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AGNI Poetry by Year

1980 Poetry

Author Title Published
Benedikt, Michael The Burning Down of “Jenny’s Restaurant”
Benedikt, Michael For Susan Golden, So She Might Walk the Streets in Safety Yet Radiant
Broumas, Olga Composition
Collier, Michael The Angel of Memory
Collins, Martha Boston Airport
Collins, Martha The Corner’s No Corner at All But an Open Field
Collins, Martha Earning Joy
Collins, Martha Letter from an Outlying Island
Collins, Martha The Lie
Collins, Martha The Man in the Blue Shirt
Collins, Martha The Orange Room
Collins, Martha Session
Collins, Martha Things Keep Moving through This World
Collins, Martha What Was It Like, How Does It Feel?
Condee, Nancy The Trout and the Intellectuals
Corn, Alfred Prophet Bird
Cramer, Steven Alfred
Cramer, Steven The Breakfast Table
Cramer, Steven The Dolphins
Cramer, Steven In the World Today . . .
Cramer, Steven Late Spring Examinations
Cramer, Steven My Accomplished Friend
Cramer, Steven On the Lackawanna Railroad . . .
Cramer, Steven Poem from a Balcony
Cramer, Steven Poem to Laura
Cramer, Steven Self-Portrait with a City Background
Dischell, Stuart Celestial Ode
Doty, M. R. Rains of Birds
Doty, M. R. Showers of Fishes
Dwyer, David After the War
Eaton, Charles Edward Idyll of Isolato
Graham, Jorie Coaltrains Crossing the Wyoming Prairie
Graham, Jorie Love Letter
Gustavson, Jeffrey Letter to Martha
Harmon, William He-Who-May-Say
Harmon, William Messages Left on Engineers’ Desks
Hathaway, James Explaining the Ways of God to Victor
Hathaway, James Frog Baseball
Holland, John Antipodes
Horsting, Eric Crushes
Joyce, William An Xmas Poem
Klappert, Peter Satan Who is Most Noisy When He Whispers
Mariani, Paul Crossing Cocytus
Miller, Arthur Degas Invented Her
Miller, Jane The I Will If You Will
Millman, Lawrence Fish
Millman, Lawrence Moon/Snail/Sonata
Morris, Herbert Two in Fields
Oles, Carole Shore-Walking
Pevear, Richard Picture and Book Remain
Pevear, Richard Untitled (1)
Pevear, Richard Untitled (2)
Rosen, Michael Making Scenes
Schwartz, Jeffrey The Marsh
Shumaker, Peggy The Apple
Skovoroda, Gregory Dogs (adapted from the Ukranian by Askold Melnyczuk)
Skovoroda, Gregory Eagle & Magpie (adapted from the Ukranian by Askold Melnyczuk)
Skovoroda, Gregory Owl & Thrush (adapted from the Ukranian by Askold Melnyczuk)
Skoyles, John Excuse for a Love Poem
Smith, Jordan The Vampire
Smith, Jordan Vine Valley
Sylvester, Janet Managing the Composition
Vieira, John Two Poems
Weiss, David Kenchana Wunggu

1979 Poetry

Author Title Published
Benedikt, Michael from Dear Alice: Alice’s Wants, Alice’s Ashes
Broumas, Olga Body and Soul
Broumas, Olga Elegy
Collins, Martha In Argentina
Dwyer, David Cold Comfort
Dwyer, David Vanessa
Edson, Russell The Two Isidores
Engels, John Adam Signing
Galvin, James Fool’s Errand
Galvin, James Rendezvous
Goedicke, Patricia Recreo #108
Graham, Jorie Now the Sturdy Wind
Graham, Jorie Taking Possession
Hadas, Rachel Fog
Hafiz-I Shirazi Ghazal 10 (translated from the Perisan by Elizabeth Grey)
Hafiz-I Shirazi Ghazal 36 (translated from the Perisan by Elizabeth Grey)
Hafiz-I Shirazi Ghazal 37 (translated from the Perisan by Elizabeth Grey)
Harmon, William from Occidental Domestication Comedies: The Lilies of the Field Know Which Side Their Bread Is Buttered On, The Chariot, The Elementary Inventions of the Species, Low Comic Requiem Mass for Loners and Exiles
Hinrichsen, Dennis On the Attraction of Heavenly Bodies
Hirsch, Edward A Chinese Vase
Hirsch, Edward Christopher Smart
Hirsch, Edward Poets, Children, Soldiers
Hirsch, Edward Reminiscence of Carrousels and Civil War
Hirsch, Edward The Sweatshop Poem
Hirsch, Edward Transfigured Night, Come Down to Me, Slowly
Hirsch, Edward With Isaac Babel in Odessa
Holland, John Two Sound-Poems
Klappert, Peter Dr. O and the New U
Kumin, Maxine Poem, Found in the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture Weekly Market Bulletin
Lietz, Robert In Preparation for the Child’s Birth
Lietz, Robert The Inheritor Looking Back
Lietz, Robert The Predicament of Being German
Lietz, Robert The Woodworker
Mariani, Paul The Historian as Intruder
Mariani, Paul History as Procession
Mariani, Paul The Lost Father
Mariani, Paul The Scavengers
Mariani, Paul Sunday Morning
Mariani, Paul Torcello: Last Judgment
McBride, Mekeel Light, Desire and the Law
McPherson, Sandra Answers: To Myself in Another Year
McPherson, Sandra Loneliness
Miller, Jane A Winter of Love Letters and a Morning Prayer
Milliken, Patrick Althouse Ridge
Morris, Herbert Knowing What the House Is Made of
November, Sharyn Night Driving
Parini, Jay The Lackawanna at Dusk
Piero, W. S. Di Two Things
Ramke, Bin The Magician
Smith, Dave Backyard, Under the Wasatch Ridge, the Crackle of Dusk Downflaming
Smith, Dave Juniper, Wyoming
Smith, Dave To My God in Sickness: Spring Diabetes
Stoloff, Carolyn The Lifeline
Swann, Brian What the Grandfathers Told Me
Swiss, Thomas Festival Profile
Swiss, Thomas A Virtue of Shape
Vieira, John Entry
Vieira, John Sonnet

1978 Poetry

Author Title Published
Barna, Ed “‘In fourteen hundred and ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue’ isn’t going to make the carburetor work.”
Barna, Ed The Unbearable Sensation
Benedikt, Michael A Double Dose of Blue Volkswagens
Benedikt, Michael The Same Thing
Benedikt, Michael Styles of Orgasm
Collins, Martha First Words
Cook, Paul H. Illusion
Cotter, Holland Etruscan Tomb Painting
Cramer, Steven A Cold Day in July
Dacey, Philip The Coal-Furnace
Dischell, Stuart 5
Dischell, Stuart Back There
Dischell, Stuart Compassions
Dischell, Stuart Echo
Dischell, Stuart Everyone is Someone Else
Dischell, Stuart Home My Sister
Dischell, Stuart Lesson
Dischell, Stuart Not Our Strength
Dischell, Stuart Ode Without End
Dischell, Stuart Perdido
Dubie, Norman In the Beginning There Was the End of Solitude, Beginning Again
Dukes, Norman Bullseye
Edson, Russell The King’s Windup Toy
Friebert, Stuart If the Egg’s Not There
Ghitelman, David Permission
Ghitelman, David The Secret
Gorton, Gregg The Architect
Harmon, William Don’t Let Aphasia
Harmon, William For the Present
Hinrichsen, Dennis Pure Religion
Hirsch, Edward Gerard de Nerval: Fairy Tale for a Whore
Klappert, Peter from The Idiot Princess of the Last Dynasty: Patati et Patata, The Subjects of Discontent (I), (II), and (III), Infectious Scotoma
McBride, Mekeel Diminishing Returns
McBride, Mekeel The Furniture of Finality
McBride, Mekeel The Gravity of It, the Ground Rules
McBride, Mekeel In a White House
McBride, Mekeel The Juggler Defines His Art
McBride, Mekeel The Knife-Thrower’s Wife
McBride, Mekeel Meditations Before and During Sleep
McBride, Mekeel We Bring This Weather with Us
McKernan, John Prayer Written After Burying a Pet Cat Killed While on a Winter Vacation in Massachusetts
Miller, Jane Grandmother Seen as a Celestial Harbinger
Morris, Herbert At the Ravel Academy
Morris, Herbert A Quiet Life
Ramke, Bin Sex Therapy
Schwartz, Hillel The Elements
Starbuck, George On Reading John Hollander’s Poem “Breadth. Circle. Desert. Monarch. Month. Wisdom. (for which there are no rhymes)”
Starbuck, George On Reading John Hollander’s Poem “Breadth. Circle. Desert. Monarch. Month. Wisdom. (for which there are no rhymes)” Part Three.
Starbuck, George On Reading John Hollander’s Poem “Breadth. Circle. Desert. Monarch. Month. Wisdom. (for which there are no rhymes)” Part Two.
Starbuck, George Tuolomne
Sternberg, Ricardo Dancer
Stoloff, Carolyn Letter from Dick
Whitman, Ruth Word
Wild, Peter Whales

1977 Poetry

Author Title Published
Anonymous “Evening darkens until” (translated from the Japanese by Kenneth Rexroth)
Balakian, Peter Portrait before Water
Britt, Alan The Afternoon of the Light
Bruchac, Joseph First Moon
Bruchac, Joseph First Snow
Cloutier, David Chukchee Riddles
Connell, Kim Potato
Cramer, Steven Riddle
Delp, Michael Letter from Monet
Dickey, R. P. Riddle
Doreski, William The Fat Man Plants a Rose
Doreski, William Sleeping Near Glastonbury Peak
Eve, Barbara Anger, Like a Runaway
Eve, Barbara Aunt B.
Eve, Barbara Breaking Ice
Eve, Barbara Candle Shop
Eve, Barbara Doing Your Job
Eve, Barbara In the Basilica
Eve, Barbara Osteology
Eve, Barbara The Skier
Frost, Carol The Coldest day of the Year
Frost, Carol Snow Animal
Frost, Carol What Is Red and White
Grossman, Martin The Arable Mind
Grossman, Martin The Way the World Will End
Halpern, Daniel Five Riddles by Symphosius (adapted from the Latin)
Hildebidle, John Love Poems in Memory of William Henry Pratt
Hutchinson, Joe The Gift
Hutchinson, Joe A Transformation
Inez, Colette Deskset Humidor Hatrack Piece
Johnson, Thomas Each Day
Johnson, Thomas Wrung through a Mile of Honeysuckle
Klappert, Peter Boy Walking Back to Find His Father’s Cattle
Komachi, Ono no “Following the roads” (translated from the Japanese by Kenneth Rexroth)
Krolow, Karl Goldfish on the Prowl (translated from the German by Silvia Scheibli)
Lehman, David Les Enfants Terribles
Levin, James Cleveland Remembered
Ligi, Gary The Latest Germ
Ligi, Gary Love Song: A Separation
Ligi, Gary On our Fifty-Fifth Birthday
Ligi, Gary Your Finger
Marcus, Mordecai Summer Shadows
McBride, Mekeel Asking for Help at a Late Hour
McBride, Mekeel Marlon Brando and I Attend Several Japanese Films
McBride, Mekeel The Source of Light
McBride, Mekeel What Light There Is
McIntyre, Alice T. That Nag
Morris, Mary Godzilla versus the Thing
Morris, Mary In the Arms of the Radiologist
Novotny, Christine Aphrodisia
Osborne, Raymond Riddle
Parrish, Wendy Louise The Fortunate Pianist
Swann, Brian Five Physiological Riddles
Swann, Brian Riddle
Swann, Brian Totem Loss
Webb, Charles No Kind of Deal at All
Webb, Charles Parties
Yau, John The Motel Owner and His Wife
Ziegler, Alan The Great Wall

1976 Poetry

Author Title Published
al-Sayyab, Badr Shakir The Messiah After the Crucifixion (translated from the Arabic by B.M. Bennani)
Antonych, Bohdan Father’s Land (translated from the Ukranian by Christine Zawadiwsky)
Blazek, Douglas How Writing Has Changed
Blazek, Douglas A Political Documentary
Bona, Mercy & Other Acts of Love
Bona, Mercy There’s a Step-Ladder Near Your Bible
They Say You’re Far-Sighted When Alone
Carter, Ellen the red and orange of your dress
Chatfield, Hale Prose IX
Chatfield, Hale Scherzo
Cieszynsky, Wladyslaw Prophet
Cohrs, Timothy AD: Mayakovsky A Poet in the Revolution (a)
Cohrs, Timothy AD: Mayakovsky A Poet in the Revolution (b)
Desnos, Robert Like a Hand at the Moment of Death (translated from the French by Staurt Dischell)
Dischell, Stuart The Haberdasher Instructs His Sons
Ditsky, John Halting Speech
Dunn, Stephen The Protean Man
Dunn, Stephen A Romance
Dybek, Stuart The Prophet
Edson, Russell The Neighborhood Dog
Edson, Russell The Old Mother Goddess
Edson, Russell The Weeping and Chirping
Eve, Barbara Madonna
Eve, Barbara Mother Jones
Follain, Jean Red Ice (translated from the French by Phil Sugden )
Greenberg, Harry Day of the 1000 Weeping Birds
Greenberg, Harry A Man’s Gone Too Far
Grossbardt, Andrew Insomnia
Hogan, Michael Poem for My Eighth Year in Prison
Huntington, Cynthia Australia
Huntington, Cynthia Singing in the Underground
Ignatow, David Letter
Johnson, Thomas Bushel Basket
Johnson, Thomas Landscape with Turkey on the Hill
Johnson, Thomas The Real Sinew That Binds
Jr., Albert W. Haley, Riddle No. 2: Storm at Sea
Lange, Gerald The Dream of a Wedding
Lange, Gerald The First Few Years
Lietz, Robert The Guardians 2
Lietz, Robert Mid-Flight
Malone, Kirby Breaking Down the Day
McKernan, John After the Evening Temperatures the Jovial Radio Weather Man in Huntington West Virginia Says That a Freezing Rain Warped a Hundred Tinker Toy Sets in the Suburbs of Dubuque
McKernan, John At Home
McKernan, John Avon Calling
McKernan, John Ironing Board
McKernan, John A Letter to My Mother Who Tells Me “Everyone Asks About You What Should I Tell Them?”
McKernan, John The Only Known Road Map of the Alaskan Islands
McKernan, John Shucks
McKernan, John Tea Bag
McKernan, John Where is My Lariat?
Morris, Herbert The Gulf of Riga
Pastan, Linda 21st Anniversary
Reiss, James Millie
Reiss, James Morning Song
Stoloff, Carolyn A Bad Day
Suarez, Nico The Washerwomen (translated from the Spanish by Alan Britt )
Sugden, Phil Dog-Days
Supervielle, Jules Crews (translated from the French by Geoffrey Gardener )
Supervielle, Jules The Morning of the World (translated from the French by Geoffrey Gardener )
Supervielle, Jules Untitled (translated from the French by Geoffrey Gardener )
Swann, Brian Car
Swann, Brian Invasion
Swann, Brian The Last Subway System
Swann, Brian Rice for Dinner
Veeder, Rex L. Jabez’s Farm
Witt, Harold The Clever Studio
Witt, Harold Lady Chatterley’s Lover
Zawadiwsky, Christine The Glove

1975 Poetry

Author Title Published
Applewhite, James Desire
Armstrong, Jean Coin of the Realm
Armstrong, Jean On Barbie’s Departure
Armstrong, Jean Widow
Britt, Alan Eaton, and Other Industries
Britt, Alan A Thorough Examination after reading a few poems by James Wright
Britt, Alan Work Day
Burke, France Cat Bartholomew Day
Connell, Kim When the Screaming Ceases
Cramer, Steven A Letter After a Letter
Defrees, Madeline The Day You Were Leaving
Defrees, Madeline Moving
Defrees, Madeline Poem in Answer to a Birthday Card with Photograph of Cedar Waxwings
Defrees, Madeline Woman with Coiled Braids
Dischell, Stuart Indolence
Dischell, Stuart Nude Drying Herself in Front of the Fireplace
Dischell, Stuart The Shoe or Woman With Black Stockings
Eluard, Paul The Arrival of the Voyagers (translated from the French by Ira Sadoff )
Eluard, Paul Time to Hush Up (translated from the French by Ira Sadoff )
Eluard, Paul The Two Everything (translated from the French by Ira Sadoff )
Frost, Carol As You Might Claim Love
Galvin, James Take Utah
Hewitt, Geof Chopsticks
Johnson, Thomas Inside the Wind
Johnson, Thomas Separation
Johnson, Thomas When I Take Your Hands
Kessler, Stephen A Champagne Brunch
Kessler, Stephen Vinegar Running South
Kiplinger, Janet Blind
Kiplinger, Janet Storm Watch
Klappert, Peter The Cat Lover
Klappert, Peter Enrichissez Vous
Klappert, Peter Variegations
Lense, Edward Birdseed
Lerner, Linda Empty Spaces
Ligi, Gary The Ants
Morris, Herbert Nights of Summer
Schaeffer, Susan Fromberg Cat
Schaeffer, Susan Fromberg Hunting Season
Schaeffer, Susan Fromberg Party
Schwartz, Howard Death Display
Schwartz, Howard An Experiment
Schwartz, Howard Scenario
Schwartz, Howard The Traitor
Stahl, W.M. Death in the Spicerack

1974 Poetry

Author Title Published
Alexander, Floyce Jodorwosky’s El Topo
Anderson, Jack My Poem of Halifax
Anderson, Jack The Rulers
Britt, Alan Not Alone
Britt, Alan October
Britt, Alan Syrinx
Carter, Ellen August in the Blue Ridge
Carter, Ellen Point Reyes, California
Cavalieri, Grace I Am Not Lazy. This Is One Thing I Am Not.
Connell, Kim Sickness
Costanzo, Gerald Bones
Cramer, Steven Elements
Cramer, Steven Keeping Warm Inside
Cramer, Steven Poem
Cramer, Steven Stop-Motion
Dischell, Stuart Cripple’s Dance
Dischell, Stuart Modern Lucrezia
Dischell, Stuart Selling Fuller Brushes in New Jersey
Edson, Russell Catastrophe at Sea
Edson, Russell The Cloud of Dust
Edson, Russell The Recitation
Farber, Lucy Fallow
Ghitelman, David The Jewish Poet
Ghitelman, David Paysage: L’Óle de Djerba
Ghitelman, David Poem in March
Gordon, Gerald T. Huckster
Gordon, Gerald T. Whatever
Hitchcock, George Directions
Hoffman, Eric Poem
Hollo, Anselm oh, mama window
Jason, Philip K. Florida—December 1964
Jason, Philip K. Sabbath Solstice
McHugh, Heather Moving Midwest to Teach
McKernan, John Help Wanted: One Strangler
McKernan, John Poem
Nicholsen, W. Bent strength
Sadoff, Ira Storm Over the Wasteland
Wahle, F. Keith Restaurant Interlude
Weidaw, Desirée The Map Room
Zawadiwsky, Christine Auras
Zempter, Mike Present

1973 Poetry

Author Title Published
Cavalieri, Grace “Infancy was conceived upon the rock”
Greenberg, Alvin status negative
Hoffman, Eric “Fishermen surmise in grave perplexity”
Hoffman, Eric “In an inferno of messianic catastrophs”
Holmes, Philip “Swaledale”
Meek, Jay “The Death and Madness of First Basemen”
Meek, Jay Floyd Patterson

1972 Poetry

Author Title Published
Bly, Robert “The train whistles the way I thought in the womb.”
Connell, Kim The Coach Man
Connell, Kim My words spill out like pebbles from a driveway
Gioja, Geoffrey “and visions of carnal bodies”
Hiramoto, Judy “It is the same music”
Hoffman, Eric of times past here and coming
Hoffman, Eric “Up here we walk on—our eyes wrinkled in smile”
Holmes, Philip The Han Shan Poems
Joachim, Nancy A Sweater in Warm Time
Kuzma, George But There is Also
Kuzma, George The Old Man's Song
Kuzma, George Wind Song
Vic Moffet Two Lovers
Tardelli, George Walk On
Tree, M. D'haulagiri “Life is ours. If we are collected by”

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