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by Wyn Cooper

The cloak he wears is made of books,
the threads of which tie his friends
to him, bring us out this cold night
to celebrate the season, the onus
on none of us, anonymously
clad in late boho Marxist chic
with added attic grace so simple
it goes unnoticed until one of us
looks away from the mirror,
spills tonic on the black dog
who wags his tail and goes
in search of wild turkey
he chased in his dreams last night,
and tonight we chase with beer.


Wyn Cooper's most recent book of poems is Postcards from the Interior, published by BOA Editions in 2005. His earlier books are The Way Back (2000), and The Country of Here Below (1987). His poems are included in 22 anthologies of contemporary poetry. He has taught at Bennington and Marlboro colleges, as well as at the Frost Place Festival of Poetry, where he now serves on the advisory board. He helps run the Brattleboro Literary Festival in Vermont. (5/2006)

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