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On May 26th, Poetry Daily will feature Martin Edmunds’s poem “Perfect Match” from AGNI 87.

We welcome Ha Jin as the newest member of AGNI’s Advisory Board. Ha Jin’s writing first appeared in AGNI when he was a graduate student at Brandeis University. He has since published eight novels, six collections of poetry, four short story collections, and one book of essays, and has won the National Book Award, the PEN/Hemingway, the Flannery O’Connor Prize, and the PEN/Faulkner twice. We’re honored to formalize an already strong connection.

Jung Hae Chae’s essay “The Great Meal” (AGNI 86) has won a Pushcart Prize and will appear in the 2019 anthology. Congratulations to her!

On May 14th, Literary Hub will feature Melanie Rae Thon’s story “Lover :” from the forthcoming AGNI 87.


On November 22nd, Poetry Daily will feature David Wojahn’s poem “Still Life: Stevens’s Wallet on a Key West Hotel Dresser” (AGNI 86) and, as its prose feature for the week of December 18, Sven Birkerts’s introduction to AGNI 86, “Derek Walcott at BU: A Sorting.”

On November 22nd, Literary Hub will feature Sven Birkerts’s introduction to AGNI 86, “Derek Walcott at BU: A Sorting.”

Carmen Maria Machado is a finalist for the National Book Award for her collection The Body and Other Parties! Her story “California Statutes Concerning Defrauding an Innkeeper” appeared in AGNI 79.

Philip Fried’s “The Quantum Mechanics of Everyday Life” (AGNI 85) is featured at Verse Daily.

Andres Rojas’s poem “From the Lost Letters to Matias Perez, Aeronaut” (AGNI 85) was selected for inclusion in The Best New Poets 2017.

Brian Morton’s story “Tolstoy and God” (AGNI 84) and Steve Stern’s story “The Plate-Spinner” (AGNI 83) have won Pushcart Prizes and appear in the 2017 anthology. This year’s edition gives Special Mention to James Cummins’s poem “Ode to a Mockingbird” (AGNI 83) and three AGNI stories: Emma Duffy-Comparone’s “Sacrifice” (AGNI 84), Tamas Dobozy’s “Four by Kline Caro” (AGNI 84), and Maurice Carlos Ruffin’s “The Children of New Orleans” (AGNI 83).

On May 25th, Poetry Daily featured Kathleen Winter’s “Parthenon Marbles” from AGNI 85.

On May 11th our partner Literary Hub will reprint Qais Akbar Omar’s essay “In the Ring,” which appears in the new spring issue, AGNI 85.

We’re proud to announce that E. C. Osondu is our newest contributing editor, joining the likes of Dana Levin, Lia Purpura, and Tom Sleigh. E. C.’s first and second published stories appeared in AGNI in 2006. Three years later he won the Caine Prize for African Writing. He has gone on to publish the collection Voice of America and the novel This House Is Not for Sale, and in 2010 he coedited, with William Pierce, the AGNI Portfolio of African Fiction.

On March 22nd, our founder, Askold Melnyczuk, joined a conversation on the radio show On Point about the life and poetry of his friend, the late Derek Walcott.

Senior editor William Pierce talked about the magazine on the 167th episode of The How The Why, a half-hour podcast about “the evolution of the literary arts.”

Natasha Trethewey has chosen Cyrus Cassells’s poem “Elegy with a Gold Cradle” (AGNI 83) for The Best American Poetry 2017.


On November 23rd, Poetry Daily featured Steve Kronen’s “Maker of Bowls” from AGNI 84, and on December 7th, Joseph J. Capista’s “The Telescope” from the same issue.

Stephen Kessler has won the 2016 PEN Center USA Translation Award for Luis Cernuda’s Forbidden Pleasures: New Selected Poems (Black Widow Press). The collection includes “The Family,” first published in AGNI 79.

Heather Abel’s story “Desire and Other Isms” (AGNI 82) is cited as distinguished in The Best American Short Stories 2016.

Shruti Swamy’s story “A Simple Composition” (AGNI 81) has won an O. Henry Prize and will be reprinted in the 2016 anthology The O. Henry Prize Stories.

On May 30th, AGNI author and former U.S. poet laureate Ted Kooser featured Arden Levine’s poem “Offering” (AGNI Online) in his newspaper and online column “American Life in Poetry.”

On May 17th, Three Quarks Daily featured Tyler Mills’s entry at the AGNI blog entitled “Designing Time: The Idea of Plot in the Lyric Essay.”

On May 15th, Poetry Daily featured Kara van de Graaf’s “The Doubles” from AGNI 83.

Congratulations to Peter Balakian, winner of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry! The winning collection, Ozone Journal, includes two poems first published in AGNI, “Near the Border” and “Slum Drummers.” Balakian’s work has appeared in the magazine more than a dozen times, starting in 1977.

On the last Thursday in April, the Bay Area bookstore Mrs. Dalloway’s Literary and Garden Arts will feature Edgar Kunz’s “Window Washers” (AGNI 81) in its National Poem in Your Pocket Day celebration. A warm thanks to Mrs. Dalloway’s!

J. D. Daniels, who published work appeared in AGNI, has won the prestigious Whiting Award, given to “emerging writers of exceptional talent and promise.”


Kirun Kapur’s poem “Girls Girls Girls” (AGNI Online) has been selected for the 2015 Best of the Net anthology!

A new interview by our Sumita Chakraborty at LARB shows sides of AGNI poet Melissa Green that no one else has captured, with a sound and shape rare for author interviews. Five stars!

On November 26th, Poetry Daily will feature Kathleen Graber’s “New Year” from AGNI 82.

Megan Mayhew Bergman’s story “Romaine Remains” (AGNI 79) is cited as distinguished (we knew that!) in The Best American Short Stories 2015. In The Best American Essays 2015, K. E. Duffin’s “Castle Hill” (AGNI 80) and Carol Ann Davis’s “On Practice, School Buses, Hummingbirds, Rumi, and Being Led” (AGNI 79) are cited as notable (they’re distinguished too, not to mention anguished).

On September 1st, David Ebenbach became the founder, curator, and primum mobile of the AGNI blog. Visit it, write for it, add your comments. The conversation is just beginning.

Apogee has reprinted an excerpt from Sarah Ladipo Manyika’s AGNI Online essay “Coming of Age in the Time of the Hoodie.”

On May 18th, Poetry Daily will feature Noah Warren’s “Automatic Pool Cleaner” from AGNI 81, and Verse Daily will feature Bern Mulvey’s “Cape Air” from AGNI Online.

On May 12th, Sarah Ladipo Manyika’s AGNI Online essay “Coming of Age in the Time of the Hoodie” was featured in Lithub Daily. In April, Literary Hub reprinted Jennifer S. Cheng’s essay “Hikimomori: Salt Constellations” (AGNI 81).

We’re thrilled to welcome Irish story writer and novelist Mary O’Donoghue as fiction editor, where she joins William Giraldi. After publishing three of O’Donoghue’s stories from 2004 to 2009, we invited her to join the staff as a reader. Now she will play a bigger, much-deserved role in guiding the magazine.

Thanks to a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, every writer AGNI publishes in 2015, whether in print or online, will receive double our old standard rates. AGNI now pays $20 per page for prose and $40 per page for poetry, with a $300 maximum. We believe writers should be paid as well as possible, and we’re proud to have been paying equally for print and web publication since the advent of AGNI Online in 2003.


Anna Journey’s essay “An Arrangement of Skin” (AGNI 79) is reprinted in the Winter 2014 issue of Utne Reader!

On December 6th, Poetry Daily will feature Mark Kraushaar’s “Matinee” from AGNI 80.

Rebecca Hazelton’s poem “Book of Forget” (AGNI 75) has won a Pushcart Prize and appears in the 2015 anthology. Lynne Sharon Schwartz’s essay “You Gotta Have Heart” (AGNI 77), Paul Christensen’s story “My Beautiful Life” (AGNI 77), and Selena Anderson’s story “Grief Bacon” (AGNI 78) receive Special Mention.

Two recent AGNI essays are cited as notable in The Best American Essays 2014: Ewa Hryniewicz-Yarbrough’s “Europe, Europa” and Lynne Sharon Schwartz’s “You Gotta Have Heart,” both from AGNI 77.

We’re proud to add Patrick Modiano to the list of AGNI writers who have gone on to win the Nobel Prize! He joins Seamus Heaney (1995), Derek Walcott (1992), Wisława Szymborska (1996), J. M. G. Le Clezio (2008), and Tomas Tranströmer (2011). AGNI was the first to publish Modiano in English. We’ve also published two other winners of the Nobel during their lifetimes, starting after they’d won the prize: Odysseas Elytis (1979) and Joseph Brodsky (1987).

On June 4th, Poetry Daily featured Sarah Rose Nordgren’s “Mother, Pressed” from AGNI 79

Congratulations to AGNI poet Charles Wright, named the next Poet Laureate of the United States!

Best American Poetry (2014) reprints David Wojahn's "My Father's Soul Departing" (AGNI 76).

Best American Short Stories (2014) cites Craig Davidson's "Medium Tough" (AGNI 77) in its Distinguished Stories list.


On December 2nd, Poetry Daily featured AGNI 78 and Gail Mazur’s poem “Où Sont les Neiges d’Antan.”

Five of the fourteen new recipients of PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grants are AGNI translators. Congratulations to Isabel Fargo Cole, Sean Cotter, Edward Gauvin, Marilyn Hacker, and Elizabeth Harris.

On June 4th, Poetry Daily featured Melissa Green’s “Leda, Later,” a poem first published in AGNI 77.

Robert Long Foreman has won a Pushcart Prize for his story “Cadiz, Missouri,” which first appeared in AGNI 75. The 2014 anthology also gives Special Mention to Vince Passaro for “Final Instructions for My Disposal” ( AGNI75).

The audio magazine The Drum has recorded and reprinted Tiphanie Yanique’s story “Oakland Gomorrah” from AGNI 77. Visit her AGNI Online author page to listen in! calls AGNI “exceptionally well curated” and goes on, “The range of voices is international and intergenerational and Paul Elie’s question in the December 2012 The New York Times Book Review: ‘Has Fiction Lost Its Faith?’ finds an address in these pages.”

Two more strong votes of confidence in what we’re up to! Harper’s Magazine, in its February 2013 issue, reprinted Robert Leonard Reid’s short story “That Doubling Is Always Observed,” from AGNI 76, and The New Yorker’s Page Turner blog is reprinting Jamie Quatro’s story “Relatives of God” (AGNI 73). That story and two others from AGNI are part of her debut collection, I Want To Show You More, which James Wood reviews in the March 11th New Yorker: “The best stories are passionate, sensuous, savagely intense, and remarkable for their brave dualism. . . .”

Best American Poetry (2013) reprints Rebecca Hazelton's "Book of Forget" (AGNI 75).

Best American Short Stories (2013) cites Edith Pearlman's "Stone" (AGNI 75) and Wendy Rawlings's "Tics" (AGNI 76) in its Distinguished Stories list.

"It Wants to Find You" by Sven Birkerts (AGNI 76), "Go Tell Your Father" by Martha Cooley (AGNI 76), and “On Pointing” by William Eaton Warner (AGNI 75) are cited as Notable Stories in Best American Essays (2013).


Poetry Daily is featuring David Wojahn’s “My Father’s Soul Departing” (AGNI 76) on Thursday, November 15th.

Poetry Daily is featuring two pieces from AGNI 75: Alison Powell’s “Imagining Heaven” on Thursday, June 7th, and as prose feature for the week of June 4th, Yves Bonnefoy’s “My Memories of Armenia,” translated by John Naughton.

Jen Percy’s essay “Azeroth” (AGNI 74) has won a Pushcart Prize and will be reprinted in the 2013 anthology. Miles Harvey’s short story “The Master of Patina” (AGNI 73), Caryl Pagel’s essay “Driving at Night” (AGNI 74), and Robert Boyers’s essay “A Beauty” (AGNI 74) received Special Mention.

Robert Boyers’s essay “A Beauty” (AGNI 74) has been selected for The Best American Essays 2012.

"Implanted Devices" by Gabriel Brownstein (AGNI 74) is cited as a notable story in Best American Short Stories (2012).

AGNI will be at the 2012 Massachusetts Poetry Festival, Friday, April 20, to Sunday, April 22, in Salem, Massachusetts. See below for details about our Saturday panel discussion, and join us at our Bookfair table.

Rachel Swearingen’s story “Mitz’s Theory of Everything Series” (AGNI 74) has been chosen for New Stories from the Midwest 2012.

Kathleen Hill’s story “Forgiveness” (AGNI 73) will appear in The Best Spiritual Writing 2013.


Congratulations to Robert Boyers, whose essay “A Beauty” from AGNI 74 was awarded a 2011 Sidney Award by New York Times columnist David Brooks.

As its Prose Feature for the week of November 28, Poetry Daily will reprint Askold Melnyczuk’s “Beating Toms,” an essay first published in AGNI 74. On November 21, PD featured Kevin Ducey’s “Ewigkeit” from the same issue.

Three pieces from AGNI have received Special Mention in the 2012 Pushcart Prize anthology: Idris Anderson’s poem “A Correction” (AGNI Online), Matt Donovan’s poem “Elegy with Mistakes All through It” (AGNI 71), and Paul West’s essay “Lightning-Rod Man: The Migraine Headache as Heuristic Tool” (AGNI 71).

On September 20, Verse Daily reprinted Kate Northrop’s poem “Cat,” which originally appeared in AGNI 72.

Three poems from AGNI have been chosen for The Best American Poetry 2011: Julianna Baggott’s “To My Lover, Concerning the Yird Swine” and C. K. Williams’s “A Hundred Bones,” both from AGNI 72, and Lee Upton’s “Drunk at a Party” from AGNI 69.

Two stories from AGNI 72 have been chosen for Dave Eggers’s Best American Nonrequired Reading 2011: Henrietta Rose-Innes’s “Homing” and Joan Wickersham’s “The Boys’ School, or The News from Spain.”

Phyllis Barber’s essay “The Knife Handler” (AGNI 71) is cited as notable in The Best American Essays 2011 and The Best American Travel Writing 2011.

On May 23, Poetry Daily featured Tom Sleigh’s poem “Party at Marquis de Sade’s Place,” originally published in AGNI 73.

Tom Bissell’s “A Bridge Under Water,” from AGNI 71, is reprinted in The Best American Short Stories 2011, where Majorie Sandor’s “Wolf” (AGNI 71) and Joan Wickersham’s “The Boys’ School, or The News from Spain” (AGNI 72) are cited as other distinguished stories of the year.


On November 21, Poetry Daily featured James Pollock’s poem “Northrop Frye at Bowles Lunch,” originally published in AGNI 72. Carol Moldaw’s essay from the same issue, “The Bottom Line,” was PD’s Prose Feature of the Week starting on November 23rd.

Two pieces that appeared in AGNI in 2009 have won Pushcart Prizes and will be reprinted in the 2011 anthology: Valerie Vogrin’s “things we’ll need for the coming difficulties” (AGNI 69) and Ravi Shankar’s “Barter” (AGNI 70). Two essays, Mimi Schwartz’s “When History Gets Personal” (AGNI 70) and Emily C. Watson’s “Still, Sky, Girl, and Marriage” (AGNI 69), plus Adam Day’s poem “Combine” (AGNI 69), were given Special Mention.

Hailey Leithauser’s AGNI Online poem “The Moon Speaks of Polar Bears” has been chosen for The Best New Poets 2010. Congratulations to Hailey.

Two AGNI essays are cited as notable in The Best American Essays 2010Peter LaSalle’s “Walking: An Essay on Writing” and Mimi Schwartz’s “When History Gets Personal” (both from AGNI 70)—and three AGNI stories are cited as distinguished in The Best American Short Stories 2010: Bret Anthony Johnston’s “Caiman” (AGNI 69), Giles Harvey’s “The Indifferent Beak” (AGNI 70), and Tamas Dobozy’s “All the Black Hearted Villians” (AGNI 70).

Two AGNI stories have been selected for Chamber Four’s The C4 Fiction Anthology: Michael Mejia’s “The Abjection” (AGNI 69) and Scott Cheshire’s “Watchers” (AGNI Online). The collection is available for free download in several ebook formats. Chamber Four calls AGNI one of the “best places to read online,” with “consistently great reading.”

Alex Stein’s AGNI Online interview “The Prayer of Attention: A Conversation with Yahi Lababidi,” was excerpted in Harper’s Magazine’s “Links” for April 21st, 2010.

Bill Buford, guest editor of The Best American Travel Writing 2010, has chosen Peter LaSalle’s “Walking: An Essay on Writing” (AGNI 70) for the forthcoming anthology.

David Welch’s poem “Instructional Ghazal” (AGNI Online) will appear in the Dzanc Books anthology The Best of the Web 2010!

Bret Anthony Johnston’s story “Caiman” (AGNI 69) will be reprinted in New Stories from the South: The Year’s Best 2010. It will also be available for download as part of Carole Giangrande’s Words To Go podcast.


Bruce Smith’s poem “Devotion: Fly” (AGNI 67) and Lia Purpura’s essay “Two Experiments and a Coda” (AGNI 68) have won Pushcart Prizes! They are reprinted in the 2010 anthology, Pushcart Prize XXXIV. Four other AGNI pieces receive Special Mention: Sarah Gorham’s essay “Darling Amanita” and Kelle Groom’s essay “How to Make a Shoe,” from AGNI 67, and from AGNI 68, Charles Haverty’s story “Excommunicados” and Eleanor Henderson’s story “The Farms.”

On November 28, Poetry Daily featured John Estes’s poem “I Foresee the Breaking of All That Is Breakable,” originally published in AGNI 70. Sven Birkerts’s introduction to the same issue, “And What Is Writing,” was PD’s Prose Feature of the Week starting on December 1st.

On August 15, Poetry Daily featured Robert Bense’s poem “Morandi,” first published in AGNI 69.

For the fifth year in a row, an AGNI Online story has been named one of the Top Ten Online Stories of the year by storySouth. Congratulations to Steinur Bell and “The Whale Hunter”!

Eleanor Henderson’s story “The Farms” (AGNI 68) will be reprinted in The Best American Short Stories 2009.

Helen Wickes’s poem “The World As You Left It” (AGNI Online) will be reprinted in The Best of the Web 2009 (Dzanc Books).

Tom Sleigh’s poem “At the Pool” (AGNI 65) and Derek Walcott’s poem “A Sea-Change” (AGNI 67) will be reprinted in The Best American Poetry 2009.


Harrison Solow’s essay “Bendithion,” accompanied by a music CD in AGNI 66, is reprinted in the 2009 Pushcart Prize anthology. Six other AGNI pieces receive Special Mention: Peter LaSalle’s story “Mendoza-Burke’s Reform,” Lia Purpura’s essay “The Lustres,” and Kenneth Wong’s story “Movie Nights in Rangoon,” from AGNI 65, and from AGNI 66, Margo Berdeshevsky’s story “Pas de Deux, à Trois,” Scott Diel’s essay “69° North 33° East: Running from the Russians,” and Stephen O’Connor’s essay “Milosz’s Choice.”

Marie Mutsuki Mockett’s “Letter from a Japanese Crematorium” (AGNI 65) will be reprinted in The Best Creative Nonfiction, Vol. 3, to be published by W. W. Norton in 2009.

Joan Wickersham is a finalist for the 2008 National Book Award for her memoir The Suicide Index, two sections of which first appeared in AGNI.

Derek Walcott’s poem “A Sea-Change,” which first appeared in AGNI 67, is reprinted in the October 2008 issue of Harper’s Magazine.

Four AGNI essays are cited as distinguished in the new Best American Essays 2008: Editor Sven Birkerts’s “The Thinker in the Garden,” Marie Mutsuki Mockett’s “Letter from a Japanese Crematorium,” and Lia Purpura’s “The Lustres,” from AGNI 65, and from AGNI 66, Founding Editor Askold Melnyczuk’s Shadowboxing essay “Daytripping Chatila.”

In 2008, Poetry Daily has featured David Bottoms’s “My Father Adjusts His Hearing Aids” (AGNI 68), David Rivard’s “A Note on Stephen Berg’s Rimbaud” (an essay from AGNI 67), and Peter Campion’s “Recurring Dream in a New Home” (AGNI 66).

For the fourth straight year, an AGNI Online story has been named one of the Top Ten Online Stories of the year by storySouth. Congratulations to Matthew M. Quick, author of “Do Not Hate Them Very Much”!

Alex Lemon’s poem “from Hallelujah Blackout,” first published in AGNI 65, will appear in Best American Poetry 2008.

A. P. Miller’s essay “Blessing the New Moon” and Melanie Rae Thon’s story “Confession for Raymond Good Bird” (both from AGNI 63) appear in the new Pushcart Prize XXXII (2008). Wendy Rawlings’s essay “Spectacular Mistakes” (AGNI 64) received Special Mention.

A next-generation website to launch our second 35 years! We owe warm thanks to Bruce Mount, Margaret Desjardins, and longtime editorial assistant Lindsay Guth for their tireless work in designing and preparing the vast new AGNI Online.


Melissa Green’s “In Early April” (AGNI 66) was featured at Poetry Daily on Monday, December 3, 2007. Two days later, she was honored at a major event cosponsored by AGNI, with readings by Frank Bidart, Michael Collier, William Corbett, Stuart Dischell, David Ferry, Fanny Howe, George Kalogeris, Gail Mazur, Jennifer Moxley, Robert Pinsky, Lloyd Schwartz, Tom Sleigh, Derek Walcott, Rosanna Warren, and Melissa herself.

The latest issue of the Italian literary magazine Buràn features translations of three AGNI Online stories and one from the print magazine. Yannick Murphy’s “Walls,” E. C. Osondu’s “A Letter from Home,” Thomas Frick’s excerpt “from The Iron Boys,” and Phong Nguyen’s “Memory Sickness” (AGNI 63) appear in the issue of Buràn entitled “Il Conflitto.”

On December 11, 2007, William Pierce will introduce AGNI author Ben Miller at Periodically Speaking, an event held at the New York Public Library’s main branch. Editors from two other publications will introduce an emerging fiction writer and an emerging poet. Periodically Speaking is sponsored by the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses.

Paul Eggers’s story “Monsieur le Genius” (from AGNI 63) is cited among the Other Distinguished Stories in this year’s Best American Short Stories anthology (2007).

More than half of the essays published in AGNI in 2006, not counting columns by our editors, are cited as Other Notable Essays in Best American Essays 2007: A. P. Miller’s “Blessing the New Moon,” Ben Miller’s “A Study in Sequins,” and Christopher Livaccari’s “Of Emptiness, Nothingness, and Asymptotic Freedom” (all from AGNI 63), plus Garret Keizer’s “Florence of Paterson” and Wendy Rawlings’s “Spectacular Mistakes” (both from AGNI 64).

For the third year in a row, an AGNI Online story is named one of the Top Ten Online Stories of the year by storySouth. E. C. Osondu’s “A Letter from Home” received the honor for 2006. Our previous Top Ten stories are John J. Clayton’s “Light at the End of the Tunnel” (2005) and Jai Clare’s “Bone on Bone” (2004).

Mattox Roesch’s story “Humpies,” which first appeared at AGNI Online, is reprinted in Best American Non-Required Reading 2007. “Humpies” was Mattox Roesch’s first published story. B. Johnson’s “What Gets Buried” (also from AGNI Online) is cited in the volume as a notable essay.

On Wednesday, May 16, 2007, Poetry Daily features Roger Greenwald’s translation of Cathrine Grøndahl’s “Selected Exercises in Case Law II” (AGNI 65).

E. C. Osondu’s story “Jimmy Carter’s Eyes” (AGNI Online) is shortlisted for the Caine Prize for African Writing! The list of four other finalists includes stories from The New Yorker and The Atlantic Monthly.

Lia Purpura’s essay collection On Looking is a finalist for the 2007 National Book Critics Circle Award for criticism! The collection includes “Glaciology,” first published in AGNI 60 and reprinted in the 2006 anthology Pushcart Prize XXX.

Poetry Daily’s first print anthology, Poetry Daily Essentials 2007 (released in spring 2007), includes four poems first published in AGNI 62: Richard Tillinghast’s “Big Doors,” Eamon Grennan’s “Edge,” Paula Closson Buck’s “Report from My Own Backyard,” and Peter Leight’s “Resistance.”

The 2007 Pushcart Prize volume gives Special Mention to Ben Miller’s essay “Romancing the Dankerts” and Brock Clarke’s story “The Price of the Haircut,” both published in AGNI 61.

AGNI, the Russian literary magazine Znamya, and the Summer Literary Seminars in St. Petersburg (SLS) cosponsor “Tamizdat,” a Russian-language fiction and poetry contest. Winners will appear in Znamya and, in translation of course, in AGNI. The contest takes its name from the twin underground systems that kept literature alive during the Soviet era: samizdat, a kind of ad hoc publishing that relied on copyists and ditto machines, and tamizdat, the smuggling and publication of dissident writers’ works overseas.


Poetry Daily features three poems from AGNI 64: Kate Northrop’s “Now Over the Empty Apartment” (Thursday, December 14), and Jamie McKendrick’s “Ès el senyor Gaudí!” and “Twain” (Thursday, December 21, 2006).

Ben Miller’s essay “Romancing the Dankerts” (AGNI 61) is cited as a “notable essay” in Best American Essays 2006.

An interview with William Pierce about literary magazines in general and AGNI in particular appears at

Autumn Eve Watts’s poem “Dry Lake, Nevada, 1983” (from AGNI Online) is reprinted in the UVA anthology Best New Poets 2006.

Charles Haverty’s story “Crackers,” from AGNI 60, is one of nine “Recommended Stories” in The O. Henry Prize Stories 2006.

“The Letter Writer” by M. T. Sharif, which first appeared in AGNI 27, is read at Manhattan’s Symphony Space on February 8th as part of the Selected Shorts series—a live literary performance series recorded for subsequent broadcast on National Public Radio.

Lia Purpura’s essay “Glaciology” and Tom Sleigh’s poem “After Herodotus,” originally published in AGNI 60, appear in the newly released 2006 Pushcart Prize XXX. Martha Cooley’s essay “Dogs: A Moscow Triptych,” William Pierce’s essay “Fabulously Real,” and Vivek Narayanan’s story “My Father, the Perfect Man,” all from AGNI 59, and Jack Pulaski’s story “The Matinee,” from AGNI 60, received Special Mention.


Several editions of Poetry Daily feature work from AGNI 62, including Richard Tillinghast’s “Big Doors” on Monday, November 14; Peter Leight’s “Resistance” on Tuesday, November 22; and Paula Closson Buck’s “Report from My Own Backyard.”

Poet and AGNI Contributing Editor Thomas Sayers Ellis wins the prestigious Whiting Award, given to “emerging writers of exceptional talent and promise.” His first full-length collection, published by Graywolf Press this year (2005), is The Maverick Room. In 1996, Ellis and two other poets (Larissa Szporluk and Joe Osterhaus) appeared in Take Three, the first volume of Graywolf’s “AGNI New Poet Series.” Ellis’s “T.A.P.O.A.F.O.M.”—first published in AGNI 52—was reprinted in Best American Poetry 2001.

Another of 2005’s Whiting Awards goes to AGNI Online poet Dana Levin.

In the newly released Best American anthologies for 2005: Vivek Narayanan’s “My Father, the Perfect Man” (AGNI 59) is cited as a “notable story”; Lia Purpura’s “Glaciology” (AGNI 60) and Donald Hall’s “Domains” (AGNI 59) are cited as “notable essays”; and Tom Bissell’s “Truth in Oxiana” (AGNI 60) is cited as “notable travel writing.”

Paula Bohince’s poem “The Fly” (from AGNI 59) is reprinted in the UVA anthology Best New Poets 2005, along with “Reincarnation” by AGNI Poetry Editor Ellen Wehle.

AGNI is proud to announce that poet and translator Rosanna Warren, a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters and president of the Association of Literary Scholars and Critics, has joined the Advisory Board after years of aiding and inspiring the magazine less formally. Warren joins Leslie Epstein, Robert Pinsky, and Derek Walcott.


The PEN/O.Henry Prize Stories reprinted "The Sugar Tit" by Carolyn Cooke (AGNI 53) and cited “The Lives of Strangers by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni (AGNI 53) in its Distinguished Stories list.


Jhumpa Lahiri's "Interpreter of Maladies" (AGNI 47) is selected for the O. Henry Prize Stories (1999) collection.


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