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My Idea

by Wyn Cooper

My idea of a piece of sculpture is a road. —Carl Andre

My idea of heaven is a road
that winds and winds toward home.

My idea of a car is not a car
in a showroom, shiny and still.

My idea of galactic travel
is a road through space.

My idea of color is evergreens
against a blue sky, snow below.

My idea of ideas is vague,
conceptual, fragmentary, fluid.

My idea of the unknowable
is something I know too well.

My idea of a night on the town
is staying home in the country.

My idea of a basket is your lap.
My idea of a lap is your lap.

My idea was to steal your ideas
until I became you.


Wyn Cooper’s fourth book of poems, Chaos is the New Calm, was published by BOA Editions in 2010. His poems appear in twenty-five anthologies of contemporary poetry. He has taught at Bennington and Marlboro Colleges, the University of Massachusetts/Amherst, the University of Utah, and the Frost Place. He has written songs with Sheryl Crow, David Broza, Jody Redhage, and David Baerwald. Songs from his two CDs with Madison Smartt Bell can be heard on six television shows. He lives in Vermont and most recently worked for the Harriet Monroe Poetry Institute, a think tank run by the Poetry Foundation in Chicago. (8/2012)

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