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Robert Gardner

Robert Gardner (author page at Amazon) has made several feature nonfiction films, including Dead Birds, Rivers of Sand, and Forest of Bliss, all on the Library of Congress list of most important American films. While a graduate student at Harvard University, he was the first to teach courses there on the subject of film. In 1957 he founded Harvard’s Film Study Center and was its director for forty years. He also produced and hosted a series of nearly a hundred ninety-minute television programs on independent filmmaking and, more recently, founded the small cooperative art making endeavor Studio7Arts. Gardner has written several books, including The Impulse to Preserve: Reflections of a Filmmaker and Making Dead Birds: Chronicle of a Film. He has also won numerous film prizes, including the Flaherty Award twice, and in 2005 he was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Anthropological Association. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (updated 4/2012)

AGNI has published the following work by Robert Gardner:

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In Memoriam Michael Mazur, 1935–2009
A reflection on Robert Lowell

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