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On a Line by Brian Phillips

by Diana Der-Hovanessian

“We are the generation
that neglected Geoffrey Hill.”
We are those who venerated
the venal and mentally ill.
We liberated the libido
and individual will. We walked
the moon, and talked up the vox
populi. We sanitized the sexual and
sensationalized the pill.
We garnered blurbs, cooked
with herbs, left the ’burbs. And left
our analysts. We channel surfed,
had T section births and elevated
the obscure and effete. We killed
chlorophyll, Near East good will
and neglected poor Geoffrey Hill.


Diana Der-Hovanessian’s twenty-third book The Second Question was published this year by Sheep Meadow Press. Her work has appeared in AGNI, American Scholar, Nation, and elsewhere. She was twice a Fulbright Scholar teaching American poetry and has served on the governing boards of the Columbia Translation Center, the Poetry Society of America, and the New England Poetry Club. (2/2008)

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