pages
Hart, Henry The Midnight Hydroplane Race
Hightower, Scott Idyll of the Seronegative
Hillman, Brenda The Arroyo
Hirshfield, Jane Matter and Spirit
Hoagland, Tony Beauty
Hoagland, Tony Just Spring
Kaiser, Rebecca The Loomfixer
Katsumi, Sugawara An Acacia Sapling (translated from the Japanese by Arthur Binard)
Katsumi, Sugawara Milk and a Hamburger (translated from the Japanese by Arthur Binard)
Katsumi, Sugawara Rape Blossoms (translated from the Japanese by Arthur Binard)
Kronen, Steve The Wide World
LaBonte, Andrew Description of Emily Dickinson
Laughlin, James III. The Wrong Bed—Moira, from Byways
Lehman, David Hopper
Malroux, Claire Trees of Flame (translated from the French by Marilyn Hacker)
Martin, Jack Nyctalopia
Maxwell, Mary Felix Feneon
Maxwell, Mary Mademoiselle Dieudonné
Mazur, Gail Five poems entitled “Questions”
Merrin, Jeredith Dear Edward Lear I Love Your Birds
Mutis, Alvaro Tequila (translated from the Spanish by Forrest Gander)
Oates, Joyce Carol The Bullfrogs
Oates, Joyce Carol O Crayola!
Oates, Joyce Carol The Thin Rain
Orlowsky, Dzvinia Wieliczka Salt Mine, Southern Poland
O’Sullivan, M. C. Jeffrey on a Leash
Peseroff, Joyce Ice Storm/Cambridge/1972
Peseroff, Joyce A Summer Party
Phillips, Carl From the Devotions
Rosen, Kenneth The Odyssey
Sandy, Stephen Far Be It from Me
Schwartz, Lloyd Cairo Traffic
Shapiro, Alan Calypso, Penelope
Simon, Maurya All Souls’ Day
Sleigh, Tom Drafts of “Marriage”
Standing, Sue Palimpsest
Stephens, Philip True Story
Thieu, Nguyen Quang The River (translated from the Vietnamese by Martha Collins)
Thomas, Robert Lily
Warren, Rosanna Drafts of “Noon”
Weiner, Joshua Art Pepper
Williams, C. K. The Coma
Williams, C. K. Hawk
Williams, C. K. The Hovel
Williamson, Greg A Photograph I Saw of a Father and Son
Young, Dean Colophon
Zabuzkho, Oksana Hitchhiking: A Prayer for the End of Time (translated from the Ukrainian by Anderson Wing)

1995 Poetry

Author Title Published
Balakian, Peter Physicians
Belieu, Erin For Catherine: Juana, Infanta of Navarre
Benedikt, Michael A Retiring “Professor of Practicality”
Boisseau, Michelle Flesh is Air, Too
Bonnefoy, Yves The Snow (translated from the French by Hoyt Rogers)
Bonnefoy, Yves Summer Again (translated from the French by Hoyt Rogers)
Bosquet, Alain Forward to Tomorrow without Me (translated from the French by James Laughlin)
Bosquet, Alain Nothing At All (translated from the French by James Laughlin)
Bosquet, Alain An Ordinary Day (translated from the French by James Laughlin)
Burnside, John Washing Day, Antibes
Clements, Brian from Dead Electron Catalogue: “What moves the unseen, untouched body,” “This much I know—that dusk brings arguments over what is,” “You don’t have to go to Venice or the swamp”
Cooper, Wyn The Life of the Mind
Corn, Alfred Stepson Elegy
Dennis, Carl All I’ve Wanted
Dischell, Stuart Ellipsis, Third or Fourth Dot, Depending
Dobyns, Stephen Best in the Business
Dor, Moshe Parting
Fahrland, Bridget Untitled
Fauchereau, Serge L’enfer n’est pas . . . (translated from the French by Ron Padgett)
Fauchereau, Serge Les gestes qu’on peut faire . . . (translated from the French by Ron Padgett)
Finch, Annie Being a Constellation
Finch, Annie Running in Church
Fischer, Neil The Gift
Fischer, Neil Wounded
Fogdall, Kristin Intersection
Fogdall, Kristin The Salmon House
Goldbarth, Albert News from Home
Hall, Donald The Worker
Horace To Lydia (translated from the Latin by David Ferry)
Horace To Praise Aelius Lamia (translated from the Latin by David Ferry)
Horace To Pyrrhus (translated from the Latin by David Ferry)
Horace To Virgil (translated from the Latin by David Ferry)
Kántor, Péter Hungarian Fall (translated from the Hungarian by Michael Blumenthal and Eszter Fuseki)
Kántor, Péter Once I Thought (translated from the Hungarian by Michael Blumenthal and Eszter Fuseki)
Kernan, Nathan April
Kernan, Nathan Dear Ghost . . .
Kopelke, Kendra To an Old Sucker Fish
Lewis, Lisa The Young
Mathis, Cleopatra After the Operation
McMahon, Lynne One of the Mineral Elements
McMahon, Lynne Rimbaud
Mlinko, Ange My Children Don’t Grow They Multiply
Montale, Eugenio Little Testament (translated from the Italian by Michael O'Brian)
O’Brian, Michael Marcel Duchamp
Orlen, Steve Authority
Orlen, Steve Mr. & Mrs. Death
Orlen, Steve The Poets
Osterhaus, Joe The Scale of Light
Osterhaus, Joe Sweet Decision
Padgett, Ron The Rule of Three
Pankey, Eric Sworn Deposition
Peck, John Trio Threaded on Lines from the Parthian Hymns
Pernice, Joe Paper Country
Pernice, Joe Screws
Reffe, Candice Crazy 4 U
Reffe, Candice Everybody Loves the Spring
Rich, Adrienne Calle Visión
Rich, Adrienne Take
Richards, Peter The Sea Looking On
Rivard, David Real Thing Strange
Robertson, Robin Advent in Co. Fermanagh
Shapiro, Harvey He
Sleigh, Tom Crossing the Border
Sleigh, Tom The Denial
Sleigh, Tom The Distance Between
Sojun, Ikkyu Elegy (translated from the Japanese by Sam Hamill)
Sojun, Ikkyu Face to Face with My Lover on Daito’s Anniversary (translated from the Japanese by Sam Hamill)
Sojun, Ikkyu My Hand Is Lady Mori’s Hand (translated from the Japanese by Sam Hamill)
Sojun, Ikkyu My Love’s Dark Place is Fragrant like Narcissus (translated from the Japanese by Sam Hamill)
Sojun, Ikkyu Night Talk in a Dream Chamber (translated from the Japanese by Sam Hamill)
Sommer, Piotr Lighter, Darker (translated from the Polish by the author and M. Kasper)
Swiss, Thomas Hey Now
Szporluk, Larissa Ghost Continent
Williamson, Alan Altamont
Williamson, Alan Listening to Leonard Cohen
Wunderlich, Mark Hunt

1994 Poetry

Author Title Published
Aboud, James C. Inamorata
Aboud, James C. The Regulations
Aboud, James C. The Weight of Things
Agosín, Marjorie Gabriela’s Elqui
Aizenberg, Susan Nights Mutable as Water Revise Themselves into the Shape of Our Extravagant Past
Alexander, Pamela Manners
Alighieri, Dante Inferno, Canto XXXIV (translated from the Italian by Robert Pinsky)
Baraka, Amiri Tom Ass Clarence
Baumel, Willa Philips Street, Andover
Bilotserkivets, Natalka 100 Years of Youth (translated from the Ukrainian by Michael M. Naydan)
Borges, Jorge Luis The Enigmas (translated from the Spanish by Robert Mezey and Richard Barnes)
Borges, Jorge Luis Flowing or Being (translated from the Spanish by Robert Mezey and Richard Barnes)
Borges, Jorge Luis Luke XXIII (translated from the Spanish by Robert Mezey and Richard Barnes)
Bosch, Daniel Dear Mom
Bosch, Daniel Erato in Hollywood
Brock-Broido, Lucie Everybody Has a Heart, Except Some People
Brock-Broido, Lucie His Apprentice
Brock-Broido, Lucie You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Cader, Teresa Spirit Papers
Daniel, David Blue Ridge Blue
Daniel, David My Mother’s Mornings
Davis, Ellen In Autumn
Davis, Ellen Solace
Dent, Tory Make Costly Your Tears
Der-Hovanessian, Diana From a Letter I Did Not Receive
Dudley, Ellen Agvas in Aden
Eady, Cornelius Paradiso
Edmunds, Martin The Fire
Ellis, Thomas Sayers Sticks
Eshleman, Clayton Debris
Eshleman, Clayton Guyton Place
Fagan, Kathy MOVING & ST RAGE
Franco, Michael for Michael and Norma SF ’93
Gade, Lisa It’s Top Forty in My Head
Galvin, Brendan Sentence
Gizzi, Michael TOO BIG CANADER: A Travelogue
Gurnis, Peter Boat-Builder
Gurnis, Peter The Lover
Halliday, Mark Hectic
Handler, Joan Cusack Glory
Harmon, William Anaphora
Hass, Robert Layover
Hass, Robert Notes on “Layover”
Holahan, Susan Dear Editor Kirby, Even in This Facility
Irwin, Mark Tock
Janikowski-Smith, Shelli Renunciation
Kaven, Bob I Fabricate Memories of High School in the Fifties
Keelan, Claudia Rushing the Gaves of Empirical Gardens
Kercheval, Jesse Lee My Father Receives the First Visitation
Kim, Ann The Upsidedown Waterfall
Komunyakaa, Yusef The Hanoi Market
Komunyakaa, Yusef Trueblood’s Blues
Kraus, Sharon The Gesture
Laughlin, James Apokatastasis
Laughlin, James At a Certain Point
Laughlin, James It’s Difficult
Laughlin, James Melissa, from Byways
Logan, William Seductions of the Swimming Club
Malroux, Claire Precepts (translated from the French by Marilyn Hacker)
Marchant, Fred Boraxo
Merrin, Jeredith Blue Skies
Merrin, Jeredith Sublunar
Orlowsky, Dzvinia A Handful of Bees
Peseroff, Joyce To Miss the Mark
Peterson, Allan Making Things Worse
Peterson, Allan Poemissimo
Phillips, Carl Cortegé
Phipps, Wanda from Rose Windows
Qualls, Suzanne Focusing
Ray, David Alzheimer’s
Revell, Donald After the News
Ristovic, Aleksander About Hope and Dissipation (translated from the Serbian by Charles Simic)
Ristovic, Aleksander Simple Desire (translated from the Serbian by Charles Simic)
Ristovic, Aleksander Wine of Collusion (translated from the Serbian by Charles Simic)
Ronci, Ray My Skull
Rothman, David J. Apollo to the Athletes
Simic, Charles The Story of Crucifixion
Smith, Charlie I Don’t Want a Son
Supervielle, Jules The Alley (translated from the French by William Louis-Dreyfus and Molly Peacock)
Supervielle, Jules Prophecy (translated from the French by William Louis-Dreyfus and Molly Peacock)
Supervielle, Jules Whisper of Agony (translated from the French by William Louis-Dreyfus and Molly Peacock)
Szymborska, Wislawa Sky (translated from the Polish by Stanislaw Baranczak and Clare Cavanagh)
Teillier, Jorge Week in Valdivia (translated from the Spanish by Carolyne Wright)
Turpin, Mark Aubade
Turpin, Mark Last Hired
Turpin, Mark Shithouse
Vazirani, Reetika Mrs. Biswas Breaks Her Connection With Another Relative
Webb, Charles H. Behaviorists
Webb, Charles H. In the War Zone
Wilson, Joyce Norwegian Spruce

1993 Poetry

Author Title Published
Adams, Maureen Gatherings
Adams, Maureen Hunt in Couples
Agudelo, Dario Jaramillo Frusos (translated from the Spanish by Don Share)
Agudelo, Dario Jaramillo The Mortagulos (translated from the Spanish by Don Share)
Ai Life Story
Alexander, Elizabeth Four rounds from Narrative: Ali: 6., 8. Training, 10. Rumble in the Jungle, 11.
Anderson, Alice Girl Cadaver
Anderson, Scott Rubberneck
Bannister, Ellen Timid Family
Barnstone, Aliki A Declining Neighborhood
Barnstone, Tony Violence
Barnstone, Willis Homeless
Barresi, Dorothy Called Up: Tinker to Evers to Chance
Barrett, Ed Vermont House
Barringer, Margaret Small Inns and Lodges
Basheva, Miriana * * * (translated from the Bulgarian by Lisa Sapinkopf and Georgi Belev)
Baumel, Judith The Park of Monsters
Beatty, Paul That’s Not in My Job Description
Benedikt, Michael Of “Turning Away from the World”
Berberova, Nina Dialogue Before Death (1983) (translated from the Russian by Diana Der-Hovanessian and Marsbed Hablanian)
Berger, Jacqueline Grandfather
Berlind, Bruce 4. Chopcock, from Five Verse Memoirs
Black, Sophie Cabot Among the Divided Lilles
Black, Sophie Cabot Your Mouth Near My House
Blanco, Alberto Why So Many Forms? (translated from the Spanish by John Oliver Simon)
Bland, James Five Verses
Bly, Robert Holes in Our Speech
Boggis, Jay Geography Lesson
Bowen, Kevin Gelatin Factory
Braschi, Giannina from Empire of Dreams (translated from the Spanish by Tess O'Dwyer)
Breiner, Laurence Figure and Ground; or, Art Up to Its Neck in History
Brock-Broido, Lucie A Brief History of Asylum
Brock-Broido, Lucie I Don’t Know Who It Is, That Sings, Nor Did I, Would I Tell
Brock-Broido, Lucie The Interrupted Life
Cafagna, Marcus Something Faithful
Cafagna, Marcus The Way He Breaks
Citino, David A Modern History of California
Collins, Martha More
Cooke, Thomas One Rose
Davis, Christopher Commencement Ode
Davis, Christopher A Costume Straitjacket’s Black Sleeve in Armoire Shadows
Davis, Christopher If You Love Something, Let It Go
deNiord, Chard The Police
Dent, Tory Listen
Dent, Tory Poem for a Poem
Dharmaraj, Ramola In Passing
Dischell, Stuart The Genius
Ellis, Thomas Sayers Starchild
Elman, Richard Smoker
Faiz, Faiz Ahmed Heart’s Companion (translated from the Urdu by Andrew McCord)
Faudree, Paja Awake
Faudree, Paja Lefty
Filkins, Peter Traveling in America
Frank, Edwin Potrait
Ganev, Nedelcho The Soul (translated from the Bulgarian by Lisa Sapinkopf and Georgi Belev)
Gerov, Alexander Mice (translated from the Bulgarian by Lisa Sapinkopf and Georgi Belev)
Gilbert, Alan Mixed Signals
Gladding, Jody Blue Willow
Gladding, Jody Indian Paint
Gladding, Jody Silver Queen
Gladding, Jody Uncle
Glancy, Diane Buffalo Jump, Blue Mounds, Minnesota
Glancy, Gabrielle In Visible Light
Goldbarth, Albert Fang
Goldensohn, Barry Sweet Town
Goldstein, Laurence The Sports Complex
Gonet, Jill And Other Fantasy Lovers
Greenberg, Alvin elegy in blue and white
Hallawell, Susan Eigth Grade Acrostic
Hallawell, Susan Testimony of the Female Serial Killer
Harrison, Jeffrey Lord, Deliver Us from This Affliction
Harwood, Lee Waunfawr and After / “The Collar Work Begins”
Heaney, Seamus Poet’s Chair
Hyett, Barbara Helfgott Gray Bat
Hyett, Barbara Helfgott Roseate Tern
Inez, Colette The Old Man, Bereaved, Peces Upstairs in a Jumble of Rooms
Iverson, Teresa Giant Sequoia
Iverson, Teresa Kaleidoscope
Jackson, Reuben Steps
Jin, Ha I Woke Up—Smiling
Jin, Ha My Mother Also Ate
Jin, Ha On a Pottery Figure of a Storyteller from the Eastern Han Dynasty
Johnson, Trasi Flight of the Blind Bird
Jones, Richard Today I Am Wearing a Suit
Joseph, Allison Good Humor
Joseph, Allison The Inner Life
Kanchev, Nikolai Seventh Heaven Can Be Seen at First Glance (translated from the Bulgarian by Lisa Sapinkopf and Georgi Belev)
Keen, Suzanne from A Psalter: psalms 4, 7, 8
Keithley, George The Sea
Kemp, Arnold J. Like Sabines
Kleinschmidt, Edward Veronica
Levinson, Miriam Geology, Summer 1983
Lewis, Lisa My Students
Marcus, Peter The Insomniac’s Pet Shop
Marcus, Peter To Hear the Chorus Sing
Martin, Charles Casey Mother’s Third Husband
Millis, Christopher The Alzheimer’s Monkeys
Millis, Christopher On Hearing About the Disappearance of Frogs
Mohylyny, Attila Night Melodies (translated from the Ukrainian by Michael M. Naydan)
Moore, Lenard D. Collards
Moore, Richard The Cinder
Morris, Daniel Poem Written in the Logic of Late Capitalism
Mullen, Harryette from Muse and Drudge: 1-6
Mullen, Laura The Castle
Mullen, Laura House
Nelson, Gale Ode
Orlowsky, Dzvinia The Joke
Pease, Deborah Loss of Soul
Pelensky, Olga Anastasia Anna Anna
Phillips, Carl Becoming Miss Holiday
Phillips, Carl A Mathematics of Breathing
Ralin, Radoi Seduced and Abandoned (translated from the Bulgarian by Lisa Sapinkopf and Georgi Belev)
Rankine, Claudia Plain Talk
Rees, Elizabeth Sounding Fields
Revell, Donald Death to Santa Foy
Rewakowicz, Maria Untitled (translated from the Ukrainian by Paul Pines)
Rhodes, Martha Elegy
Roberts, Len Easy to Say, Easy to Say
Roberts, Len First Prarie Winter
Ruescher, Scott First Impression
Rupchev, Georgi Still Life (translated from the Bulgarian by Lisa Sapinkopf and Georgi Belev)
Ryan, Gregory A. Dea Pet Poem
Sasanov, Catherine Excitement, The Need For
Schwartz, Lloyd Three Dreams: Masquerade, The Book of Paintings, My Nightmare
Shepherd, Reginald Nijinsky’s Winter Afternoon, With Faun
Shinder, Jason Dark Palace
Simic, Charles The Tower
Smith, Bruce Hostile Witness
Smith, Bruce Mercy
Smith, Bruce Scenes from a Puppet Play
Stein, Michael Between Patients
Stein, Michael The Way We Love
Strange, Sharan How to Teach Them
Strange, Sharan Snow
Svoboda, Terese Like a Dog, He Hunts in Dream
Swann, Brian Two Self-Portraits: The Artist | The Scholar
Szporluk, Larissa Good-bye
Szporluk, Larissa Ideogram
Szymborska, Wislawa In Heraclitus’s River (translated from the Polish by Stanislaw Baranczak and Clare Cavanagh)
Traxler, Patricia Death of a Distant In-law
Trethewey, Natasha Drapery Factory, Gulfport, Mississippi 1956
Trethewey, Natasha Naola Beauty Academy, New Orleans, Louisiana 1943
Viereck, Peter Time Enough
Warner, Gale Reading Plato
Young, Kevin Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland in Allenwood, Pennsylvania
Young, Kevin Everywhere Is Out of Town
Zabuzhko, Oksana Clytemnestra (translated from the Ukrainian by Lisa Sapinkopf)
Zabuzhko, Oksana An Ironic Nocturne (translated from the Ukrainian by Michael M. Naydan)
Zabuzhko, Oksana Letter from a Summer Home (translated from the Ukrainian by Michael M. Naydan)

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