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AGNI Poetry by Year

1987 Poetry

Author Title Published
Absher, Tom Migration
Aisenberg, Katy No Aubade
Aisenberg, Nadya Tellurian
Anderson, Bruce B. Cézanne: The Ruined Chateau
Bagg, Robert White Shoulders
Boland, Eavan Lace
Boland, Eavan Nocturne
Boland, Eavan Suburban Woman: A Detail
Brock-Broido, Lucie Autobiography
Brock-Broido, Lucie Constellation of the Birds
Brock-Broido, Lucie I Think Deeply of Ruin
Brock-Broido, Lucie A Little Piece of Everlasting Life
Brock-Broido, Lucie Noctilucent
Brock-Broido, Lucie Put Your Little Shoes Away
Cohen, Jonathan Walt Whitman in Ohio
Collins, Martha Before Spring
Collins, Martha Leaf
Collins, Martha Wings
Cramer, Steven Head of a Young Girl
Der-Hovanessian, Diana Diaspora
Dischell, Stuart Fool’s Gold
Dischell, Stuart Sleep Neighbors
Dukes, Norman Two Pictures of a Rose in the Dark
Eve, Barbara A Letter of Introduction
Finnell, Dennis Everybody’s Business
Flook, Maria Household
Gardinier, Suzanne Fishing Trip
Gardinier, Suzanne To Mary, Who Is Married Now
Gardinier, Suzanne Two Traveling Women and the Houdini Man
Greenberger, Ann Sisyphus Inverted
Green, Melissa The Housewright’s Mercy
Greger, Debora Bees, Los Conquistadores
Greger, Debora Recent Events: The Fossil Record
Hines, Debra Guest
Hirsch, Edward Rapture
Howe, Marie Gretel, from a Sudden Clearing
Howe, Marie Menses
Howe, Marie Song of the Spinster
Howe, Marie The Split
Koestenbaum, Wayne The Answer is in the Garden
Lindsay, Frannie Wanting You To
Logan, William The Advent of Common Law in Littoral Disputes
Logan, William Ambassador of Imperfect Mood
Mariani, Paul Catalpa
McBride, Mekeel Strauss and the Cows of Ireland
McKernan, John Cézanne was not Very Good at Inter-
Milburn, Michael Last Letter
Miller, Jane Approaching Forty Devils
Morris, Herbert Cold
Orlowsky, Dzvinia Growing Up Ukrainian
Pastan, Linda The Ordinary Weather of Summer
Pettit, Michael Man Walking Downstairs Backwards, Turning, Walking Away While Carrying Rock
Pettit, Michael Woman Turning and Lifting Train
Pettit, Michael Woman Turning, Throwing Kiss, and Walking Upstairs
Propp, Karen 7-Eleven
Ruescher, Scott Doug
Schofield, Don Star
Slomkowska, Lusia Why Cities Have Farmer’s Markets
Smith, Jordan A Primer for Those Who Have Dealings with the Gods
Storace, Patricia His Stature to Pygmalion
Whitehead, Jeffrey Stone Work
White, J. P. On Mallarmé’s Plan
Wolff, Daniel from Work Sonnets: “Just now it was like I had risen to heaven,” “Music builds the perfect shelter,” “How slow the hired body moves”
Zeiger, Gene One Way the Faithful Learn to Dance

1986 Poetry

Author Title Published
Ai The Emigré
Cardenal, Ernesto At the Tomb of the Guerilla (translated from the Spanish by Jonathan Cohen)
Cardenal, Ernesto Founding of the Latin American Association for Human Rights (translated from the Spanish by Jonathan Cohen)
Cardenal, Ernesto New Ecology (translated from the Spanish by Jonathan Cohen)
Cardenal, Ernesto The Parrots (translated from the Spanish by Jonathan Cohen)
Cardenal, Ernesto Vision from the Blue Plane-Window (translated from the Spanish by Jonathan Cohen)
Collins, Martha Lent
Collins, Martha Martin Luther King Day
Collins, Martha Outside
Hadas, Rachel The End of Summer
Harper, Michael S. Cousins
Ignatow, David Dear Sir:
Lehman, David Reverse Angle
Levertov, Denise Carapace
Logan, William Nocturne Revolutionnaire
Miller, Jane Centripetal
Millman, Lawrence A Child’s Guide to Latin American Politics
Morris, Herbert Film
O’Grady, Desmond Hellas: Coup d’état
Orlowsky, Dzvinia The River
Rudman, Mark Bad News
Slomkowska, Lusia Gdansk/4 AM
Slomkowska, Lusia Waldek’s Wedding
Slomkowska, Lusia Why Cities Have Farmer’s Markets
Stafford, William Children Still Play
Tapscott, Stephen Gathering
Wagoner, David The Excursion of the Speech and Hearing Class
White, J. P. Answering Your Last Letter

1985 Poetry

Author Title Published
Aisenberg, Nadya At Akumal
Aisenberg, Nadya Listening to Schubert
Benedikt, Michael The Displaced Energy Blues
Daniels, Jim Riding Double Home from the Dairy
Daniels, Jim Taking the Bus to Veracruz
Der-Hovanessian, Diana In a Landscape Without Humans
Doty, Mark A Catalogue for Cooks
Dove, Rita Daystar
Dove, Rita Weathering Out
Dukes, Norman Delphi on a Winter Evening
Dukes, Norman Marx’s Tomb in Highgate Cemetery
Dukes, Norman Moving Day
Dukes, Norman Portrait of Father in a Dust Storm
Dukes, Norman Science Center
Dukes, Norman To the Reader, to the Writer
Dukes, Norman Wedge
Dukes, Norman The Year
Edmunds, Martin Fever
Gregerson, Linda Malbecco
Haskins, Lola Loving a Son
Howe, Marie Retribution
Marchant, Fred Grief
Marchant, Fred Rescue
Mariani, Paul Sarcophagus
Milburn, Michael Depot
Milburn, Michael A Photograph of Yeats’s Lapis Lazuli
Milburn, Michael Rachmaninoff Plays Chopin
Norris, Kathleen Thinking About Louise Bogan
Pastan, Linda Clinic
Pastan, Linda Japanese Lantern
Pau-Llosa, Ricardo Brooms
Piero, W. S. di Summer Returns
Poole, Thomas Easter
Sholl, Betsy 6 A.M.
Sholl, Betsy Edges
Sholl, Betsy Hanging Out the Wash
Vieira, John The Lake Swan, the Tom
Warner, Gale Turner

1984 Poetry

Author Title Published
Ali, Agha Shahid The Seasons of the Plains
Allen, Dick The Clergyman’s Wife Composes a Spring Letter
Allen, Dick William Rimmer: “Flight and Pursuit”
Allman, John The Birth of Time
Allman, John Physics
Barnes, Jim Toy Soldiers
Baumel, Judith Details
Baumel, Judith Our Differences
Bensen, Robert Driving the County Blacktop
Bensen, Robert The Waves at Matsushima
Cader, Teresa Parts Do Not Make a Whole
Cader, Teresa What the Right Hand Gives, the Left Takes Away
Campbell, Mary Baine Justice
Collins, Martha The Green House
Der-Hovanessian, Diana Translating
Dischell, Stuart The Liquid Face
Dischell, Stuart The Original Face
Dischell, Stuart The Vagrant Face
Dwyer, David Old Lovers Drinking Together
Eaton, Charles Edward The Plane
Edmunds, Martin Sentence
Ghitelman, David Silver Lake
Goldbarth, Albert The Threshold for the Definition of “Numinous” is a Variable
Greger, Debora Garden of Acclimatization
Gustavson, Jeffrey from Pond Subjects: 3. Fjord, 4. High School, 5. Edmunds!—, 6. Ishmael, 8. Narcissus, 13. Letter to My Brother, 16. Before Lauds
Gustavson, Jeffrey The Scarecrow
Harmon, William from A Cloud No Bigger than a Woman’s Hand: III.iv, III.v, IV. Holy Writ
Hartman, Charles O. The Burden of the Desert Sea
Hartman, Charles O. On My Mother’s Birthday
Holmes, Olivia The Accident at Staplehurst
Kleinschmidt, Edward Begonia
Kleinschmidt, Edward Fly By Night
Koestenbaum, Wayne In Labor
Koestenbaum, Wayne In the Classroom
Ligi, Problem Solving
Logan, William The Air of Cathedrals
Logan, William Anglian Music
Logan, William Babies
Logan, William The Rivers of England
Logan, William The Shootist
Lynch, Thomas from Learning Gravity
McFall, Gardner The Pilot’s Daughter
McKernan, Llewellyn Faith
O’Grady, Desmond Berlin Metro
Opengart, Bea Poem with Afternoon Light
Propp, Karen In Brooklyn
Propp, Karen The Men in Paris
Propp, Karen Poem
Ratushinskaya, Irina Leningrad Triptych (translated from the Russian by Ilya Nykin and Pamela White Hadas)
Ratushinskaya, Irina My Lord (translated from the Russian by Ilya Nykin and Pamela White Hadas)
Rose, Jennifer Britons Leaving France
Rosen, Kenneth The Fall
Rosen, Kenneth The String Quartet of the Birds
Ruescher, Scott Dog Gone Ode
Ruescher, Scott The Driver Kept on Going
Ruescher, Scott For Starts
Ruescher, Scott Mouse Chase
Ruescher, Scott Taking the Cue
Ruescher, Scott Unintentional Lullaby
Shangi In Exile (translated from the Arabic by Desmond O’Grady)
Stanford, Janet Holmes Charleston
Staw, Jane Poem After Several Images in Calvino
Stewart, Frank Searching for Ice
Storace, Patricia August: Blues
Storace, Patricia Death: A Betrothal
Storace, Patricia Exile’s Matins
Storace, Patricia Intaglio
Storace, Patricia Pamina’s Marriage Speech
Storace, Patricia Perdita
Storace, Patricia Simple Sums
Storace, Patricia Spring Afternoon
Storace, Patricia Varieties of Religious Experience
Storace, Patricia Vocation
Storace, Patricia A Weekend at the Last Resort
Strickland, Stephanie First Couple
Tapscott, Stephen Nocturne
Tapscott, Stephen You
Towner, Daniel Books by Nobody
Viereck, Peter from Archer in the Marrow: The Applewood Cycles: MOTIFS: Archer in the Marrow, Duel on Land’s End, EPILOGUE: Prologue to New Spiral
Wakoski, Diane The Orange
Warren, Rosanna Orchard
Wojahn, David Les Enfants de Paradis
Wormser, Baron An Art of Remoteness
Wormser, Baron My Old Man

1983 Poetry

Author Title Published
Baumel, Judith That First Angelico
Collier, Michael The Clasp
Cope, Wendy from Strugnell’s Sonnets:
Cope, Wendy The Lavatory Attendant
Cope, Wendy Mr. Strugnell
Cope, Wendy On Finding an Old Photograph
Cope, Wendy A Policeman’s Lot
Deane, Seamus The Brethren
Deane, Seamus Fording the River
Deane, Seamus History Lessons
Deane, Seamus Return
Deane, Seamus A Schooling
Deane, Seamus A World without a Name
Fenton, James In a Notebook
Fenton, James Lines for Translation into Any Language
Fenton, James Lullaby for a Summer Recess
Fenton, James A Vacant Possession
Fenton, James The Wild Ones
Galvin, James Shadow-Casting
Goldbarth, Albert Apr 15
Green, Melissa The Squanicook Eclogues
Harmon, William Environmental Issues
Harrison, Tony Aqua Mortis
Harrison, Tony The Call of Nature
Harrison, Tony Long Distance
Harrison, Tony National Trust
Harrison, Tony On Not Being Milton
Harrison, Tony Remains
Harrison, Tony Study
Hinrichsen, Dennis On Trees
Hofmann, Michael Furth i. Wald
Hofmann, Michael Gruppenbild ohne Dame
Hofmann, Michael Incident from Antiquity
Hofmann, Michael Myopia in Rupert Brooke Country
Hofmann, Michael Sans-Souci
Hofmann, Michael To a Classics Professor
Huntington, Cynthia In Our Former Life
Longley, Michael Casualty
Longley, Michael Circle
Longley, Michael Last Requests
Longley, Michael Master of Ceremonies
Longley, Michael The Swim
Longley, Michael Wounds
Mahon, Derek April on Toronto Island
Mahon, Derek Courtyards in Delft
Mahon, Derek Glengormley
Mahon, Derek My Wicked Uncle
Mahon, Derek Poem Beginning with a Line by Cavafy
Mahon, Derek The Terminal Bar
Mariani, Paul Prime Mover
McGuckian, Medbh Admiring the Furs
McGuckian, Medbh The Aphrodisiac
McGuckian, Medbh The Moon Pond
McGuckian, Medbh Not Pleasing Mama
McGuckian, Medbh The Perfect Mother
McGuckian, Medbh The Witchmark
Motion, Andrew Bathing at Glymenopoulo
Motion, Andrew Leaving Belfast
Motion, Andrew Letter to an Exile
Motion, Andrew West 23rd
Muldoon, Paul At Martha’s Deli
Muldoon, Paul How to Play Championship Tennis
Muldoon, Paul Lives of the Saints
Muldoon, Paul Mules
Muldoon, Paul Paris
Muldoon, Paul Why Brownlee Left
Nelson, Jeremy Tristitia
Ormsby, Frank After Mass
Ormsby, Frank A Day in August
Ormsby, Frank The Massage Parlour
Ormsby, Frank Passing the Crematorium
Ormsby, Frank The War Photographers
Ormsby, Frank Winter Offerings
Paulin, Tom Manichean Geography I
Paulin, Tom Manichean Geography II
Paulin, Tom Second-rate Republics
Paulin, Tom Settlers
Paulin, Tom Trotsky in Finland
Paulin, Tom What Is Fixed to Happen
Raine, Craig Beware the Vibes of Marx
Raine, Craig The Grocer
Raine, Craig In the Kalahari Desert
Raine, Craig A Martian Sends a Postcard Home
Raine, Craig Sexual Couplets
Ruescher, Scott Gold Mining
Ruescher, Scott I Look into the Pothole
Ruescher, Scott Objects of Love
Wainwright, Jeffrey Before Battle
Wainwright, Jeffrey Sea Dreams
Wainwright, Jeffrey Sentimental Education
Wainwright, Jeffrey Some Propositions and Part of a Narrative
Walcott, Derek XXXIV
Walcott, Derek XXXV
Walcott, Derek XXXVI
Young, William Becoming Another Person and Hearing Different Melodies

1982 Poetry

Author Title Published
Ai, The Priest’s Confession
Aisenberg, Nadya Wreaths to the Temple
Allman, John Marcus Garvey Arrested at 125th Street Station
Anderson, Bruce B. Poem for the Governess at the Appleyard School
Barks, Coleman Bedclothes
Bell, Marvin If By Poetry You Mean
Bell, Marvin On the Illusion of Time in a Difficult Period
Ben-Tov Muir, Sharona The Angel of Memory
Ben-Tov Muir, Sharona Nocturne for Parvaneh
Benedikt, Michael For Zeike as We Come and Go Among the 20th Century . . .
Benedikt, Michael . . . Kate Fowler's 100th Birthday Party . . .
Berger, Suzanne E. In the Evening of Creatures
Birkerts, Sven Chekhov’s Fancy
Collins, Martha The Catastrophe of Rainbows
Collins, Martha Eclipse
Collins, Martha Poem in the Fourth Dimension
Cramer, Steven The Narcissus
Dischell, Stuart Boston, Winter
Doplicher, Fabio The Casting (translated from the Italian by Ruth Feldman)
Dove, Rita Cameos
Dukes, Norman Freud
Dukes, Norman To the Shore, and the Shore Thereof
Flook, Maria Ants in a White Peony
Flook, Maria Apology for John
Flook, Maria Diving Alone
Flook, Maria In Love
Flook, Maria Poem for Prevention
Flook, Maria Radio Request
Flook, Maria Reunion
Flook, Maria Snow Statement
Frost, Carol Frost
Gebhard, Christine Every sixty seconds, the train moves forward
Ghitelman, David In Early Spring
Ghitelman, David Survivors
Goebel, Ulf Drift of Speech
Goldbarth, Albert Ambassador
Goldbarth, Albert Toward a Texas Haiku
Graham, Jorie Erosion
Gustavson, Jeffrey Nervous Forces
Hadas, Rachel Three Angers
Hahn, Kimiko A Girl Combs Her Hair
Harmon, William One Woman, Four Lights
Hinrichsen, Dennis November Streets
Ignatow, David Dear Homer
Ignatow, David The Machine
Ligi, Hey
Logan, William Florida
Mariani, Paul Baudelaire at Gamma Level
McKean, James Rowing for Water
Melnyczuk, Askold Never the Kind
Milburn, Michael Amiens 1977
Milburn, Michael Days of 1974
Milburn, Michael Girl Asleep in Library
Milburn, Michael The Hunter
Milburn, Michael The Letters
Milburn, Michael Mussels
Milburn, Michael Portrait
Milburn, Michael Such Silence
Olds, Sharon The Germans Put the Torch to the Ukraine, 1939
Olds, Sharon Looking at My Father
Opengart, Bea Nocturne: Narcissus
Opengart, Bea Opposition to the Angels
Opengart, Bea To Take Us Further
Pack, Robert At the Ecology Convention
Pastan, Linda Coronary Bypass: for Rod
Piero, W. S. Di Second Horn
Rankin, Paula We Never Get to the End of It All
Rogers, Pattiann Keeping Beauty Under Control
Rogers, Pattiann The Vicarious Experience
Romanow, Peter Edna St. Vincent Millay Answers a Letter Which Praised Her Poetry and Lamented Her Death
Rosenberg, L. M. Snowbound
Schreiber, Ron willful acts; acts of will
Sheridan, Michael June 5, 1981
Smith, Jordan Notes toward a Translation
Standing, Sue The Very Rich Hours
Vorog, Valentyn We Who Have No Future (translated from the Ukrainian by Askold Melnyczuk)
Wild, Peter Mud Turtles
Wright, Charles Omaggio a Pavese
Young, William Early to Rise

1981 Poetry

Author Title Published
Althaus, Keith The Feather
Althaus, Keith Poem
Benedikt, Michael Mighty Talky Letter to Grace Schulman
Darr, Ann But You Can’t Say That
Darr, Ann Time Zones on the Rivers
Dischell, Stuart Azan
Dischell, Stuart “Because Sorrow is What We Own”
Dwyer, David Diamond Head: instead of another elegy
Epstein, Daniel Mark How Shall We Dress for Heaven?
Flook, Maria The Childlike Lives of the Sweep Second Hand and the Single Mother
Goldbarth, Albert A History of Civilization
Greger, Debora 99 South
Greger, Debora Leavings
Hadas, Rachel Letter to a Niece
Hadas, Rachel Marriage Rhapsody
Harmon, William Two Artifacts, Two Metamorphoses: 1. Stéphane Mallarmé’s “Poe’s Stone”
Harmon, William Two Artifacts, Two Metamorphoses: 2. Rainer Maria Rilke’s “Likeness of My Father in His Youth”
Holland, John Texts for Speaking Voice: Mapping
Holland, John Texts for Speaking Voice: Scientific Research
Holland, John Texts for Speaking Voice: Solo
Huddle, David The Field
Joyce, William For the Toes, For the Last Braille
Klappert, Peter Low Sunday
Kooser, Ted Friday Noon
Kooser, Ted A Monday in May
Kooser, Ted Stealing Grapes
Lindsay, Frannie For Someone Sitting Still
Lindsay, Frannie The Limit
Lindsay, Frannie The Loser’s Filly
Lindsay, Frannie Plum Island
Lindsay, Frannie Relic
Lindsay, Frannie Summer House
Lindsay, Frannie Timer
Lindsay, Frannie The Women with Strange Names
Logan, William Cartography
Logan, William Hard Waters
Mariani, Paul Fire in the Choir Loft
Mitchell, Susan The Mouse and the Clock
Petrosky, Tony My Father Is
Rudenko, Mykola At Least, You (translated from the Ukrainian by Askold Melynczuk)
Rudenko, Mykola The Flower (translated from the Ukrainian by Askold Melynczuk)
Rudenko, Mykola The King of Tasmania (translated from the Ukrainian by Askold Melynczuk)
Rudenko, Mykola Spring (translated from the Ukrainian by Askold Melynczuk)
Sinisgalli, Leonardo Easter 1952 (translated from the Italian by W.S. Di Piero)
Sinisgalli, Leonardo Holy Saturday in Manfredonia (translated from the Italian by W.S. Di Piero)
Smith, Jordan Constable Hall
Smith, Jordan The Hawk
Smith, Jordan Hymns: For the Orthodox
Smith, Jordan Niagara, 1804
Smith, Jordan A Side of Beef
Spivack, Kathleen Fifteen
Starbuck, George Sunday Brunch in the Boston Restoration
Strickland, Stephanie Mother: Dressed Up
Swiss, Thomas West Pond Road

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