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from Or Beauty

by Alex Lemon


before me the weeping
cradle the air
dark red with flowers

shadow-spidered limbs
oil-black bulbs 

hang inside them 
dangle & water-skim

from the boughs 
all of the day around me

sucks into them & soon almost
                  nothing remains



the black sky 
over the park

churns itself bright
over two sodden dogs

that drag zigzag
the empty lawn chairs

they are leashed to
a speechless train

heaves the woods
beyond into a blur

I could die
to the raw joyed 

clattering in that
song last night: scalloped

clouds unbellied
a terrible rain

now: apple cores & wilted
popcorn on the picnic table

across the playground
I pull through

the puddles
I will kiss

the dirt & make it

Alex Lemon’s most recent book is The Wish Book (Milkweed Editions, 2014). He is the author of Happy: A Memoir (Scribner, 2010) and three other poetry collections: Mosquito, Hallelujah Blackout, and Fancy Beasts. An essay collection and a fifth poetry book are forthcoming. His writing has appeared in Esquire, Ploughshares, Tin House, The Kenyon Review, and elsewhere. (6/2016)

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