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Vladimir Makanin

Vladimir Semyonovich Makanin (1937–2017) was born in the city of Orsk, in the Urals. He moved to Moscow in 1954 to study mathematics and later took courses in screenwriting. Over a span of more than forty years he wrote many short stories, novellas, and novels. His novels include Baize-Covered Table with Decanter (1993); Underground, or Hero of Our Time (1998); and Asan (2008). Much of his work remains untranslated in English. Two collections of novellas and short stories have appeared in English: Escape Hatch & The Long Road Ahead (Ardis, 1995, translated by Mary Ann Szporluk), and The Loss: A Novella and Two Short Stories (Northwestern University Press, 1998, translated by Byron Lindsey). Among Makanin’s awards are the 1993 Booker Russian Prize, the 1998 Pushkin Prize, the 1999 Russian State Prize for Literature, the 2008 Big Book prize, and the 2012 European Prize for Literature. He died at his dacha in the village of Krasny, near Rostov-on-Don, after a long illness.

AGNI has published the following work by Vladimir Makanin:

A Time of Exchanges (translated from the Russian by Mary Ann Szporluk)
Torrent River (translated from the Russian by Mary Ann Szporluk)

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