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The Aerodynamics

by Rick Bursky

The night she walked to the house
she held a string; on the other end,
fifty-three feet in the air, a kite.
Wind provided the aerodynamics.
Does every collaboration
need to be explained?
She tied the string to the mailbox
left the kite to float until morning.
Every night this happens.
She sleeps, I listen, darkness
slides through us both.

The next morning
the string still curved into the sky
but the kite was gone.
This was the morning
newspapers announced
the Mona Lisa was stolen.
This was the morning
it snowed in Los Angeles,
the morning I wore gloves
to pull from the sky
fifty-three feet of frozen string.


Rick Bursky’s book The Soup of Something Missing was published by Bear Star Press; a chapbook, The Invention of Fiction, by Hollyridge Press. His poems have appeared in many journals, including The American Poetry Review, The Iowa Review, Harvard Review, Crazyhorse, Mid-American Review, Prairie Schooner, Black Warrior Review, and The Southern Review. (7/2008)

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