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from Le Repos, dans la suite des jours

by Michaël Glück

translated from the French by Rosanna Warren


what remains
what resists
what lives
between lips
between hands

what may be eaten
what may not be eaten

what separates
what may be eaten

and the finger
makes the glasses sing
when the wine passes
from one
to another



what wars under the tablecloth
what wars under the pillow
what arsons in the candlestick

the bread
has not

the knife keeps watch over the plate

knot the napkin
around the necks
of the dead


last night we ground up
the fish bones

carrot slices
swim in jelly

where is
the book

the book is missing

we lost it in
or exile
burned it



restrain the least gesture
this day make
                              a void

turn down
all invitations
keep the world
between your lips

the usefulness
                               of words

follow the breath
no word weighs down
don’t name anything

what is to come will come


Michaël Glück is a French poet, prose-writer, playwright, and translator. He received the Prix de Créateurs in 1981 for La mémoire écorchée / Abbatoirs La Mouche (Editions Jean-Michel Place). Cette chose-là, ma mère (Editions J. Brémond) received the Prix Antonin Artaud. Glück, who studied philosophy with Emanuel Levinas, has evolved a distinctive Judaic vision within the context of modern French poetry. Le Repos, dans la suite des jours is the seventh volume in a series devoted to the Book of Genesis. (10/2010)

Rosanna Warren teaches comparative literature at Boston University. Her new book of poems, Ghost in a Red Hat, is due out in March 2011. (10/2010)

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