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AGNI Essays by Year

The links below take you to an index of all essays published in each given year:

2018 Essays

Author Title Published
Birkerts, Sven “This Just In—”: Notes from the Couch and the Writing Desk
Gill, Laura Childs The Bungalow
Katz, Paul Some Mental Furniture
McAuliffe, Shena Pietà: Richmond, Indiana
Melnyczuk, Askold Into a World of Light: Lucie Brock-Broido, 1956–2018
Phillips, Emilia Where the Grass Grows Wild
Stein, Michael Lying
Talbot, Jill The Bend of Memory

2017 Essays

Author Title Published
Abildskov, Marilyn And Who Can Say It Will Not?
Agee, Joel The Author as Translator
Andrews, Nin The Lindbergh Baby and I
Andrews, Nin Confession 7
Bernofsky, Susan The Art of Translation
Biederman, Lucy Later
Birkerts, Sven Derek Walcott at BU: A Sorting
Birkerts, Sven “What Next?”
Brody, Leslie Daisies: An Observation
Chae, Jung Hae The Great Meal
Davidson, Chad Mutatis Mutandis
Demir, Mensur Thought Samples from the Memory of a Drawing Man (translated from the Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian by Mirza Purić)
Harlan, Megan Spider Season
Jeyifous, Olalekan The Failure of Quick Paint
Kreitler, Brandon Thought-Work in the Glowing Field
Melnyczuk, Askold In Memoriam Bohdan Boychuk, 1927–2017
Niehaus, Amanda Breakup Tips
Omar, Qais Akbar In the Ring
Purpura, Lia Walk with Snowy Things
Quist, Donald Thieves
Slater, Ann Tashi Traveling in Bardo
Starbuck, Kathryn Taking My Turn at Seventy-Eight
Van Winckel, Nance from Sister Zero
Walpole, Joe We Were Here

2016 Essays

Author Title Published
Adrian, Kim The Twenty-Seventh Letter of the Alphabet
Ayobami, Radhiyah women’s business here
Baladi, Lara Vodka-Chamomile: cocktail for a revolution
Beachy-Quick, Dan Sibboleth
Birkerts, Sven Birkerts and I
Birkerts, Sven Drowning
Eaton, William Friendship, Deception, Writing: Within and Beyond Plato’s Lysis
Geminder, Emily Choreograph
Habib, Shahnaz A Letter to My Daughter about Palindromes
Hornbacher, Marya The Dress Form
Journey, Anna A Common Skin
Journey, Anna Little Face
Kallmayer, Line Mother’s Tears
Lababidi, Yahia Angels and Demons: Aphorisms
Mills, Tyler Home
Schwarzenbach, Annemarie Carson McCullers in 1940 (translated from the German by Padraig Rooney)
Siasoco, Ricco Villanueva Pinays
Sheehan, Michael On the Undiscovered Origins of Everything in Waxahachie, Texas
Spatz-Rabinowitz, Elaine Buried Treasure
Zabuzhko, Oksana One Hundred Years of Solitude, or The Importance of a Story

2015 Essays

Author Title Published
Appel, Rosaire A-range
Appel, Rosaire D-range
Barrett, Andrea The Years and The Years
Birkerts, Sven Double Take
Birkerts, Sven The Problem of Other Minds
Cheng, Jennifer S. Hikikomori: Salt Constellations
Dameron, Jim A Eulogy for the Living
Honum, Chloe Fainting
Horneber, Elizabeth A Frame Also Is Like Love
Kohler, Sheila In a Woman’s Kingdom
LeClair, Tom Passing Away
Manyika, Sarah Ladipo Coming of Age in the Time of the Hoodie
McCallum-Smith, Susan Smithereens
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: No, Really: What Is To Be Done in Ukraine
Naselli, Mara Bodies in Motion
Oliveira, Melissa Analog
Pierce, William Crucibles: Is Knausgaard for Real?
Schuleit Haber, Anna In a Foyer (a) and an Attic (b)
Schuleit Haber, Anna Tiles, Clouds, Boys, and Penicillin
Spark, Debra The Dangerous Act of Writing
Szczuciński, Adam Taormina, Traces
Ulin, David L. Kinehora
Wrenn, Greg “Immortality on Their Faces”: The Persistence of Autobiography of Red

2014 Essays

Author Title Published
Attallah, Najlaa In Gaza We Are Not Okay (translated from the Arabic by Andrew Leber)
Bego, Elvis Lost in London
Berri, Kate Arab Summer
Birkerts, Sven Ten Broad Swipes at the Problem of Structure in the Essay (and Perhaps Other Genres as Well)
Birkerts, Sven The Nightcrawler, Joan Miró
Campbell, Mike Anderson My Father’s Last Story Reprinted from Litragger
Davis, Carol Ann On Practice, School Buses, Hummingbirds, Rumi, and Being Led
DeRobertis-Theye, Nicola Things We Saw and Bought and Lost
Duffin, K. E. Castle Hill
Eaton, William The Unsaid
Heller, Gabriel Mother’s Day, 2013
Horrocks, Caitlin Live Demonstrations of Love
Hryniewicz-Yarbrough, Ewa A Non-Sentimental Journey
Journey, Anna An Arrangement of Skin
Journey, Anna A Flicker of Animal, a Flank
Lenney, Dinah Metronome
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: Eyeless in Gaza and Ukraine
Moffett, Rosalie Sidney
Purcell, Rosamond Scenes from an Odyssey: Oscar on the Road
Rowley, Judy Light
Small Staid, Mairead Longing and Other Dimensions
Trahan, Erin Introduction: A Conversation between Robert Gardner and Peter Matthiessen

2013 Essays

Author Title Published
Andrade, Max Ubelaker On Coincidence, Collapse, and Textual Bridges
Andrews, Nin Casual Business Attire
Andrews, Nin The Dream of the Pussy
Becker, Robin A Tribute to Gail Mazur
Bego, Elvis Let Me Call Back Dark and Bright Days
Birkerts, Sven Semblance: Something Else Again
Birkerts, Sven Notebook: Style
Boyers, Robert The Controversy Revisted: A Response to van Trotta's Hannah Arendt
Calvert, Drew Art Lies Because It Is Social
Campion, Peter A Tribute to Gail Mazur
Connor, Jackson Farmpost
Dietz, Maggie A Tribute to Gail Mazur
Fleming, Bruce Adventures in Philosophy
D’Aroma, Fabio Simple But Dangerous
Gilbreath, Aaron When It Was New: Miles Davis’s “So What”
Hryniewicz-Yarbrough, Ewa Europa, Europa
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: A Hospitable Art: Heaney About Town
Okparanta, Chinelo A Tribute to Chinua Achebe
Purpura, Lia Brief Treatise Against Irony
Rivard, David A Tribute to Gail Mazur
Schwartz, Lynne Sharon You Gotta Have Heart
Schwartz, Lloyd A Tribute to Gail Mazur: Introduction
Tulathimutte, Tony Boredom’s Afterlife
Waldron, Nicola Bolognese

2012 Essays

Author Title Published
Baingana, Doreen Tuk-Tuk Trail to Suya and Stars
Benfey, Christopher On Lowell
Birkerts, Sven It Wants to Find You
Birkerts, Sven Vertigo
Bonnefoy, Yves My Memories of Armenia (translated from the French by John Naughton)
Campion, Peter On Lowell
Cooley, Martha Go Tell Your Father
Donovan, Matt House of the Faun, Pompeii
Gardner, Robert Robert Lowell, Image and Reflection
Gardner, Robert On Lowell
Gewanter, David On Lowell
Gowrie, Grey On Lowell
Hamilton, Saskia On Lowell

Hassan, Ihab

Despots in the Sand: A Quizzical Memoir
Hill, Kathleen My Apple Tree, My Brightness
Howe, Fanny On Lowell
Kinsella, John Autography 4
Lenney, Dinah Breakfront
Levin, Dana On Lowell
Marchant, Fred On Lowell
Mazur, Gail On Lowell
McCallum-Smith, Susan Able and Baker: Not Invented Here
Mehlman, Jeffrey The Mozart of the Talmud
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: Occupational Hazards
Moore, Honor On Lowell
Osherow, Jacqueline On Lowell
Pinsky, Robert On Lowell
Polito, Robert On Lowell
Prufer, Kevin On Lowell
Rankine, Claudia On Lowell
Riopelle, F. J. Norway and the Prisoners of Peace
Schwartz, Lloyd On Lowell
Sleigh, Tom On Lowell
Tillinghast, Richard On Lowell
Warner, William Eaton On Pointing
Williams, C.K. On Lowell
Weiner, Joshua On Lowell

2011 Essays

Author Title Published
Andrews, Nin The Gay Gene
Andrews, Nin How To Write About Your Family: A Lesson from Peter Taylor
Birkerts, Sven The Golden Book
Birkerts, Sven I’ll take Hell in a Handbasket for five hundred, Alex.
Boyers, Robert A Beauty
Braunstein, Sarah Bondage and the Pizza Man
Braverman, Blair Rangefinder Girl
Cortázar, Julio from From the Observatory (translated from the Spanish by Anne McLean)
Czyz, Vincent Plotting Against Plot
Donovan, Matt Monkey Mind: A Meditative Path to Perfection
Fetchko, Lisa Nipper
Hill, Kathleen Forgiveness
Kadetsky, Elizabeth Bombing the Ghost
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: Beating Toms
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: Novelist Eats Babies!
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: A Proposal for Unknotting Credit Markets and Restoring Prosperity
Murrow, Ethan Dust
Pagel, Caryl Driving at Night
Percy, Jen Azeroth
Pierce, William Crucibles: Walser Before & After
Purpura, Lia Memo Re: Beach Glass
Servon, Jody and Lorene Delany-Ullman Introduction to the Art Feature
Wilson, Jonathan Albrecht Dürer, W.G. Sebald, and My Father
West, Paul The Place Where Things Are Alone with One Another: Tucson
Wolf, Louisa Four Shorts about Feet

2010 Essays

Author Title Published
Abildskov, Marilyn Hatless
Andrews, Nin My Father, the Good Bull
Barber, Phyllis The Knife Handler
Birkerts, Sven Booze Snow Cone with Crème de Menthe
Birkerts, Sven Mind’s Matter
Church, Steven All of a Dither
Dow, Mark Te Fuiste Sin Siquiera Despedirte
Dow, Mark The Thickness of Soup or Hair
Driscoll, Ellen Bird’s Eye
Giraldi, William Thrill Me: Barry Hannah in Memoriam
Gorham, Sarah On Selfishness
Lemon, Alex My Misogyny
Lenney, Dinah Flight Jacket
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: All Hail Private Manning!
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: The Falling Trees, The Burning Forest
Moldaw, Carol The Bottom Line
Purpura, Lia Against “Gunmetal”
Scalise, Mike The Drowning Lifeguard
Schaffzin, Eliezra Miss Schaffzin is a Tall, Thin, Casually Groomed White Female in No Distress
Schwartz, Lynne Sharon The Piano
Vander Zee, Anton Whitman, Lately
West, Paul The Lightning-Rod Man: The Migraine Headache as Heuristic Tool
Wolf, Alisa Lokshen Kugel

2009 Essays

Author Title Published
Bauer, Douglas Here Were the Two of Us at Exactly This Moment
Baumel, Judith In Memoriam Michael Mazur, 1935–2009
Birkerts, Sven And What Is Writing
Birkerts, Sven What Remains
Birkerts, Sven Bits
Bottoms, Greg Dinner with Strangers
Christian, Brian High Compression: Information, Intimacy, and the Entropy of Life
Chung, Joomi The Circular Labyrinth
Corbett, William In Memoriam Michael Mazur, 1935–2009
Driscoll, Ellen In Memoriam Michael Mazur, 1935–2009
Furman, Andrew Snooking
Gardner, Robert In Memoriam Michael Mazur, 1935–2009
Higgs, Christopher The Annoying Lacuna: One Unofficial History of the Oulipo
Jacquette, Yvonne In Memoriam Michael Mazur, 1935–2009
Lababidi, Yahia Aphorisms
LaSalle, Peter Walking: An Essay on Writing
Lenney, Dinah What Will the Soul Do for Solace Then?
Lock, Norman from Alphabets of Desire & Sorrow: A Book of Imaginary Colophons
McKinnon, Sara Running My Mouth
Melnyczuk, Askold In Memoriam Michael Mazur, 1935–2009
Miller, Ben from Time and Temperature
Nemser, Alexander The Wages of Sin Is Laughter
Nemser, Rebecca In Memoriam Michael Mazur, 1935–2009
Peseroff, Joyce In Memoriam Michael Mazur, 1935–2009
Pierce, William Crucibles: Intimations of Randomness
Pinsky, Robert In Memoriam Michael Mazur, 1935–2009
Purcell, Rosamond In Her Hands: The Art World Goes to War
Qualey, M. Lynx Creation
Rivard, David In Memoriam Michael Mazur, 1935–2009
Roseman, Harry In Memoriam Michael Mazur, 1935–2009
Schwartz, Mimi When History Gets Personal
Schwartz, Lloyd In Memoriam Michael Mazur, 1935–2009
Skoyles, John In Memoriam Michael Mazur, 1935–2009
Sleigh, Tom In Memoriam Michael Mazur, 1935–2009
Slezak, Ellen Kissing Wayne Newton
Tunotre, J. S. AWP Chicago: A Gamer’s Notes
Watson, Emily C. Still, Sky, Girl, and Marriage

2008 Essays

Author Title Published
Birkerts, Sven The Advertent Eye
Birkerts, Sven In the Commissaries of Hell
Christian, Brian That Trick of Memory: Seasonally Induced Amnesia in Seattle
Coover, Pilar Sans Stitches
Gardner, Robert Watching
Gidding, Josh On Not Being Proust: An Essay in Literary Failure
Gorham, Sarah Darling Amanita
Gregor, Nadia The Dysthenic Revelation
Groom, Kelle How to Make a Shoe
Guida, James Marbles
Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé, Desmond Scholem in One Uneven Hour
Kupperman, Kim Dana See Me Slant: Poetry Considers Her Mother
Lahiri, Jhumpa Alberto de Lacerda: A Remembrance
Mazur, Michael Introduction to the Art Feature
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: The Evil of Banality
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: Secular Antics in Bethlehem
Merullo, Roland Visions of Gerard
Meyer, Kimberly Terra Sancta, or On Learning to Read the Signs
Pickering, Sam Going Nowhere
Pierce, William Crucibles: The Orchestration of Surprise
Purpura, Lia Two Experiments and a Coda
Rivard, David A Note on Steven Berg’s Rimbaud: “. . . still unilluminated I . . .
Stern, Richard So Long, Studs
Stone, Emily Lucky at Cards
Van Meter, Ryan The Men from Town
Wildgen, Michelle Aphrodisiacs

2007 Essays

Author Title Published
Birkerts, Sven The Thinker in the Garden
Birkerts, Sven The Walk
Diel, Scott 69° North, 33° East: Running from the Russians
Ifland, Alta Elegy for a Fabulous World
Karp, Jacqueline An Exchange of History Lessons
Karp, Jacqueline A Tale of Two Paintings: Orhan Pamuk and Turkey’s Troubled Identity
McCullough, Ashley Trust and the Cowboy
Meads, Kat On Reading and Rereading The Mind of the South in No Place Southern
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: Daytripping Chatila
Miller, Ben The Butter Mint Gun
Miller, Brenda Secret Machine
Mockett, Marie Mutsuki Letter from a Japanese Crematorium
O’Connor, Stephen Milosz’s Choice: An Investigation of Sentimentality
Pearson, Joseph Mexico in Ruins
Pierce, William Crucibles: “Let Us Imagine”
Purpura, Lia The Lustres
Schuette, Allison Risk Assessment
Shrayer, Maxim D. Sarda Resarta
Sims, Lowery Stokes Benny Andrews: A Reminiscence
Solow, Harrison Bendithion
Tillinghast, Richard from Istanbul in Winter: Hagia Sophia, The Call to Prayer, Rumi
Tillinghast, Richard Water Music
Trubek, Anne On Finally Seeing the Polish Rider at the Frick Museum
Tyree, J. M. Paterson and Paterson (and Jersey and America)
Walker, Nicole Dissociation (The Natural Order)
Wildgen, Michelle Aphrodisiacs

2006 Essays

Author Title Published
Bardes, Charles, M.D. ante mortem
Bardes, Charles, M.D. borrowed intimacy
Bardes, Charles, M.D. dark room
Bardes, Charles, M.D. don’t
Bardes, Charles, M.D. dove sono
Bardes, Charles, M.D. ED
Bardes, Charles, M.D. enough music
Bardes, Charles, M.D. heroic measures
Bardes, Charles, M.D. perfect
Bardes, Charles, M.D. pill
Bardes, Charles, M.D. plenty of fluids
Bardes, Charles, M.D. reading a patient
Bardes, Charles, M.D. Seven essays from The Double Serpent: Subtexts in Medicine: caduceus, diseasification, morphine—by way of an explanation, radical mastectomy, sulfa, urinalysis, wound
Bardes, Charles, M.D. system support
Birkerts, Sven An Appreciation of Charles Bardes, M.D.
Birkerts, Sven Finding Traction
Birkerts, Sven The Hive Life
Brouwer, Joel Havana City Limits
Gausby, Christopher from Philosophic Journal
Gray, Robert from Reading My Father
Hoover, Joe Bus
Johnson, B. What Gets Buried
Keizer, Garret Florence of Paterson
Larsen, Lance My Brother, Floating
Lenney, Dinah Deal
Livaccari, Christopher Of Emptiness, Nothingness, and Asymptotic Freedom
Lyons, Jacqueline A Sort of a Map
Maris, Kathryn Introduction to A Portfolio of British and Irish Poems
Marshall, Alexandra At Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: On the Failures of Victory
Miller, Adam Patric Blessing the New Moon
Miller, Ben A Study in Sequins
Pierce, William Crucibles: Report on a Report
Purpura, Lia Being of Two Minds
Rawlings, Wendy Spectacular Mistakes
Riordan, Maurice Introduction to A Portfolio of British and Irish Poems
Schwabe, Liesl Mr. Dangerous and Mumtaz
Sutcliffe, Leslie A to Annoy
Tevis, Joni Chihuahua Desert Love Song
Tyree, J.M. Displeasures of Empire, or An American Werewolf in Finsbury Park
Wickersham, Joan An Attempt at a Biographical Essay

2005 Essays

Author Title Published
Beckman, Joshua Please Do Us a Favor
Birkerts, Sven As Above: Saul Bellow
Birkerts, Sven The Ideal Reader
Burris, Sidney Past Reason Hunted, or Living with Sonnet 129
Chiasson, Dan One Kind of Everything
Collins, Myfanwy Tobacco Road
Comer, Diane The Ore of Longing
Danoff, Douglas To the New World and Back
Davidson, Deborah Considering Language
Duffin, K. E. Bronx
Duffin, K. E. Marostica
Duffin, K. E. Palladio
Kemperman, Kerrie What I Know, What I Don’t
Keplinger, David Milosz, Simic, and the Mask of the Prodigal
Leach, Dirk Popeye Hemingway
Mathison, Neil Cross Threaded
Mehlman, Jeffrey Kandahar: A Memoir
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: An Open Letter to My Students About Captain Violin, Saul Bellow, the War, and the Art of Fiction
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: Style and Time
Michelson, Joan The Last Haircut
Miller, Ben Romancing the Dankerts
Mullarkey, Maureen Transubstantiations
Robinson, Jay Weldon Kees & Robinson: Portraits in Absentia
Sutton, Patrick Force by Two
Trifonov, Yuri A Visit with Marc Chagall (translated from the Russian by Maxim D. Shrayer)
Wormser, Baron from The Woods: A Meditation

2004 Essays

Author Title Published
Banks, Russell H & I
Birkerts, Sven The Decline of the West & Other Animadversions
Birkerts, Sven Reading at the Limit
Birkerts, Sven Scratch
Birkerts, Sven Submission Guidelines
Bissell, Tom Truth in Oxiana
Blume, Harvey Hammer
Chiasson, Dan How to Read the World: Louise Glück’s “Prism”
Cooley, Martha Dogs: A Moscow Triptych
Daniels, J. D. Technical Difficulty
Debeljak, Ales Tomaz Salamun and His “Tribe”
Germanacos, Anne Caffeine
Grunwald, Eric On Leaving the Womb
Hall, Donald Domains
Harmon, Joshua The Annotated Mix-Tape
Jackson, Katherine Cake or Death?
Kopple, PhD, Kathryn A. A Reader’s Response to Anis Shivani’s “Where Does Collaboration with Fascist Aesthetics Begin and End?”
Larson, Doran An Instance
Man, George E. N. de Language in Myth, Religion, Saga, and Tale
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: From the Diary of a Self-hating Pundit
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: Gentlemen’s Disagreements
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: with Alan Greenspan
Minkkinen, Arno Rafael Photography and the Fine Art of Swimming
Pickering, Sam End Papers
Pierce, William Fabulously Real
Purpura, Lia Glaciology
Sherman, Ken A Violence from Within: Poetry & Terrorism
Shivani, Anis Where Does Collaboration with Fascist Aesthetics Begin and End?
Warner, William Eaton Moscow to the End of the Line
Warner, William Eaton Products of a reading of an English translation of Doctor Zhivago’s Italian publisher

2003 Essays

Author Title Published
Ashar, Ronny Objects and Digressions
Benfey, Christopher With How Sad Steps, O Moon
Birkerts, Sven Noble Rot
Birkerts, Sven On Becoming an Editor
Birkerts, Sven Stage 2
Blume, Harvey WB on the Treadmill
Dovzhenko, Alexander from The Enchanted Desna (translated from the Ukrainian by Dzvinia Orlowsky)
Ferguson, Jesseca Introduction to the Art Feature
Frick, Thomas The Picture House
Howard, Maureen Vernissage
Keplinger, David Towards a Cultural Geography
LaSalle, Peter Metaphysical Messages: With J. L. B. in Buenos Aires
Livesey, Margot Eyeless, Headless
Mattison, Alice Fever
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: Ball’s Bearings and Monster from the Midlands
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: For the Iraqi Dead
Norman, Howard Carousel Horse
Pickering, Sam Early April
Purcell, Rosamond Breaking Ground
Schwartz, Lynne Sharon I Wish I Could Say the Same
Scialabba, George Message from Room 101
Shrayer, Maxim D. Lorca
Slouka, Mark Historical Vertigo: Observations from the Nick of Time
Stavans, Ilan ¡Lotería! or, The Ritual of Chance
Stephenson, Wen Re: No Subject

2002 Essays

Author Title Published
Chapel, Debbie Danielpour Land Where My Fathers Died
Ginzburg, Natalia Film (translated from the Italian by Lynne Sharon Schwartz)
Ginzburg, Natalia The Great Lady (translated from the Italian by Lynne Sharon Schwartz)
Ginzburg, Natalia An Invisible Government (translated from the Italian by Lynne Sharon Schwartz)
Karasik, Judy An Editorial Relationship
Mar, M. Elaine Bi Bi Hua
Melnyczuk, Askold Putting Down the Gloves, Leaving the Whispering Gallery
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: Putting Down the Gloves, Leaving the Whispering Gallery
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: The Future of Literature in America
Moss, Rose Mulberries
Scialabba, George Letter to the Editor about Michael Scharf’s “Statesman or War Criminal?”
Shrayer, Maxim D. Stephansplatz

2001 Essays

Author Title Published
Andrukhovych, Yuri Within Time, Down a River (translated from the Ukrainian by Michael M. Naydan)
Arnove, Anthony Scenes from Iraq
Berrigan, Philip Nuclear Denial
Broz, Svetlana Good People in Times of Evil (translated from the Serbian by Zorica Stoilovic and Ellen Elias-Bursac)
Feitlowitz, Marguerite “We Know Nothing. It Isn’t Taught”: Secret Histories of Argentina’s Dirty War
Henry, DeWitt Innocents Abroad
Hryn, Halyna Oksana Zabuzhko’s Field Work in Ukrainian Sex
Manea, Norman Periprava, 1958 (translated from the Romanian by Patrick Camiller)
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: Prophet Loss
Rabben, Linda Amnesty International: Myth and Reality
Ratiner, Steven Introduction to Interviews with Bei Dao and Rita Dove
Rosenwald, Lawrence On Nonviolence and Literature
Rubenstein, Joshua Premature Witness
Scammell, Michael Arthur Koestler in Civil War Spain
Stavans, Ilan . . . and justice for all
Stavans, Ilan Efraín Huerta: Epitaph for the Crocodile
Stavans, Ilan Efraín Huerta: Epitaph for the Crocodile
Wasserman, Dan Lunacy ’Toons
Wilde-Menozzi, Wallis The Oneness of Music

2000 Essays

Author Title Published
Bourne, Louis Rafael Alberti between the Sword and the Carnation
Buchwald, Christoph Mixed Choir with Eleven Voices
Daynard, Jodi Time Has a Color
Földényi, László Under the Reichsbeauty’s Spell (translated from the Hungarian by Michael Blumenthal)
Goldensohn, Barry Melville’s The Confidence Man and His Descendants in David Mamet’s Work
Lehman, David What the Poets in Germany Are Up To These Days
Lennon, Ivan A Minimum Rage
Man, George de Silent Reading: Southern Gnostic and the State of the Union
Melnyczuk, Askold In Memoriam: Solomea Pavlychko
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: Able Was I Ere I Was Cain
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: The Future of Fiction: Toward a New Internationalism
Shrayer, Maxim D. Master of Palindromes: Remembering and Rereading Michael B. Kreps
Shrayer, Maxim D. A Note on Eduard Bagritskii’s “Origin”
Silbert, Sarah The Great Heron Feeds
Stavans, Ilan The Rise and Fall of Yiddish
Viereck, Peter Preface to Lynette Labinger’s Conversation with Joseph Brodsky

1999 Essays

Author Title Published
Bergstein, Gerry Introduction to the Art Feature: Elaine Spatz-Rabinowitz
Bergstein, Gerry Introduction to the Art Feature: Shellburne Thurber
Brenna, Duff Alienation, Imagination, Secrets and Sins in Thomas E. Kennedy
Chasalow, Eric AGNI in the Music Business
Cherry, Kelly What is Music? What is Poetry?
Goldensohn, Barry David Mamet and Poetic Language in Drama
Henry, Dewitt First Love: A Memoir
Kennedy, Thomas E. Sweet Fire: Memories of Andre Dubus
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: Saved by Shame: Milosz’s Concupiscent Curds
Sleigh, Tom One Person in Three Substances, or Three Substances in One Person?
Voskeritchian, Taline The Eyes of Yerevan
Whedon, Tony The Transfiguration of Pinsky

1998 Essays

Author Title Published
Benevich, Grigory Which Earth?
Berger, Andrea A Note on Ádám Bodor’s Fiction
Brasfield, James A Note on Oleh Lysheha
Callan, Annie Catherine in Glass, from Swimming at the Joyce Museum
Hausler, Pete A Strange Kind of Exile—Hope and Despair in Ivan Klima
Hemschemeyer, Judith Paying Attention
Hiestand, Emily Angela the Upside-Down Girl
Kates, J. Ed Hogan
Kennedy, Thomas E. The Dream of a Castle
Lawrence, Vicki Vergangenheitsbewaltigung
Lieblich, Julia Pieces of Bones
Melnyczuk, Askold Ed Hogan: In Memoriam
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: On Not Being Irish in Boston
Naydan, Michael M. Prefatory Note on Andrukhovych’s “Testament”
Naydan, Michael M. In Eternal Memory
Rehder, Wulf The Thingun
Stavans, Ilan Memory and Literature
Walsh, Chris “Building the House of Dying”: Donald Hall’s Claim for Poetry
Zeitlin, Leora Memoir

1997 Essays

Author Title Published
Keplinger, David The Happiness Taboo
LaSalle, Peter No Ventriloquism: The Idea of Voice in Book Reviewing
Melnyczuk, Askold AGNI at Twenty-Five
Packer, George School on a Garbage Pile

1996 Essays

Author Title Published
Birkerts, Sven Joseph Brodsky
Brodsky, Joseph from “Uncommon Visage,” in On Grief and Reason
Bruchac, Joseph Strong Stories
Collins, Martha Translating Viet Nam
Goodheart, Eugene Sticks and Stones
Heaney, Seamus Shorts for Simic
Hershman, Marcie Living on Top
Jarniewicz, Jerzy Poetry, History and the Love of Oranges
Kaysen, Susanna On Rereading The Magic Mountain
Mattawa, Khaled Epic Temptations
Melnyczuk, Askold To Tease a Shadow: In Memoriam, JB
Morris, Mary Essay on Eavesdropping
Neville, Tam Lin Mandelstam’s Web
Powers, Katherine A. On Conversation with Joseph Brodsky
Rehder, Wulf A Descriptive Analysis of Bank Notes
Wright, Carolyne Open Secrets: An Insider’s Introduction to Allende’s Chile

1995 Essays

Author Title Published
AGNI Michael Franco’s Word of Mouth
Anderson, Scott E-mail from Paris
deNiord, Chard Peter Balakian and the Poetry of Witness: A Reply
Drakulic, Slavenka Reading Karahasan
Focht, Lynn The Risks of Being Suleiman
Goldner, Loren The On-Line World is Also on Fire: A Reply to Sven Birkerts’s The Gutenberg Elegies
Karahasan, Dzevad A Belated Reply to N.
Karahasan, Dzevad Letter from N.
Karahasan, Dzevad Literature and War
Karahasan, Dzevad A Love Letter
Scialabba, George Wistful Thinking about the Political Weeklies

1994 Essays

Author Title Published
Agosín, Marjorie How to Speak with the Dead? A Poet’s Notebook (translated from the Spanish by Monica Bruno)
Atkinson, Diana from Highways and Dancehalls
Bauer, Douglas After the Fact: Discoveries in the Writing of a Biographical Novel
Birkerts, Sven Biography and the Dissolving Self: A Note
Corbett, William A Confession
Corbett, William from Philip Guston
deNiord, Chard The High Place of American Poetry: The Problem with Witness
Homer, Art Falling
Johnson, Alex How I Became Eye
Johnson, Susan A Long Way in the Dark
Laughlin, James 9 Ridge Road, from Remembering William Carlos Williams
Malcomson, Scott from Borderlands: 27-39
Moore, Honor The Crimson Snake
Pavlychko, Solomea A Catfish for Your Thoughts: Ukrainian Literature at the Turning Point
Phillips, Caryl Water
Pistalo, Vladimir The Building with a Crown (translated from the Serbian by Charles Simic)
Polizzotti, Mark In Search of André Breton
Scialabba, George The Sealed Envelope
Simon, Linda Foreign States of Mind

1993 Essays

Author Title Published
Blumenthal, Michael The Things They Still Carry: A Post-Vietnam Story
Ellis, Thomas Sayers Windows, Open Homes, A Sense of Community
Lease, Joseph Start from Where You Are
Melnyczuk, Askold James Laughlin, Poet
Melnyczuk, Hanna On the Verge: Emerging Massachusetts Artists
Nelson, Victoria Messages of Black Birds

1992 Essays

Author Title Published
Barka, Wasyl The Nature of Poetry
Birkerts, Sven The Woman in the Garden
Corbett, William Prologue: Marlborough Gallery October 1970
Davidson, Miriam Women of the Maquiladoras
Epstein, Leslie Two Young Writers
Garg, Mridula Bilingualism and the Creative Writer in India
Gewanter, David A Note on Thom Gunn’s “Lament”
Heaney, Seamus Frank Bidart: A Salute
Lease, Joseph Who Do We Think We Are?
Nelson, Victoria The Strange History of the American Fanatic
Owchar, Nick “What Was Lost”: Dissident Artists after Soviet Communism
Rosenwald, Lawrence On War Tax Resistance
Weiner, Joshua Thom Gunn’s “Meat”

1991 Essays

Author Title Published
Balakian, Peter An Armenian Journal
Chomsky, Noam What Lies Ahead for Central America?
Cohen, Joshua The Gulf War and American Politics
Corbett, William Robert Mapplethorpe’s Photographs
Corbett, William Trevor Winkfield’s Altarpieces
Elman, Richard Post Time
Epstein, Leslie The Movie on the Warehouse Wall
II, Pat C. Hoy The Spirit Was Willing and So Was the Flesh
II, Pat C. Hoy Wars Just and Unjust
Melnyczuk, Askold Shadowboxing: A Column
Rose, Jennifer V-Mail
Rubchak, Bohdan Because We Have No Time: Recent Ukrainian Poetry
Suleiman, Susan Rubin My War in Four Episodes

1990 Essays

Author Title Published
Birkerts, Sven Reflections of a Non-Political Man
Bok, Sissela School for Scandal
Clarvoe, Jennifer Quoting History, Reading Poetry
Corbett, William Better Than Nature: Gregory Amenoff’s New Paintings
Dischell, Stuart Robert Penn Warren
Engel, Monroe Knowing More Than One Imagines; Imagining More Than One Knows
Grossman, Allen On the Management of Absolute Empowerment: Nuclear Violence, the Institutions of Holiness, and the Structures of Poetry
Hass, Robert Some Notes on Coming to Jakarta
Hemschemeyer, Judith Translator’s Introduction, from The Complete Poems of Anna Akhmatova
Melnyczuk, Askold The Hammer on the Table
Melnyczuk, Askold Reply to Birkerts
Onyshkevych, Larissa M. L. Zaleska Echoes of Chernobyl in Soviet Ukrainian Literature
Scialabba, George Inside the Cave
Scott, Peter Dale How I Came to Jakarta
Selinger, Eric William Corbett
Sleigh, Tom Editor’s Note
Williamson, Alan Poetry and Politics

1989 Essays

Author Title Published
Agosín, Marjorie Letter to AGNI (translated from the Spanish by Cola Franzen)
Bensen, Robert The Garden and the Abyss: Columbus’ Journal and Three Caribbean Writers
Digges, Deborah Letter to AGNI
Gen, Gish Letter to AGNI
Hongo, Garrett Letter to AGNI
Krupat, Arnold Letter to AGNI
Lynn, Elizabeth Cook Letter to AGNI
Pinsky, Robert The Poet in the Faubourg “Jewish”
Tarnowsky, Osip Letter to AGNI
Wakefield, Dan Letter to AGNI
West, Alan Latin American Writing: Language and Spices, Resistance and Redemption

1988 Essays

Author Title Published
Alcorn, Alfred Influences
Anonymous Objections Noted
Bahr, Thomas The Cork-Lined Room
Balakian, Peter Arshile Gorky’s Embroidered Apron
Baumel, Judith Inventory
Benfey, Christopher Persimmons
Bertoni, Christina Note to the Art Feature
Birkerts, Sven Starting
Bowen, Paul Note to the Art Feature
Burgess, Lowery Note to the Art Feature
Clayton, John J. A Deeper Music
Cook, Mariana Ansel Adams
Corbett, William Philip Guston
Cramer, Steven The Imperfect Teacher
Davis, Meredith Note to the Art Feature
Dischell, Stuart Until We Are Pure Spirit
Eshleman, Clayton Novices
Feldman, Ruth Visit to a Dead Poet
Ferguson, Jesseca Note to the Art Feature
Frick, Thomas Introduction to the Art Feature: Concerning the Spiritual in Art
Frick, Thomas Science Fiction
Ghitelman, David Robert Maurer
Hall, Donald Influential Anxieties
Harmon, William Being Helped
Holmer, Martie Note to the Art Feature
Laffoley, Paul Note to the Art Feature
Lehman, David Three Notes on the Computer
Leibowitz, Herbert Fathers and Son
Lourie, Jod Note to the Art Feature
Melnyczuk, Askold Editor’s Note
Melnyczuk, Askold Introduction
Melnyczuk, Askold Roman Coins, Scythian Pottery
Milburn, Michael Lowell’s Atmosphere
Milburn, Michael Lowell’s Atmosphere
Norman, Howard Cendrar’s Trunk
Oppenheimer, Joel Influences
Rector, Liam Influences Among Elders
Robinson, Marilynne Culture and Spirit
Rudman, Mark On Influence
Scialabba, George Demos and Sophia: Not a Love Story
Scialabba, George An Honest Believer
Shapiro, Alan Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Shelnutt, Eve “Driving to the Interior”: Elizabeth Bishop, Guide
Sleigh, Tom Ay, Que Vida
Smith, Jordan A Note on George Oppen
Spivack, Kathleen Robert Lowell
Stern, Richard On Reprinting Golk
Storace, Patricia Food and Cooking
Vevers, Tabitha Note to the Art Feature
Weinberger, Eliot Is God Down?
Wormser, Baron Chuck Berry, Yes
Wormser, Baron William Blake: Some Pieces from the Puzzle

1986 Essays

Author Title Published
Falk, Richard The Spirit of Thoreau in the Age of Trident

1985 Essays

Author Title Published
Birkerts, Sven Introduction to a Special Feature: On the Experience of Reading
Birkerts, Sven Notes from a Confession
Cavell, Stanley Philosophy’s Two Myths of Reading
Corbett, William On Reading: Notes & a Poem
Frick, Thomas Nietzsche’s Typewriter: Notes on Meaning and the Material World
Galassi, Jonathan Notes on Reading
Harmon, William E. E. & I
Heaney, Seamus Place and Displacement: Reflections on Some Recent Poetry from Northern Ireland
Middleton, Christopher [Untitled]

1984 Essays

Author Title Published
Birkerts, Sven James Wright’s “Hammock”: A Sounding
Melnyczuk, Askold Introduction to This Issue’s Poetry

1983 Essays

Author Title Published
Birkerts, Sven Last Things First: Czeslaw Milosz’s Witness of Poetry
Logan, William Introduction to a portfolio of younger British poets
Logan, William Introduction to a portfolio of younger Irish poets
Pevear, Richard Negatives

1981 Essays

Author Title Published
Allen, Bruce Afterword on James Hanley’s “When the Light Came”

1979 Essays

Author Title Published
Goldensohn, Lorrie Love’s Progress

1978 Essays

Author Title Published
Collins, Martha The Contents of Discontent: A Preface to Some Poems by Peter Klappert

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