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Michael Benedikt

Michael Benedikt (author page at Amazon) is the author of numerous collections of poetry, including Sky (Wesleyan, 1970) and Badminton at Great Barrington: Or, Gustave Mahler and the Chattanooga Choo-Choo (University of Pittsburgh Press, 1980). (updated 6/2010)

AGNI has published the following work by Michael Benedikt:

The Burning Down of “Jenny’s Restaurant”
The Displaced Energy Blues
A Double Dose of Blue Volkswagens
For Susan Golden, So She Might Walk the Streets in Safety Yet Radiant
For Zeike as We Come and Go Among the 20th Century . . .
from Dear Alice: Alice’s Wants, Alice’s Ashes
. . . Kate Fowler's 100th Birthday Party . . .
Mighty Talky Letter to Grace Schulman
Of Living Alone but Not Brooding Too Much About It
Of Living Alone But Not Brooding Too Much About It
Of People Who Attempt To Relate By Demanding What Psychologists Term “Negative Reinforcement”
Of “Turning Away from the World”
A Retiring “Professor of Practicality”
The Same Thing
Styles of Orgasm

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