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The Fan Belt Snapped

by Joan Michelson

As for your car, your Ford Estate,
one day when I’d dropped kids at school
and shopped, and for a moment thought,
the day’s okay, the fan belt snapped.

That was it. Beyond repair.
And then I stood outside in air
so light, I felt the earth was space
and where I paced—your resting place.


Joan Michelson teaches poetry at Birkbeck College, University of London. Towards the Heliopause, her first collection of poetry, was published by Cinnamon Press in 2007. “A Piece of Paving,” an essay with poems, was selected for the British Council Anthology of New Writing, NW14, in 2006. Tindal Street Press published Joan’s fictional work, “An Ace in the Midlands,” in its 2006 showcase anthology, and her essay “The Last Haircut” appeared in AGNI Online in 2005. (9/2007)

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