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The “Saw Music” Broadside

A limited-edition 10 1/2" x 18" broadside of Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney’s memorial to Czeslaw Milosz, “Saw Music,” which was first published in AGNI 61 and appears in his critically acclaimed 2006 collection District and Circle.

Designed by Wyn Cooper and Shawna Parker of Green River Press. Printed with Ed Rayher at Swamp Press.

We printed yesterday (Saturday) but didn't finish. It should be done tomorrow. There are four colors of ink on the broadside, so it has required four runs through the hand-cranked VanderCook press, in a garage where the temperature at this time of year never goes above 52 degrees. What we have so far is lovely, stately, and crisp. Though not frost-bitten. —Wyn Cooper, February 27, 2006

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