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William Corbett

William Corbett (author page at Amazon) is an American poet and essayist. His new book of poems, Boston Vermont, will appear from Zoland Books in September, 1999. His book on the sculptor John Raimondi will appear from Hudson Hills later this fall. (1999)

Corbett’s New & Selected Poems was reviewed in AGNI 43 by Michael Palmer.

Corbett’s memoir Furthering My Education was reviewed in AGNI 46 by Jeff Galbraith

Corbett’s New York Literary Lights was reviewed in AGNI 48 by Jim Behrle.

AGNI has published the following work by William Corbett:

Better Than Nature: Gregory Amenoff’s New Paintings
A Confession
Dead Winter
February 29, 1988
from Philip Guston
In Memoriam Michael Mazur, 1935-2009
Joe Brainard’s Art
Last Night
Lowell Only
My Father-in-Law’s Coat
On Reading: Notes & a Poem
Philip Guston
Prologue: Marlborough Gallery October 1970
Raw November Afternoon
Robert Mapplethorpe’s Photographs
The Shadow Figure
Ted Berrigan’s Selected Poems
Trevor Winkfield’s Altarpieces
Vermont Water
Vermont Water

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