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Michael Franco

Since 1991 Michael Franco has been at work on a narrative landscape titled A Book of Measure. The first volume, The Journals of the Man Who Kept Bees, was completed in 2000. The second volume, The Book of the Night Sky, is nearing completion. Individual parts from A Book of Measure have been published over the years or are forthcoming, including The Journals of the Man Who Kept Bees (Lift, 1996) and from the Library of Michael Franco’s A Book of Measure: The Marvels of David Leering (Pressed Wafer, Fall 2012). Franco has also published How to Live as a Single Natural Being the Dogmatic Nature of Experience (Zoland, 1998) and The Library of Dr. Dee (dromenon/Pressed Wafer, 2006). Franco was a contributing editor of LIFT and directed the Word of Mouth readings in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (updated 8/2012)

An essay on Michael Franco’s Word of Mouth reading series appeared in AGNI 41, along with “Speaking Franco: An Interview with Michael Franco” by João de Mancelos.

AGNI has published the following work by Michael Franco:

Fifth Circumference, from A Book of Measure
for Michael and Norma SF ’93
from Works and Days: (prayer), lift
Turning Toward an Old Form: Two Poems for Katharine Killion
Turning Toward an Old Form

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