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Vial Trapped in a Fairy Tale

by Suzanne Heyd

There was one curl sunny
in the water & I could but
wonder was she drowning
& is there any once upon
a time. Postpone your
departure, love, this may
be a miracle in the offing.

The river’s looking glass
glints ruthlessly northward
& there’s tensile strength
to the locks. I ransom no
body from the gallows &
even so, the brink of that
place goes on stalking me.


Suzanne Heyd is the author of Crawl Space (Phylum Press, 2007). Her work appears in recent and forthcoming issues of Ploughshares, Third Coast, jubilat, New Orleans Review, Sonora Review, Washington Square, Gulf Stream, Open City, and other journals. (10/2008)

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