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Prayer at Ojai

by Greg Wrenn

I asked the deliverer of mountains,
the leaper of straits,
to bring you to the citrus groves
where I sleep and sing in the heat;

or to the river that I walk along,
now just algae and smooth stones,
an abandoned bicycle on the banks.

When you never came,
I asked him to give me a cougar to ride
from one ocean to the other,
to your books and sandals.

There again the brawling above my stomach.
There again my throat closing
like an urchin’s mouth.


Greg Wrenn’s poetry has appeared in The Yale Review, Pleiades, The Antioch Review, and elsewhere. His chapbook, Off the Fire Road (Green Tower Press, 2010), won the 2008 Midwest Chapbook Series Contest. He recently returned home to St. Louis after months in Asia, where he was researching his first novel. This fall he will be a Stegner Fellow in Poetry at Stanford University. (4/2010)

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