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AGNI Poetry by Year

2005 Poetry

Author Title Published
Ande, Jan Lee Standstill [Stagnation]
Anderson, Victoria Lingua
Anderton, Lucy On the Bus
Archila, William Bury This Pig
Arthur, James At the Shipping Port
Arthur, James The Kitchen Weeps Onion
Beeder, Amy Train
Beer, Nicky Spring Lures
Bernard, April from Concerning Romanticism (As Picture Postcard, On Thanks, Heart or Head Canard, Underneath)
Beskin, Lisa Melodeon
Billups, Julian Parke Someone in Chicago
Bishop, Elizabeth Crusoe in England
Bogen, Don For the Makers
Bohince, Paula Adoration of the Easter Lamb
Buchinger, Mary What Tolstoy and Paleopathologists Have in Common
Buck, Paula Closson Report from My Own Backyard
Buck, Paula Closson Report from the Aftermath
Buck, Paula Closson Report from the Compound
Bursky, Rick from “The Myth of Photography”
Cader, Teresa History of Hurricanes
Chang, Leslie from In the Language of Here and Now
Chitwood, Michael Sheds
Chitwood, Michael The Snowfields at Lone Fountain
Collier, Michael Spelunker
Cording, Robert April, Peepers, Flaubert, and Springsteen
Davidson, Chad Rosy-Fingered Whatever
Davidson, Chad Tokyo: A Parable
Davis, Carol Ann Columbarium
Davis, Lawrence-Minh Bùi Snakes and Ghosts
Davis, Lawrence-Minh Bùi Visit to a Vietnamese Jail, 1953
Di, Xue Cat’s Eye in a Splintered Mirror: 5 (translated from the Chinese by Hu Qian and Keith Waldrop)
Donovan, Matt Charlie Chaplin Dug Up & Ransomed: A Prayer
Donovan, Matt Saint Catherine in an O: A Song About Knives
Donovan, Matt The Scabbard of Limbs Means Flesh
Donovan, Matt Second Pilgrimage, Rodeo Nites
Dougherty, Sean Thomas Stenographer of the Damned
Dougherty, Sean Thomas When the Whole, As If Many, That Message
Dunn, Stephen My Ghost
Dunn, Stephen The Soul’s Agents
Eannarino, Frank How Now Kowtow?
Gehrke, Steve Late Self-Portrait
Gehrke, Steve Vanitas for Robert Mapplethorpe
Gibson, Stephen Masaccio’s The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden
Gilliland, Mary Lyre
Goedicke, Patricia From the Book of Small Animals
Goffette, Guy Blue Gold (translated from the French by Marilyn Hacker)
Goffette, Guy The Veil of Ether (translated from the French by Marilyn Hacker)
Greger, Debora Letter from a New World: 1492
Grennan, Eamon Edge
Grennan, Eamon Speed of Trees
Grennan, Eamon When
Grossberg, Benjamin S. In Memoriam: Ginger
Harris, Ian Great Basin
Hart, Henry Tabula Rasa
Heaney, Seamus Out of This World
Hearon, Todd Banjo
Hearon, Todd South Carolina
Holloway, Eachan In Defense of Los Angeles
Hoogs, Rebecca Self-Portrait as Porcupine
Huttin, Geneviève Near Belchatev
Johnson, Stephanie N. The Shape of Things
Knapp, Elizabeth Self-Portrait as Amputation
Labbe, Jason 12 Lines After Leadbelly
Labbe, Jason Prayer
Larsen, Lance The World’s Lap
Leavitt, Erik Tycho Brache: Astronomy
Leight, Peter Resistance
Lemon, Alex Mosquito
Leng, Maria Claire Mum
Lenox, Stephanie After Uncle Fred Nearly Dies, We Send the Tape to America’s Funniest Home Videos
Lichtenstein, Jesse Basin Camp
Lichtenstein, Jesse Signs
Lindsay, Frannie Anubis
Liu, Timothy Standing Where the Colossus Stood
Malanga, Gerard Circa ’67 Montale
Malanga, Gerard Giangiacomo Feltrinelli
Marshall, Christine Airing
Mazur, Gail At First, They
Mazur, Gail The Swamp Trail
McNair, Wesley The End
Meek, Sandra Grounding
Meier, Tyler Heart Attack
Milligan, Michael You Can See How the Waves
Mulvey, Bern Bonsai I
Mulvey, Bern Bonsai II
Ng, Lynette Longing for a sense of history
Nordbrandt, Henrik Dream of Gold (translated from the Danish by Thom Satterlee)
Nordbrandt, Henrik Fresco (translated from the Danish by Thom Satterlee)
Nordbrandt, Henrik A Note from the War in Kosovo (translated from the Danish by Thom Satterlee)
Northrop, Kate The Neighbor
Notter, William Jubilate
Piazza, Jessica Notoriety Among the Small & Wild
Platt, Donald Cartwheels
Porter, Liza The Cut of Diamonds
Prados, Emilio Canción (translated from the Spanish by Jennifer Barber)
Prados, Emilio I Closed My Door (translated from the Spanish by Jennifer Barber)
Prados, Emilio Song Without a Body (translated from the Spanish by Jennifer Barber)
Quade, Mary Adjusting the Depth of Field
Quade, Mary How to Use a Single-Lens Reflex
Rector, Liam Best Friend
Richer, Ted A Writer’s Writer
Robinson, Kenton It has nothing of its own, but seizes hold on everything.
Ronda, Margaret Always an End
Salerno, Christopher A Kind of Camera
Schaffner, M. A. Mandarin Peach
Schaffner, M. A. Two Views of Performance Budgeting
Schlegel, Rob Portal
Skloot, Floyd Feast of the Trumpets, Warsaw, 1884
Snyder-Camp, Megan Superstition
Thompson, Kyle Fable of the Snails
Tillinghast, Richard Big Doors
Tobin, Daniel Marduk
Wagoner, David Blind Instinct
Wagoner, David The Heart of the Forest
Wardrop, Daneen Afternoon 1
Wardrop, Daneen Afternoon 3
Watts, Autumn Eve Dry Lake, Nevada, 1983
Williams, C. K. Blackbird
Williams, C. K. Thrush
Williams, Rynn Positive
Winckel, Nance Van Reentry
Withiam, Scott Eight Count
Withiam, Scott The Evening Shows
Withiam, Scott Movements

2004 Poetry

Author Title Published
Allen, Dick At the Shrine of the Lost Cause
Arthur, James The Dissection
Arthur, James Geography on a Grapefruit
Arthur, James Window on a Projectionist Rewinding
Baran, Jozef Untitled (translated from the Polish by Ewa Hryniewicz-Yarbrough)
Beasley, Liz The Pear
Bensko, John The Prisoner’s Visitation
Berry, Ciaran Trajectory
Berry, Simeon Besides Sappho
Bickford, Ian The Vial Often Breaks
Bohince, Paula The Fly
Butler, Robert Olen four pieces of Severance (Piers Gaveston, Chin Chin Chin, Jennifer Hadley, Robert Kornbluth)
Caleshu, Anthony Homecoming
Campion, Peter From a Childhood in Pioneer Valley
Cansever, Edip The Aluminum Shop (translated from the Turkish by Richard Tillinghast)
Cansever, Edip Sweet Reality (translated from the Turkish by Richard Tillinghast)
Cansever, Edip Water (translated from the Turkish by Richard Tillinghast)
Catullus Poem 22 (translated from the Latin by Diane Arnson Svarlien)
Chase, Karen Mercury
Christie, A. V. Adoration
Cramer, Steven A Basket of Eggs
Crow, Melanie Search
Davis, Christopher Abroad
Davis, William Virgil The Other
Dawidoff, Sally The Cartoonist
deNiord, Chard Inside the Fire
Duff, Valerie Viking
Erba, Luciano I’d Like to Go Down in History (translated from the Italian by Ann Snodgrass)
Erba, Luciano One of the Things (translated from the Italian by Ann Snodgrass)
Erba, Luciano When the Sun Shifts (translated from the Italian by Ann Snodgrass)
Forhan, Chris Last Words
Glück, Louise Prism
Goeckel, Lawrence Woman Submerged in a Car
Goldensohn, Barry Late Quartet
Grey, John Call Me Kaboom
Halliday, Mark A Night in 2029
Harlan, Megan Ex Libris
Harrison, Jeffrey To Kenneth Koch
Hernandez, David [Your Name Here]
Hernandez, David Damage
Hoffman, Richard Gold Star Road
Huchel, Peter Answer (translated from the German by Joel Spector)
Huchel, Peter The Heretic of Padua (translated from the German by Joel Spector)
Hutton, Susan On Queen Anne Hill
Hutton, Susan Seven Journeys
Jones, Eve Sleeping Giant
Kaddour, Hédi Knothead (translated from the French by Marilyn Hacker)
Kalogeris, George Camus: Carnets
Kinney, Martha Fog
Kinney, Martha The Lovers in the Moonlight
Kinsella, John Mowing
Kunert, Günter Autumn Days (translated from the German by Gerald Chapple)
Kunert, Günter Herr Greedyguts (translated from the German by Gerald Chapple)
Kunert, Günter In July (translated from the German by Gerald Chapple)
Kushner, Aleksandr This young Rembrandt . . .
Levin, Dana Cilice
Levin, Dana Man in a Ruff
Loi, Franco from Stròlegh (translated from the Milanese dialect by Andrew Frisardi)
Lurssen, Adrian Practice
Marchant, Fred ars poetica
Marchant, Fred Dear Lunacy
Marchant, Fred Half Not
Marchant, Fred House on Water, House in Air
McKean, James Middlestand Ferry
McNair, Wesley As Long as We Remember Him . . .
Monroe, Melissa Misunderstood
Newell, Megan Ars Poetica
Pardi, Philip Seventeen Wings, parts 1-6
Pavlic, Ed Chicago Scale
Pavlic, Ed In Chambers: Local Law Enforcement Professionals
Peseroff, Joyce Spring Cleaning Begins with Lines from Karl Marx
Peterson, Allan Otology
Phillips, Siobhan Regret
Pope, Jacquelyn Mrs. Robinson
Prufer, Kevin Roman Economics
Quade, Mary Phobia Poems
Raabe, Emily Love Poem
Richardson, James Frictions
Richardson, James Latecomers
Richer, Ted Swan Song
Salamun, Tomaz At Night Rabbits (translated from the Slovenian by Ana Jelnikar and Peter Richards)
Salamun, Tomaz in winter (translated from the Slovenian by Elliott Anderson and the author)
Salamun, Tomaz Stair (translated from the Slovenian by Christopher Merrill and the author)
Scudder, Emily Desire
Shan, Han Poems 146, 225, and 262 (translated from the Chinese by Tony Barnstone)
Shaw, B. T. Galileo in Florence
Shumate, David The Long Road
Shumate, David Plum
Sleigh, Tom After Herodotus
Sleigh, Tom Ziggurat
Smith, James Malone Hen
Swann, Brian Dis Pater
Tate, James Letzeburgesch
Taylor, Sam Coda: For Whom the Bell Tolls
Tracy, Kristen Breaking
Upperton, Tim The drill’s bright bit, its tip, its jewel
Upperton, Tim Seasonal
Upperton, Tim Spirit
Upperton, Tim Table Talk
Vollmer, Judith from Yucca Mountain Sequence (i. The Reactor; iii. U1A Tunnel: Persephone’s Story)
Vörös, Györgyi On Recalling Joel Peter Witkin’s “The Kiss” on a Woodland Walk in Autumn
Wagoner, David The Center of Gravity
Wagoner, David Desire
Ward, Fritz Sky for Stained Bandages
Whitney, Joel Spectral Evidence
Winckel, Nance Van Adieu
Winckel, Nance Van Eurydice
Zahajkewycz, Olena Podillia (translated from the Ukrainian by Askold Melnyczuk)

2003 Poetry

Author Title Published
Baldini, Raffaello Night (translated from the romagnole dialect of Italian by Adria Bernardi)
Ben-Tov Muir, Sharona The Most Unsafe Market in Jerusalem
Bensen, Robert Two Dancers
Berger, Suzanne E. Snow Language
Bernard, April Sonnenwendenlieder
Bowen, Kevin Belleek
Campion, Peter Nephew
Campion, Peter This Blue Vase
Chiasson, Dan The Elephant, from Natural History
Collier, Michael Invocation to the Heart
Cooper, Wyn No One Knows What Tomorrow Is Called
Corkery, Christopher Jane Beautiful Treasure
Corkery, Christopher Jane A Scrap of Fabric at Chatham
Cruz, Cynthia My Heart is the Smallest Catafalque
deNiord, Chard From the Beginning On
Diamond-Nigh, John For Tomorrow
Dickman, Matthew O Hollywood(1)
Dickman, Matthew O Hollywood(2)
Dickman, Matthew O Hollywood(3)
Dietz, Maggie Altos de Chavon
Dischell, Stuart You
Edgerly, Len Covenant
Gewanter, David Jacopone: On the Cobbles
Gewanter, David Jacopone: The Scissors
Green, Melissa I Have Shuttered My Eyes with My Hands
Green, Melissa Leaving the Farm
Greger, Debora Letter over a Thousand Years Late
Greger, Debora Nagasaki, 1600
Greger, Debora West of the Soul
Groom, Kelle Runaway Queen
Hafez Sit Down by the River (translated from the Persian by Robert Bly and Leonard Lewisohn)
Hasan, Raza Ali Hafizullah Amin
Hass, Robert Bernard Mexico
Heaney, Seamus Linked Verses
Heaney, Seamus Nonce Words
Heaney, Seamus Pit Stop near Castletown
Hoagland, Tony The Change
Hoks, Nathan Cow Ruminating—Ditto Donkey
Hu, Tung-Hui Poem in Memory of a House
Johnson-Miller, Betsy If you are traveling with a live child
Kapur, Kirun East
Kinsella, John Survey
Kuhl, Nancy Pyramid
Labbe, Jason Traveling Light
Larsen, Lance Sub Rosa
Larsen, Lance Widows I Have Known
Lehman, David Triplets
Lin, Daniel A Sentence from Tacitus
Lipska, Ewa God Asks (translated from the Polish by Robin Davidson and Margret Grebowicz)
Lipska, Ewa The Music Lesson (translated from the Polish by Robin Davidson and Margret Grebowicz)
Lipska, Ewa Private Property (translated from the Polish by Robin Davidson and Margret Grebowicz)
Logan, William Austerlitz
Logan, William The Point Beach
Logan, William Welcome to Paradise
McNair, Wesley The 1950s
McNair, Wesley If You Had Come
Meek, Sandra Balancing Acts
Peseroff, Joyce Zeno’s Paradox, or My Mother’s Forsythia
Pinsky, Robert Akhmatova’s “The Summer Garden”
Po, Li Fighting South of the Wall (translated from the Chinese by Taylor Stoehr)
Polito, Robert Hollywood Hills
Polito, Robert Shooting Star
Polito, Robert Three Horse Operas
Pruitt, E. I. The Country I Am From
Rail, Evan Frogs
Reece, Ryan M. Faulkner’s Elvis
Rhodes, Martha The Hose
Rudman, Mark How Bad Can It Get
Sandy, Stephen Fucked
Sandy, Stephen Stillness
Satrom, Brian Mrs. Engebretsen’s Banquet, Glendorado, Minnesota, Eighteen Seventy-Something
Shapiro, Alan Lament
Shapiro, Alan Premonition
Sleigh, Tom Monologue from Rubber
Speers, Frederick Tidal Flats
Stockwell, Samn To Utopia
Strautmann, Jake Jill Returns to Cameron
Swann, Brian Chipmunk
Swenson, Susan Static
Tillinghast, Richard A Hotel in the Rain
Virgil from Georgic III (lines 71-122) (translated from the Latin by David Ferry)
Wagoner, David Eating a Toad
Warren, Rosanna For Trakl
Weiner, Joshua In the Country
Weiner, Joshua Twister
Winckel, Nance Van Slate
Wormser, Baron Missile

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