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All Her Songs

by Liam Rector

All her songs sung finally to Frank,
Frank fallen so many moons ago…
Not that she hasn’t loved others since

Frank, in fact taken lovers over and over,
But that all her songs still go right away
To our Frank. Frank’s appeal after

These long years? Frank’s life gone so
Early, and in her innards Frank always
A waving portrait singing down in her

Aquarium, “All this is all right, but still
Remember me.” Frank always young
And loving, always her boy and the one,

Gone so long since. She’s kept going
And singing, crowds gathering always,
Saying sing that one about Frank again.


Liam Rector’s new book of poems, The Executive Director of the Fallen World, was recently published by the University of Chicago Press. This winter the University of Michigan Press will publish On the Poetry of Frank Bidart: Fastening the Voice to the Page, which he co-edited with Tree Swenson. He directs the graduate Writing Seminars at Bennington College and lives in New York City. (10/2006)

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