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The Death of Patience

by Lauren Berry

The mountain is one speed. The river 
            is one rush.  The hummingbirds’ needles
                        are one speed. The boulders are one rush. 

The nectar in the globe flower is one speed. 
            The boy throwing the hummingbird mountain
                        at his father is one speed, the boulder

that crushes his father is one rush, the nectar
            that drips on Father’s near dead lips is one speed—
                        he closes his eyes with one rush.


Lauren Berry is the author of the poetry collection The Lifting Dress (Penguin, 2011), a National Poetry Series Winner selected by Terrance Hayes. Her work has appeared in Hayden’s Ferry Review, Denver Quarterly, Iron Horse, and Cream City Review. She lives in Houston, where she teaches twelfth-grade English for YES Prep Public Schools. (6/2012)

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